Aborted Fetal Cells: A Deep Dive

This blog is going to deal with a topic that should be close to every Christian’s heart. Yet, believe it or not, most have little knowledge about the real facts. Many of the details surrounding aborted fetal cell lines will shock you. I’m not just talking about Covid vaccines. I am talking about ALL VACCINES.

To start off, I am not an anti-vaxxer. I have received lots of vaccines and my children have received them as well.  Nonetheless, as I learned about what’s really in these injections, I became very upset and disillusioned because I felt like I’d been misled by the medical establishment. To be honest, I should have done this research years ago, but I blindly trusted the doctors who injected my children with what I thought were safe products. I have not taken many vaccines as an adult (other than tetanus), but I had plenty of them growing up.

Keep in mind I am not demonizing doctors for encouraging these vaccines. Most doctors have received less than five hours of training on vaccines. They have been taught they are safe by the colleges they attended and they are told by organizations such as the CDC, NIH, FDA and those who have clout in the medical industry that vaccines rarely have side effects. They are also not trained to recognize vaccine injury and most believe all injuries occur within the first few days of vaccination. Well, in this age of information, I strongly encourage you to do detailed research when it comes to anything that is injected into your body. The Pharma companies have no liability for their products. That means YOU have to take the initiative and learn about the ingredients. 

This blog is not intended to turn you into an anti-vaxxer. It is meant to shed light on how aborted babies are used to fuel the vaccine industry and how this has been the case for over forty years. It’s also meant to show you what’s actually in vaccines so you are aware of what’s being injected into your body, as well as your children.  It’s up to you as far as what you will do with this information. I suggest you read and pray about it. I am not shaming anyone who thinks vaccines are beneficial and anyone who continues to receive them. My goal is for you to understand their tie to abortion and perhaps prayerfully consider how to respond to this information.  With that, I’ll start from the beginning. I will talk first about traditional vaccines, and then the covid vaccines (which use brand new technology).

Many people believe that when they get a traditional vaccine such as the MMR, DTAP, or Chicken Pox injection, they are getting saline and a weakened version of the pathogen. Well, I’m here to tell you THIS IS FAR FROM THE ACTUAL TRUTH. You and your children are getting all sorts of toxic materials, as well as aborted fetal cells injected into your body. 

Let’s start with what the CDC says about vaccines and what they contain:

Some excipients are added to a vaccine for a specific purpose. These include– 

“Preservatives, to prevent contamination. For example, thimerosal .
Adjuvants, to help stimulate a stronger immune response . For example, aluminum salts .
Stabilizers, to keep the vaccine potent during transportation and storage . For example, sugars or gelatin.” 

In addition to the above, there are residual amounts of materials which include: 

“Cell culture materials, used to grow the vaccine antigens. For example, egg protein, various culture media. Inactivating ingredients, used to kill viruses or inactivate toxins. For example, formaldehyde. Antibiotics, used to prevent contamination by bacteria. For example, neomycin.”

Though I won’t get into all these ingredients right now, I want you to know that these are not harmless additives. Aluminum and thimerosal (mercury) are highly toxic, especially to the nerves and the brain. If you click on this link, you will see that depending on the vaccine, the ingredients can include toxic metals (aluminum salts), cells from humans, monkeys, cows, pigs and chickens; ingredients derived from GMOs, the radioactive element barium, artificial coloring chemicals, excitotoxins such as glutamate, chemical cleansing agents (Triton X-100), dangerous bacterial strains (E.coli), toxic chemicals such as glutaraldehyde, and many more. 

For now, let’s move on to the aborted fetal cells. YES, THEY ARE INSIDE MANY VACCINES.  In fact, there is an undeniable link between vaccines and the abortion industry. The practices used to extract and utilize aborted fetal cell tissue has been documented by researchers in scientific journals. The information in these journals is not what you hear through the media and you certainly do not hear it from your doctor. All of them repeat the same lie that goes something like this:

“There were two elective abortions that were performed in the 1960s. One was performed in England and the other was performed in Sweden. And these two elective abortions then created cells which have been used ever since… these same embryonic cells obtained from the early 1960’s have continued to grow in the laboratory and are used to make vaccines today. No further sources of fetal cells are needed to make these vaccines.”

Now let’s hear the truth! For reference, you can click on this link to see much of the detailed info on what I will present. You can also use this link.  The link will take you to The White Paper, which was written by Tanya Foster. I am paraphrasing much of the information from her research. I have also done research using other sources, but this one provides a comprehensive overview of how vaccines are tied to abortions. In this blog post I will also include other research information I’ve come across and provide those sources through links.


The truth is that OVER A HUNDRED babies were aborted in order to develop fetal cell lines so that live virus vaccines could be created. Also, new cell lines are still being created. The newest one is called the Walvax-2 fetal cell line and it was created in 2015. In addition, there are hundreds of new vaccines that are in the development stages which will need a fetal cell line for testing, or for use in the actual vaccine.  

The quest for fetal cell lines took off in the 1960’s when Dr. Leonard Hayflick of The Wistar Institute in Philadelphia began delving into this research. Before fetal cell lines were used, vaccines were mostly cultured using animal tissue such as that of rhesus monkeys. There were some problems associated with this, so fetal tissue was the next avenue to explore.  But how could they get aborted fetal cell tissue when abortion wasn’t even legal in the 1960’s? This is where it starts to get quite shady………

Hayflick decided to get help from his friend in Sweden–a doctor by the name of Sven Gard, who worked for the Karolinska Institute.  They started working together on creating a fetal cell line. Here’s where the numerous abortions come in. To create this cell line, Dr. Gard needed living tissue from aborted babies. These aborted babies would be dissected in his lab in Sweden and then the tissue would be sent to the Wistar Institute in the United States. Keep in mind that Hayflick and Gard did not get a fetal cell line from one or two aborted babies. It took time and many aborted babies to finally get a viable cell line.  Lots of babies were sacrificed to get to the final product, which is called WI-38.  This came from the lung tissue of a four-month gestational girl who was aborted.   If you do an online search to find out if there are aborted fetal cells in the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) vaccine, as well as the Varicella and Adenovirus vaccines, you will likely find information that says there were one or two abortions performed to create them. 

But that’s not true. To get a viable line, many, many more had to be performed. In journals it is well documented that this required at least 23 abortions, and as many as 38. It could have been more, but not every abortion was documented. 

Keep in mind that these cells are actually in the MMR vaccine that is on the childhood immunization schedule currently.  These cells are injected into children and they are getting this line (WI-38) of aborted fetal cells. By the way, WI stands for the Wistar Institute and the 38 means 38th fetus. The CDC admits that fragments of DNA are in the vaccines and calls them “residual components.”  In addition to the fetal cells, these ingredients are in the vaccine as well: chick embryo cell culture, Medium 199, fetal bovine serum, SPGA (sucrose, phosphate, glutamate, recombinant human albumin), neomycin, sorbitol, hydrolyzed gelatin stabilizer, sodium phosphate and sucrose.

Are you wondering what fetal bovine serum is?  Here is the answer:  

“Bovine serum is a by-product of the meat industry. Bovine blood may be taken at the time of slaughter, from adult cattle, calves, very young calves or (when cows that are slaughtered are subsequently found to be pregnant) from bovine fetuses.”

This is rather disturbing to me because these injections contain aborted fetal cells and cow blood. Those two things together remind me of some sort of pagan sacrifice.  Let me add some background information here from the Bible. Did you know that we get our word pharmacy from the Greek word pharmekeia? This word is used in the Bible and is defined as: “sorcery, the use or the administering of drugs, poisoning, magical arts often found in connection with idolatry, the deceptions and seductions of idolatry.”

The more I read about vaccines and other drugs that are marketed by the Big Pharma industry, the more I realize that we really are dealing with some sort of sorcery! Just think how many medicines and drugs our society is addicted to and how much money is being made. Most people are not treated with natural products. Instead, we are given lab-made medicines and “injections” that mask our symptoms rather than cure the root cause. In addition, viable healthier treatments are squashed by the pharmaceutical industry so they can make billions of dollars from their chemical-based concoctions. Sadly, safety issues with medicines and vaccines are under-reported so people will put their faith in “pharmakeia.” 

Let’s continue with our investigation– 

The MMR vaccine also contains human albumin. What’s that?  Let’s see:  “Human albumin is a blood plasma protein produced in the liver that, among other functions, transports hormones, fatty acids, and other compounds, and buffers pH.”  This human albumin comes from human donors and according to the CDC, the donors are screened. Still, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is always a small chance it could contain infectious agents. 

Keep in mind that most children (unless your child isn’t vaccinated) get two doses of the MMR- the first one at 12-15 months of age and the second dose at 4-6 years of age.  Just so you know, my son started having lots of problems after his second dose of the MMR. I don’t want to get into details, but getting that second dose caused years of health problems for him. I wish I could go back in time and change that, but at least I can make people aware that vaccine injuries are real. The ingredients in the vaccine are not clean and safe as many believe. And out of all the ingredients that are thought to be toxic, only ONE ingredient has been studied–thimerosal (mercury). And unfortunately, those studies were not done properly. 

Here is a list of all the vaccines a child can receive in the United States: hepatitis B, rotavirus, DTaP, Hib, pneumococcal, polio, flu, MMR, varicella, hepatitis A, meningococcal, and HPV (teenagers).


2-Phenoxyethanol, albumin, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum potassium sulfate, amino acids, ammonium sulfate, antibiotics, bovine components, bovine serum, chick embryo cell culture, culture, detergent, dextrose, enzymes, formaldehyde, gelatin, glutaraldehyde, human components, human embryonic cells, lactalbumin hydrolysate, medium 199, mineral salts, monosodium l-glutamate, phenol, phosphate, polymixin B sulfate, polysorbate-80, potassium aluminum sulfate, potassium chloride, potassium phosphate monobasic, sodium borate, sodium chloride, sodium phosphate dibasic, sorbitol, soy peptone, sucrose, thimerosal, vero (monkey kidney) cells, and yeast protein.

In 1962 the maximum number of vaccines a child would get by the age of five was just THREE! By 1983, the maximum number of vaccines a child would get by age five was TEN. Currently (2021) the number is THIRTY-EIGHT!  That is almost four times the amount that was allowed in 1983. WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE!!! And now that they are pushing Covid-19 vaccines, that number could go even higher. 

By the time a child is five years old, they will have received all of these vaccines, with most being given three or four separate times: (1) hepatitis B, (2) rotavirus, (3) DTP, (4) Hib, (5) pneumococcal, (6) polio, (7) flu, (8) MMR, (9) varicella, (10) hepatitis A, (11) meningococcal (only for certain groups), and (12) HPV (teenagers).

When a two-month-old baby goes to his/her well-baby visit, they will receive six separate vaccines in a time span of 15 minutes –hepatitis B, rotavirus, DTaP, Hib, pneumococcal, and polio.  When the baby is four months of age, most will again receive the same six vaccines, all administered at the same time: hepatitis B, rotavirus, DTaP, Hib, pneumococcal, and polio. At six months of age, a child will then receive seven vaccines, all administered at the same time: hepatitis B, rotavirus, DTaP, Hib, pneumococcal, polio, and flu. So, by the time a child is six months old, he/she will have received nineteen vaccines during three visits to the doctor. Many children also receive a dose of hepatitis B at birth, boosting this number to twenty vaccines. Let that sink in for a moment. Also realize that many of these vaccines contain toxic ingredients, or ingredients that have not been thoroughly tested. Some also contain aborted fetal cells. And most of these vaccines are given in the first year of life when a baby’s brain and immune system is continuing to develop.

Let’s get back to the aborted fetal cells and the WI-38 cell line.

Other vaccines that use the WI-38 cells are: MMRV (this one is measles, mumps, rubella with  chicken pox added, and Varivax (which is the chickenpox vaccine). Keep in mind that some doctors give the MMRV combination, or they may give the MMR vaccine separately from the chickenpox (varicella) vaccine.  

By the way, this WI-38 fetal cell line is aging and becoming tumorogenic. Because of this, the line is going to be obsolete soon.  Until its replaced, these old cells continue being injected into children. What happens when tumorogenic cells are injected into the body? Do they cause cancer?  No one really knows! Because these cell lines are getting old, it means they are working on new cell lines that will require new abortions.


Let’s move on to another fetal cell line known as RA-27/3. In 1964 the pharmaceutical company known as Merck began developing their rubella vaccine. Their research was led by Stanley Plotkin, who is currently known as the Godfather of Vaccines. He worked for the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia.  For his studies he obtained 76 fetal embryos in order to create fetal cell strains. At this time, abortion was still illegal in the United States. Because of this Plotkin collaborated with Dr. Gard in Sweden, who gave him live aborted fetal tissue.  The 27th aborted baby was taken from a mother and “dissected immediately.” This is why it’s called RA 27/3, which means Rubella Abortus 27th fetus, 3rd tissue culture. In total, it is cited that there were over 70 aborted babies that led to the development of this vaccine.

It is obvious that it didn’t take just two abortions to create these vaccines.  In addition, the testing done to get these lines was unethical.  Stanley Plotkin is known for his lack of care or concern for the unborn. To see this attitude on full-display click on this link. When you watch the video, you’ll see how he tries to say only two fetuses were used in creating the vaccines he worked to develop. But then when he’s questioned further, it is revealed that at least 76 were used to get to the final cell line. Then, he talks about how the organs were harvested–acting like it’s no big deal.  Ugh, it is hard to watch!

Plotkin tested his rubella vaccine on orphans as young as 14 months old. He also tested it on “institutionalized children,” and those who had developmental disabilities. Plotkin has no remorse for this type of testing and he has done similar things in other experiments. He has tested on babies whose mothers were in prison, and on babies of mothers in places like the Belgian Congo. Plotkin doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with experimenting on those who in his words “are human in form, but not in social potential.”  Sounds to me like Nazi eugenics!

Just so you know, Plotkin continues to be a great influence on the vaccine industry today. Dr Plotkin is a paid consultant to Sanofi Pasteur, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Pfizer, Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Variations Bio, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Dynavax Technologies, Serum Institute of India, CureVac, Valneva SE, Hookipa Pharma, and NTxBio to name a few. 

Here is a man who sees nothing wrong with abortion, or experimenting on the mentally ill, or those who he considers less valuable to society. 

Just to quote another vaccine bigwig, take a look at this video of Paul Offitt, who was the co-inventor of the rotovirus vaccine, as well as a former member of the CDC and also Chief of Infectious Diseases. Notice he repeats the lie that it took only two abortions to create vaccines.  He also admits THERE ARE DNA FRAGMENTS in the vaccines! Of course, he tries to minimize it by saying it’s a small, small amount in the vaccines! Wow– the deflection here is sad. What do you think God would say about this?  Small or large, IT IS STILL ABORTED BABIES’ DNA!!!  He even says it’s ok to get the vaccines because they reduce human suffering. I guess the hundreds of babies that were aborted did not suffer. 


Now on to the MRC-5 cell line. This one is the most widely used and was developed in 1966. In this case a 14-week gestation baby boy was aborted from a 27-year-old mother. It is very unlikely that this was the only abortion that led to the development of this cell line–even though this is what the media and medical establishment will say.  The vaccines which use this cell line are: the ProQuad MMRV vaccine- this one is the Measles Mumps Rubella with the Varicella (chickenpox) added. It’s also in the DTap-IPV (diptheria, tetanus, pertussis, inactivated polio), DTaP-1PV/Hib (diptheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio and influenza B), Twinrix (Hep A/Hep B), Vaqta (Hep A), Havrix (Hep A), Imovax (Rabies), Varivax (Varicella), and Zostavax (Shingles) vaccine.  The list is numerous!  Most of us have received many of these vaccines. THAT MEANS WE HAVE BEEN INJECTED WITH ABORTED FETAL CELLS.  

Many pastors and Christians think this is fine because the cells were from so long ago and they are simply used over and over again. Or they say it was just one or two abortions. I’m not sure this argument would sit well with God because why is even one death of an innocent baby ok? Also why is it ok to continue using the cells of this innocent baby over and over and then have those same cells injected into our bodies?In addition, don’t kid yourself. As with WI-38, which required MANY abortions to get to the final cell line, it is doubtful that one abortion led to the development of MRC-5.  People will say, “this has helped us. Without these cell lines, we would have so much death and disease.”  To this I say that these vaccines are not as wonderful as we make them out to be. If you do a deep dive and research vaccines, you will see there is evidence they have led to autoimmune diseases, as well as autism, ADHD, cancers and even neurological diseases. That’s another blog altogetherBut also, we cannot keep creating vaccines on the backs of innocent babies. There must be another way. Unfortunately, now we are creating mRNA vaccines, which are no better and manipulate our cells. I’ll talk about that later.


There are other cell lines that were created after 1966: Others are HEK-293, MRC-7, MRC-9, IMR-90, IMR-91, TIG-1, PER C6, HER 911 and KMB-17.  And here’s the thing– lots and lots of abortions led to each of these cell lines. So, any pastor or doctor or authority out there who says it was only a few abortions that led to the vaccines being used today is WRONG and needs to be corrected. An untold number of abortions (many hundreds) led to the creation of vaccines that are injected into children and adults. And I repeat– these cells are injected into our bodies. Many will say the amount of cells injected is small, so it’s ok. Why is a small amount ok? Is that in comparison to a large amount????? Others will say, these cells were cultured and used over and over, so it’s fine.  I’m not sure about the logic here. Babies were killed and their cell lines are actually called “immortal cell lines.” So, in this way the grievous sin lives on and on and on­ –and the cells continue to be injected into generations of children and adults.

And as I said before, even if it was one abortion, that is still an innocent life.  Even worse, the cells are injected into our blood– the life system of the body. 

Now let’s look at the newest fetal cell line: Walvax 2.

This fetal cell line was developed by Chinese researchers. It was created using some of the same methods that Hayflick and his colleagues used. But there is an added method that is shocking.

Firstly, we know at least nine babies were aborted to create Walvax 2. The final abortion used was from a three-month gestation girl whose lung tissue was taken.  The researchers used what’s called the WATER BAG method. This was used so the babies would be born alive and the tissues would be fresh. This is not allowed in the United States, but in China it is not prohibited.  With the water bag method, the mother’s uterus is filled with saline so the baby can be floated out. And here’s the worst part! This baby will be taken quickly where it will be DISSECTED ALIVE.  Here is a quote from what’s known as the Walvax 2 paper:

“The tissues from the freshly aborted fetuses were immediately sent to the laboratory for the preparation of the cells.”  

Sadly, this method is seen as a good way to obtain the best tissue samples for cell lines. The lack of respect for human life is horrendous.

And here’s what many do not realize. Fetal tissue continues to be a “critical resource to further researchers’ understanding of how human tissues develop and are affected by disease. Critical science advances, such as the development of vaccines against polio, rubella, measles, chickenpox, adenovirus and rabies…. depend on research using fetal cell tissue.”  

Maybe you’re thinking, “This could only occur in China.” Well, I’m sorry to tell you this, but the live dissection of aborted babies has been documented as early as the 1960’s in Sweden.  The babies used in the WI-38 and the RA 27/3 fetal cell lines were not all taken in a humane way. In fact, it has been documented that live dissection occurred in some babies without the help of a pain reliever.  

What will Walvax-2 be used for in the future? You can look at what’s being done right now by clicking on this link– I’ll give you a hint–it involves mRNA vaccines.

In today’s world, this phenomenon is not uncommon.  The organs and tissues of innocent babies are harvested by companies that use them for “medical progress.” Furthermore, the babies used for this research are often chosen ahead of time so the company employee can be in the facility when the abortion is performed. This way, he/she can immediately dissect the baby and then freeze the organs.  Here is a quote from a story that describes what a former employee of a company (that obtains fetal tissue) observed as organs were harvested:

“….told of seeing babies wounded but alive after abortion procedures, and in one case a set of twins were ‘still moving on the table’ when clinicians from AGF (Anatomic Gift Foundation) began dissecting the children to harvest their organs. The children, he said, were ‘cuddling each other’ and ‘gasping for breath’ when medics moved in for the kill.”


And this isn’t all. There is evidence that has been presented in court that some companies (which obtain fetal cell tissue) have actually received hearts that are still beating. Not only that, fully intact fetal heads have been given to these companies who will use them for medical research. 

Testimony by Dr. Theresa Deisher (a stem cell expert) is quite shocking as she said some studies showed “the hearts had to be still beating when cut out, without anesthesia, from the aborted babies.”  

Are you as disturbed as I am? I can barely type all of this. How do you think God feels???????? If we think we can continue to support this kind of thing with no consequence, we are mistaken. In fact, the consequences began years ago. Our nation has fallen into severe paganism, idolatry and godlessness. Also, many of our health problems can be traced back to the toxic ingredients in many of these vaccines. Research has proven this time and time again, but Big Pharma shuts down any dissenting voices. Nonetheless, pharma companies like PfizerAstraZenica and Johnson and Johnson are caught red handed after delivering dangerous products to the public. See this link as well as this one, or this one for more info.

On to more shocking revelations….

When the polio vaccine was being developed in 1952, human embryos were needed and one study described the hearts of embryos that were still beating when they were delivered to the lab. 

Many Christians are against abortion, but they have no idea that abortion began well before it became legal in 1973. It began with vaccines and aborted fetal tissue. Again, some will say the abortions took place a long time ago. But keep in mind that many vaccines keep this grievous sin alive as these cells continue being injected into our children, as well as adults.

The media will say “no new abortions are needed for today’s vaccines.” Firstly, this doesn’t negate the deaths and mistreatment of hundreds of already aborted babies used to create vaccines. Secondly, this isn’t true. In 2015 a new line was created. The need for new lines continues to increase as many new vaccines are in the pipeline every year. The vaccine schedule for children from birth to age 18 continues to grow each year! Just look at this link. Sadly, no one has any idea that these vaccines can contain not only aborted fetal cells, but many toxins. The Hep B vaccine, for instance, is given at birth and it contains aluminum, formaldehyde and yeast. The CDC says the amounts are inconsequential. Well, what they fail to tell you is that cases in autism skyrocketed after Hep B was placed on the vaccine schedule in the 1990’s. In addition, yeast is highly inflammatory when injected into the body and formaldehyde is used to preserve dead specimens. 


Let’s move on to Covid “vaccines.” The reason I hesitate to call them “vaccines” is because they are not traditional vaccines. The vaccines I described so far in this blog are created differently, and they behave differently than the Covid “vaccines” on the market. The prior vaccines are created by taking the attenuated pathogen and adding other adjuvants (irritants/toxins). Then, it is injected into a person’s body. At that point, your body will begin making its own antibodies in response to the pathogen and irritants. 

With the Covid “vaccines”, however, new mRNA technology is being used. A lab-made mRNA code is injected into your body, along with other adjuvants and ingredients that include several lipid nanoparticles. Both MODERNA AND PFIZER USE THIS TECHNOLOGY.  

Here is the Mechanism of action (listed on hsa.gov) used in the Moderna vaccine. Pfizer uses the same technology. 

“COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna contains mRNA encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles. The mRNA encodes for the full-length SARS-CoV-2 spike protein modified with 2 proline substitutions within the heptad repeat 1 domain (S-2P) to stabilize the spike protein into a prefusion conformation. After intramuscular injection, cells at the injection site and the draining lymph nodes take up the lipid nanoparticle, effectively delivering the mRNA sequence into cells for translation into viral protein. 

The expressed, membrane-bound spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 is then recognized by immune cells as a foreign antigen. This elicits both T-cell and B-cell responses to generate neutralizing antibodies, which may contribute to protection against COVID-19.” 

In plain English, what’s happening is that the lab made mRNA is wrapped in the nanolipid particles. Just so you know, if it weren’t wrapped in these fatty particles your body would reject it! Why? Because the LAB MADE mRNA is not natural to your body! They have to trick your cell into receiving the lab made mRNA.  Once your cell receives it, now it will begin producing the spike protein (which is toxic by the way!).

So, this is completely different from traditional vaccines. Moderna and Pfizer say these vaccines cannot damage or alter your DNA in any way. Hmm, well it’s interesting they can claim that when NO LONG TERM TESTING HAS BEEN DONE AND THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THEY’VE USED THESE “VACCINES” ON HUMANS.  

God did not design our cells to create a spike protein. Our immune systems do not function this way. This is why I will not take a genetic therapy such as these vaccines. They bypass my natural immune system and how it functions. Then, they cause my cells and immune system to do something that the human body is not designed to do. The cell is an intricately designed miraculous part of my body. Cells do not create spike proteins.  So, I don’t want a “vaccine” telling my cell to do this.  By the way, the virus was created in China and now we want our cells creating a spike protein that is part of a bio weapon they designed???? 

Pfizer and Moderna did not use aborted fetal cells in their actual vaccine. They did, however, use fetal cells for their confirmatory tests. Many tout this as a good thing because the cells are not in the actual vaccine. Nonetheless, there is still a link to the fetal tissue. Also they go from one bad idea to another because they are tampering with our DNA/cells through mRNA technology. 

The AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson vaccines use vector DNA technology which works this way:

“The Johnson & Johnson vaccine delivers the virus’ DNA to your cells to make the spike protein. An adenovirus acts as a delivery vehicle used to carry the coronavirus genetic material (DNA). The adenovirus delivers the little piece of DNA to the cell that will then make the spike protein. After your cells produce the spike protein, your immune system creates antibodies toward the spike protein, protecting you from infection.Once the adenovirus gets inside your cell, the spike protein gets manufactured by your own cellular mechanisms.”

So, in this method an adenovirus is used to deliver virus DNA to your cells. Then, your cells create the spike protein.  Again, we see the cells doing something they were not designed to do. Your cell is making a toxic spike protein.

In addition, both the Johnson and Johnson and the AstraZenica “vaccines” contain aborted fetal cells that will be injected into your body. So, these vaccines not only manipulate your cells and DNA, but they also deliver aborted fetal cells into your system.

There are more Covid vaccines in the pipeline. But I’ll tell you this– I am not interested in any of them. They have already lost my trust. The institution of vaccine passports around the world show there is an agenda at work that has nothing to do with our health.  In places like Australia, they are even trying to deny medical care to those who are not vaccinated. In Israel, if you’ve had the first two Covid shots you are no longer considered vaccinated and your Green Pass is not valid. Citizens must get boosters in order to be fully vaccinated. Yet there is no data proving they do anything to protect you. The CDC has already stated you can transmit covid even after you are vaccinated. You can also get covid. What’s really scary is that pharmaceutical companies are pushing their vaccines on children, even though we know they have already caused thousands of heart issues in young people around the world. In addition, there are no studies that show they are safe for children.

If that weren’t enough, many of those who push mandates want to deny religious exemptions. You can see there is a clear tie to aborted fetal cell tissue, as well as a link to genetic therapy that clearly violates the ethical code of many Christians.

I could go on and on, but I hope you have gotten a full picture of the vaccine industry. The tie to fetal cell tissue and cells is a serious problem that Christians need to address. They also need to decide how to respond. I am not condemning anyone, but I ask you to consider the evidence.  There’s also the issue of toxins that are already in most vaccines. 

I know it’s hard to take in this information. But, I am simply presenting the research and facts. What you will do with what you’ve learned is up to you. I know most of us have grown up blindly trusting doctors. But keep in mind that many of these doctors have blindly trusted those in higher positions above them. But, at some point we need to take responsibility for what’s going into our bodies. Also, we have to wake up and realize that not everyone has good intentions out there. The pharma companies are exempt from liability, yet they make billions and billions of dollars on vaccines. 

Revelation chapter 18 speaks of how the nations of the world were led astray by “Mystery Babylon.” Scholars argue about the exact identity of Mystery Babylon, but they agree it symbolizes a world system that’s been put into place to deceive the nations. Verse 23 says, “by your magic spell all the nations were led astray.” Another translation says, “for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived.”  But keep in mind that the Greek word for magic spell and sorcery in this verse is pharmakeia. That word also means medicines, or the administering of drugs.  As we see a NEW WORLD SYSTEM arising through vaccine passports, we must open our eyes and ask ourselves if we really trust what’s coming out of that needle…

I know many people may read this article and be upset. Perhaps the feeling is this: “Vaccines have saved millions of lives. The benefit far outweighs the dangers.”  Actually, this isn’t as true as you think. If you take a deep dive into vaccines and their side effects, you would start to realize that many allergies, auto-immune conditions and neurological problems can be traced back to the toxic ingredients in vaccines.  Also, receiving vaccines with aborted fetal cells is something that’s hard to excuse.  The question here is simple– why can’t vaccines be created without toxic ingredients? Why do we need to use fetal cells? Why do we need to use mRNA technology? The truth is that if we look hard enough and seek the Lord about this, I am sure God can provide the alternative to these methods.  In addition, many of us believe that diseases like measles, mumps, hepatitis and others have no cure and therefore a vaccine is necessary. Again, here is where you might want to do some extra research because there are treatments for most of these diseases, but money is the name of the game. Unfortunately, don’t just google what you want to find. You have to really dig because these are not things the media and fact checkers want you to find! 

Some may also bring up the argument that many modern medicines were created by testing them on aborted fetal cells.  Yes, this is true. Most, however, are not in the medicine itself. Nonetheless, we need to find a different way. Aborted fetal cells should be off the table when it comes to research. Truth be told, modern medicine has experimented in many unethical ways.  But what is quite disturbing about many vaccines is that cells of murdered babies are actually in the product itself. These cells are being injected into our bodies. Also, the vaccine industry has purposefully hidden this. In fact, many people were not aware until they delved into religious exemptions for the Covid vaccines. That’s when they realized the connection. 

In the end, you have to make a personal decision. You have to weigh the risks and benefits. But when it comes to using the cells of innocent babies in a vaccine that will go into my body I cannot side with people like Stanley Plotkin, who sees a human fetus as a means to an end.  God created all life in the womb. Therefore, all babies are precious and should not be dissected for the promotion of “modern medicine.”

I look forward to the day when Jesus will reign on earth and we will no longer need “pharmakeia” and medicines that are unethical. We will have the GREAT HEALER among us and he will restore all things, including our broken bodies. I pray that day is soon. Until then, let us stand up for the unborn, as well as the right to decide what medical treatments go into our bodies. 


Article on Autism and Vaccines

The White Paper by Tonya Foster – a great resource to print out, or show to others who are unaware of fetal cells and vaccines. If you can’t open this link, try typing this into your browser instead:https://avoicefortruth.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/White-Paper-Abortion- Human-Fetal-Cell-Industry-Vaccines.pdf 

The Anthrax vaccine- what can we learn?

Toxic vaccine ingredients

Health freedom websites: 

 Liberty Counsel

Citizens Council for Health Freedom

JD Farag: Sermon

Cover photo by Michael Fallon (Unsplash)

8 thoughts on “Aborted Fetal Cells: A Deep Dive

  1. Hi. I just read an article on vaccines and aborted baby tissue. I have studied so much on the topic and yours is the best article I have read and sent is on to friends.
    I wanted to email it to Pastor Robert Jeffress from First Baptist Dallas but can’t find an email for him. If there is any way you can reach him please do. He is one of the ones mentioned that believe the vaccines with aborted tissue is on because they are years old. I am 80 and have so many friends who have terrible health problems and have thought the many vaccines we received have something to do with it even though they were less than kids get now. I have never taken a flu shot. After retiring I worked part-time as a director for a Crisis Pregnancy Center. So abortion is an important topic to me. I have been a believer since age 9. Thank you so much for the article and your site will be one I follow. Debbie. Tucson, AZ

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    1. Thank you so much for reading Deborah. I will see if I can find an address for him. I know this is a topic that has many opinions, but I really believe the Lord is calling us to look deeply into the issue at this time. It has been swept under the rug for so long and it’s time to bring it out into the open. Thank you again for reading and may God bless you!

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    2. Dear Debbie

      I am interested in your comment re health problems and the issues with vaccines. I am 61 years old now and I am not sure about vaccines I have received except certainly tetanus and polio. I also had a BCG vax in 1975 and subject to final confirmation believe this was the cause of what was called German measles or Rubella.

      However, I am not sure if there are any records now for me to check the details as my mother has died and I doubt my father would know. In any event I was very ill and it knocked out for the summer as far as sporting activities went although I did sit some exams OK.

      The vaccines are all pointless and always have been. They are like playing Russian roulette with your body. I have posted comment just now to tabernacle67 explaining.

      This is my link if you are interested.


      Kind regards

      Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


  2. Hello from the UK

    Thank you very much for this post. The diabolical nature of vaccines is being exposed. I used to think they were of some use until I researched last year. I put this on my website.

    I realised that none of them, not one, has been any good. It merely appeared so by advertising that they were of use by big pharma, governments and doctors etc. The fraud is so gross it is unbelievable to so many if they are told.

    The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, at the bottom of which is Satan who loathes the children of God. He has wanted to rule the world, even the universe if he could.

    I am interested to read of Stanley Plotkin. Sadly, his ethnic background does not surprise me. As is said in Revelation ‘the Jews who say they are Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan’. He is an evil man.

    Here is my link to vaccines if you are interested. It has a link at the bottom to my Covid 19 Summary with further links to the various issues. Please note I do use humour as necessary to lighten the mood and help make the points.


    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson


    1. Hi there! Sorry for the late response to this. Thank you for sharing the link. I will go and read what you have posted. I am always appreciative when others share their experiences. You are right when you say money is the root of evil. It is so sad that these Pharma companies put money over health and people. Thank you for reading and may God bless you and help you be a light to others.

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      1. Thank you for that. Please don’t worry about any late response, I wasn’t counting! I cast my bread upon the waters and after few or many days it returns to me as it were! The light shines brighter every day.

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  3. God bless you. I will be sharing this. I may have overlooked this but do you have any data on the common flu vaccine ? I only started getting the flu vaccine about 2 years ago, but after reading and clicking on the links, I feel as if I want to vomit. Thank you for the extensive and thorough research you have done.

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    1. Hi Michelle, thank you for reading and sharing. Here is a link about the flu vaccine if you want to check it out. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/protecting-our-future/flu-shot-facts/. The flu vaccines have no benefit and are not proven to even prevent the flu. They contain many toxic ingredients and have been linked to neurological problems and autoimmune disorders. Here is another link. https://childrenshealthdefense.org/wp-content/uploads/chd-flu-brochure-2020-21.pdf. Hope you find this helpful and may God bless you!!!

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