A Titanic Tale

"I heard a graphic account of how the Titanic up-ended herself and remained poised like some colossal nightmare of a fish, her tail high in the air, her nose deep in the water, until she dived finally from human sight." This is a quote from Arthur Rostron–the captain of the rescue ship which saved hundreds … Continue reading A Titanic Tale

Jesus: The First and the Last

It’s Passover season and this year I wanted to share something truly amazing about Jesus, the Savior of the World.  I enjoy learning about the original languages of the Bible (Hebrew and Greek). A few years ago I learned something really cool and I want to share it with you! Did you know that the … Continue reading Jesus: The First and the Last


Today’s blogpost is going to be a little “out of this world.” It’s not something Christians write about often. Most leave it to the science fiction writers and don’t think twice about it. But, isn’t this how the enemy works? He doesn’t want us delving into matters of this nature because he’d rather you be … Continue reading THE GREAT ALIEN DECEPTION

The Seven Year Famine: Lessons from Joseph

I’ve been thinking about cows lately—you heard that right- COWS. I know, it’s kind of weird, but it’s true nonetheless. It happened at Christmastime when I’m usually distracted by lights, food and gift-giving. But even though these things consumed most of my attention, I was still hearing the still small voice of the Holy Spirit … Continue reading The Seven Year Famine: Lessons from Joseph

Lessons from the Church of Smyrna

As Christmas rolls around every year, we are often thinking of gifts–who to buy for and what to buy are the big questions. Recently I was shopping and I began thinking about the gifts Jesus received when he was born. Matthew 2 tells us that the Wise Men (Magi) journeyed from the East to find … Continue reading Lessons from the Church of Smyrna


Today’s post is going to be about something extremely important and often overlooked by the average Christian–THE MARK.  Oddly enough, even non-Christians have some knowledge of 666–also called the “Devil’s number,”  or the “Devil’s mark.” While they may not know all the details, most have some idea that it’s a “bad thing” and it has something … Continue reading WHAT IS THE MARK?

Your Titanic Passport is Ready

Traveling freely from one place to another has been an American right since our nation’s birth. After all, we are a country whose ancestors were brave wanderers, settlers and pioneers. But what happens when that right we hold so dear is taken away? We learned the answer to that question in 2020 when the Covid-19 … Continue reading Your Titanic Passport is Ready

Purim: An Urgent Message for America

This week I've been reading the book of Esther and meditating on its rich meaning. The biblical holiday known as Purim is established in the story and its application to today's world has become all too real for me. This year Purim will begin at sundown on February 25, 2021 and end at sundown on … Continue reading Purim: An Urgent Message for America

The Eleventh Hour

As I began typing this blog, it was the early morning hours of December 17, 2020. It was the 7th day of Hanukkah, also known as the Season of Light. Many things have been on my mind since December 14, 2020- which is the day the electors cast their votes in the U.S. presidential election. … Continue reading The Eleventh Hour