A quaint yellow house stands engulfed in flames. Smoke billows from windows in never-ending streams. The occupants emerge in a panicked fury, coughing and gasping for breath. Suddenly the realization hits that one person is missing. Nowhere to be seen in the huddle of traumatized survivors, it’s certain that the burning inferno has a tight … Continue reading THE RESCUE

Your Titanic Passport is Ready

Traveling freely from one place to another has been an American right since our nation’s birth. After all, we are a country whose ancestors were brave wanderers, settlers and pioneers. But what happens when that right we hold so dear is taken away? We learned the answer to that question in 2020 when the Covid-19 … Continue reading Your Titanic Passport is Ready

Behind the Mask

Today I want to talk about something everyone can relate to........MASKS.  Masks have become an essential, yet eerie part of our daily wardrobe. The purpose of these masks are to protect others, or ourselves from the COVID-19 virus. But, there’s a spiritual component to all this that you may not see or perceive.  One day … Continue reading Behind the Mask