How many of us understand what it means to dwell in the shelter of the Most High? What does it mean to truly live under the wings of Jesus? This book will highlight the amazing promises in Psalm 91 and how they apply to everyday living. More than beautiful words on a page, the verses embedded in the psalm are infused with love, hope, security and comfort for our lives. Through scripture, testimonies and biblical allegories, you will realize that Psalm 91 is the 911 of Jesus.

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I will be posting excerpts from the book as it gets closer to the release date. I am shooting for May 14, 2021, which is the anniversary of when Israel became a nation again. It will be 73 years since God brought the nation back to life in a single day as described in Ezekiel 37. On May 14, 1948 a miraculous rebirth occurred under the wings of God!

Thank you so much for reading the blogs and providing encouragement and prayers! You all inspire me to keep writing and sharing. Blessings to all of you!