2014 – 2016 in Review: Three Years God Doesn’t Want You to Forget

Since 2014 we’ve had our share of unusual, spectacular celestial phenomenon. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, there was a lunar tetrad in 2014 and 2015.  This means there was a series of four total lunar eclipses, with no partial lunar eclipses in between.    These total lunar eclipses (also called blood moons) occurred on April 15, 2014, October 8, 2014, April 4, 2015 and September 28, 2015.   All four of these total lunar eclipses occurred on Jewish Feasts.  The April 15 and April 4 eclipses occurred on Passover, while the other two eclipses on October 8 and September 28 occurred on the Feast of Tabernacles, also called Sukkoth.  The lunar eclipses on their own are amazing, but the fact that they occurred on Jewish Feasts (also called the Lord’s Holy Feasts), is what makes this a truly unusual phenomenon.   A tetrad of total lunar eclipses on Jewish Feasts has not occurred since 1967/1968.  Yes, there have been other tetrads (though uncommon), but not ones that have occurred on the Lord’s Feasts in succession.  In 1967/1968, these “blood moons” also occurred on Passover and Tabernacles, just like the ones in 2014/2015. In 1967, during the Six Days War, Israel reclaimed East Jerusalem, thus unifying the capital.  The exact date was June 7, 1967, or 6-7-67.  Do you see the 67’s?  That’s why I named my website 67 Owls! The same type of lunar tetrad occurred in 1949/1950. These blood moons coincided with the rebirth of Israel as a nation in 1948, and the year they set up their first government in 1949.

Since the 2014/2015 lunar tetrad, the world and nation has exploded with unprecedented events- most notably the emergence of ISIS. Not only that, a deal is in the works to divide JERUSALEM, which is God’s holy city.  Just recently (December 2016) I am sad to report that the United States, under the leadership of Obama, did not veto the latest anti-Israel resolution at the United Nations.  This resolution’s  main goal is to discredit and demonize Israel as an “occupier” in their own land, and push the plan for a Palestinian state.  Essentially, Obama stabbed Israel in the back by abstaining from the vote, rather than vetoing it.  Furthermore, it has now been reported that the Obama administration, along with France, was the one who initiated and coordinated the passage of this resolution.  This scathing plan and its details were all revealed during Hanukkah.  This anti-Israel resolution will be difficult, if not impossible to undo.  I wonder how God views this betrayal by the Obama administration?  I’ll make a guess and say Benedict Arnold comes to mind!!!  The consequences to our nation are yet to be seen, but all I can say is the last time we messed with God’s land we experienced the worst hurricane in our nation’s history- HURRICANE KATRINA!   President-Elect Trump has vowed to try to reverse the decision but again, it may be too late.  The good news is that Trump does want to move the U.S. embassy to from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and that will be a historic move.  Since Israel captured Jerusalem on 6-7-67, the world has refused to accept Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital.  That’s why the embassies of the world have never moved there.  But if Trump moves our embassy to Jerusalem he will be the first one to do so, and it will mean a superpower has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

In addition to all the events mentioned above, terrorist attacks have been rampant from 2014-2016, along with record breaking floods, snowstorms, and earthquakes.  Of course, there’s also the craziness of the recent Presidential election and the civil unrest within our borders, and around the world.   The rise of Russia and Iran is being seen on a day to day basis, which is in alignment with Bible prophecy. If you think it’s just business as usual, you must have your head under the covers.  I think it’s obvious, even to non-Christians, that something is going on.

Here are some other unusual celestial phenomenon, other than the total lunar eclipses, and why they are significant.   Read it all because at the end I will tell you about a celestial event coming in 2017 that will really make your head spin!!!


APRIL 29, 2014- SOLAR ECLIPSE–  A solar eclipse occurred in Antarctica and Australia –   This lines up with the Edict of Expulsion for all Jews in Spain. On April 29, 1492 all Jews were thrown out of Spain, which was part of the Spanish Inquisition.  The Edict went public on this date.   On this date Christopher Columbus was given permission to equip his fleet (ships)- these ships would be part of his voyages to the New World.  There has been quite a bit of evidence indicating that Christopher Columbus may have been Jewish.

Other April 29 dates to note:

On April 29, 1607 the Cape Henry Cross was placed on the shores of Virginia (the site of our first successful colony in America).  It was the first cross place on “American” soil by our early settlers.

April 29, 2014- The deadline expired for a two state solution with Israel and the Palestinians.  A deal was supposed to be reached between Israel and Palestine but it did not happen.  Current Secretary of State John Kerry apologizes for calling Israel and “apartheid state” on this date as well.  Just recently John Kerry has condemned Israel and supports the latest vote at the UN which delegitimizes Israel’s claim to their own land.

Celestial events  continued:

March 20, 2015– SOLAR ECLIPSE-  Solar eclipse visible from the North Pole and the frigid waters of the North Atlantic.  (Titanic sank in the cold waters of the North Atlantic).  March 20, 2015 was also the date of the Spring Equinox.   This solar eclipse happened near the time of the elections for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel (elections occurred on March 17).  The two big issues on the plate at the time of elections were the Iran nuclear deal and the issue of Palestinian statehood.    Note:  March 20, 1912 was the original sail date for Titanic.  The date was later changed to April 10, 1912.  Interestingly enough the Iran nuclear deal had an initial deadline of March 31, 2015 (not too long after the eclipse).  Like the sail date for Titanic, the deadline was moved several times.   The final deal wasn’t made until July 14, 2015, thus postponing the deal by several months.  I can assure you that allowing Iran to have the capacity to build nuclear weapons is a Titanic mistake!!!

 September 13, 2015partial SOLAR ECLIPSE visible from Antarctica, South Africa and the Indian/Atlantic Oceans.  This eclipse occurred on the Jewish holiday/feast date known as Rosh Hashanah.  This is the Jewish New Year.  This also marked the end of the 7 year Shemitah, as well as the 29th of Elul.  The month of Elul signifies a period of repentance, and a “waking up” of the spirit.  The feast of Rosh Hashanah symbolizes the rapture of the church, and the return of Jesus.

Other September 13 dates to note:

September 13, 1788, is when New York City was established as our nation’s capital.   Keep in mind New York was our nation’s FIRST capital, not Washington D.C. or Philadelphia.

September 13, 1814– The Bombardment of Ft. McHenry begins. Francis Scott Key witnesses this event and is inspired to write the lyrics for what would become the Star Spangled Banner– our nation’s National Anthem.

September 13, 1993Oslo Accords signed by Yasser Arrafat (leader of the Palestinian Authority) as well as Shimon Peres (Israeli Foreign Minister), and Yitzhak Rabin, Israel’s Prime Minister.  They were signed in the presence of then U.S. President President Bill Clinton.  Two years later later, on November 4, 1995, Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated.  At this time it was hoped that a Palestinian state would be created, but it was not.  Interestingly enough, the creation of a Palestinian state is what the UN has been trying to push during and since the tetrad of four blood moons and the Oslo Accords mark the beginning of this push.

September 13, 2001- The Ground Zero cross is found among debris at Six World Trade Center.  The cross was formed by two beams from the 67th floor.  Freedom Tower, also known as One World Trade Center, is eventually built in the same area where Six World Trade Center used to stand- it is built in the area where the cross was found.


Celestial Phenomenon Continued:

June 30, 2015The “Bethlehem Star” Appeared in the sky–  The “star” is really the conjunction of Jupiter and Venus.  They had their closest convergence in over 2000 years, according to scientists.  This convergence makes the two planets appear as a star.  Some scholars say this is what may have happened when Jesus was born.  The convergence of these two planets would have been seen and noted, even by pagan cultures.  Even the pagans would interpret this sighting as pointing to the  birth of a King (The pagans believed Venus represented the mother, while Jupiter represented the father).  Of course, the people of God would know it was the birth of our Savior, Jesus.  The convergence of these two planets occurred in the constellation known as Leo the Lion.  Keep in mind, Jesus, our King, is known as the Lion of Judah as he hails from the tribe of Judah, and he will come back as a roaring lion (symbolically speaking).  In addition, this was also the date the Iran deal was supposed to be reached (after having been moved previously from the March date), yet the deal was postponed yet again.

December 25, 2015- Full Moon on Christmas-   Doesn’t seem like a big deal but we haven’t had a full moon on Christmas since 1977.  This won’t happen again until 2034.   Of course we celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25.   Here’s another event most people do not know about that occurred on or around December 25, 167 BC.  Antiochus Epiphanes took over the Jerusalem Temple.  He proceeded to burn the Torah scrolls and sacrifice unclean animals on the altar, desecrating the Temple of the Jewish people. Some scholars believe this is “the abomination of desolation” mentioned in the book of Daniel.   Three years to the day, after the desecration of the Temple by Antiochus, Judas Maccabaeus cleansed the Temple and rededicated it to God.  This event is what the Jews call Hanukkah, which means dedication.  After the temple was cleansed the menorah had to be lit with only the purest olive oil.  There was only enough oil on hand to burn for a day.  They burnt it anyway and it lasted for eight days- thus the eight nights/days of Hanukkah.  The Temple was rededicated and the Jews could worship God again.  This event also foreshadows a time in the future when the Antichrist will once again desecrate the Jewish temple.  Like Antiochus, he will set himself up as a God and demand to be worshipped.  But this time, Jesus- who is the true temple- will return and establish his kingdom on Earth.  It will be called the 8th great day when he does this!!! There’s the 8 again!   Jesus, who gave us the holy spirit (which is what the oil in the Menorah symbolizes), will be our light on Earth- He will be the Menorah.  Of course, Jesus declared he was the Light of the World during the Feast of Hanukkah in the book of John.   It is amazing how God makes everything so symbolic!!!

Truthfully, it is doubtful  Jesus was born on December 25, even though we’ve chosen to celebrate it on this date.  It is likely he was born during the Feast of Tabernacles, which occurs in the Fall months of September or October.  This Feast signifies God dwelling with man.  Jesus came to Earth to dwell with man.  Thus, his birth signified this dwelling among us.  Some scholars have claimed Jesus may even have been born during the Feast of Trumpets, which signifies the coronation of a King.  Either way the important thing is that we recognize his birth, whether it be in the Fall or the Winter.

JUNE 20, 2016Summer Solstice coincides with a Strawberry Moon .  A full moon and a summer solstice coincided.  This hasn’t happened for 68 years.  Back in the “olden days” farmers called it a strawberry moon because it signaled the start of the Harvest season for fruit.  The summer solstice signals the beginning of summer.  In the Northern Hemisphere, this is the longest day of the year in terms of daylight.  The full moon rises as the sun sets on this day.  There will not be another summer solstice strawberry moon for 47 years so this was a once in a lifetime experience for some people here in the Northern Hemisphere.

This makes me think of Jesus and the feast of First fruits. During this feast of the Lord the Jewish people would give an offering to God that was the “first fruit of the ground”, or an offering from the first crop of the season.  When Jesus rose from the dead it was on the Feast of First Fruits.  He was literally the “first fruit out of the ground,” when he rose.   Christian tradition now has us celebrating his resurrection on Easter, but the proper name is the Feast of First Fruits.

November 14, 2016–  Biggest super moon since 1948!  Just so you know, 1948 is the year Israel became a nation and Bible prophecy was fulfilled before the eyes of the world!!!    This super moon was big, bright and glorious.  Some states had better views than others due to cloud cover, but most people were able to catch a glimpse by the 2nd or 3rd night.   The moon is not physically bigger during a Supermoon, but it is closer in its orbit.  This is also known as being at perigee.  They call it a super moon because it looks super- big!!!  The Presidential election had just taken place- just six days before this super moon.  Donald Trump was elected, making it the first time someone without prior military or governmental service has assumed the presidency.  He is also the oldest and wealthiest person to be elected President.  In addition, the Ft. Sumter quarter was issued to the public on November 17- just a few days after.  This coin commemorates the site where the first shot of the Civil War began.  It all happened on April 12, 1861 at Ft. Sumter, South Carolina.



August 21, 2017–   A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE  will travel across the entire United States!!!  Do not mix this up with a lunar eclipse.  A solar eclipse occurs when the light of the sun is blocked.  It occurs when the moon comes between the Earth and the Sun.  So, whenever a solar eclipse occurs, darkness falls across the land, at least temporarily.  This solar eclipse will travel across the entire United States from West to East.  This is going to be a HUGE event.  Do you know this will be the only solar eclipse that will pass EXCLUSIVELY through the United States since our founding in 1776!!!  Though we have had solar eclipses in the past, this will be the first one to ONLY TOUCH our land. It will only touch U.S. soil. This eclipse will be special because anyone in the United States (aside from Alaska and Hawaii) can see the eclipse because it is within a day’s drive for anyone living in the 48 contiguous states.  The eclipse will be traveling faster than the speed of a jet plane when it first reaches the United States.

Now here’s what you should think about. This eclipse is entering our nation FIRST through Yaquina Head, Oregon, which is in Lincoln County, and will pass through Lincoln City, Oregon, which was named in honor of Abraham Lincoln.  Our land will be touched by the eclipse at 10:15 a.m.    After entering through Oregon, the eclipse will travel up through the middle of the United States, crossing through Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia.   The solar eclipse will exit near Sumter, South Carolina as it passes directly through Charleston, South Carolina.   In addition, the eclipse’s path goes right through FT. MOULTRIE NATIONAL MONUMENT, which is part of Fort Sumter, and then exits into the ocean.  In case you aren’t familiar with history, Ft. Sumter is the location of the first shot of the Civil War, which occurred on April 12, 1861.  Ft Moultrie was built to protect Charleston.  It has protected Charleston since the Revolutionary War.  Ft. Moultrie is the only part of the National Park system where the history of American coastal defense can be traced (from 1776 up through 1947).  Ft. Moultrie, located at Sullivan’s Island, is where approximately 40% of African slaves were brought as they entered British North America.   This means it was the largest slave port in all of North America.  It is estimated that over half of African Americans living in our country may have an ancestor who came through Sullivan Island (Charleston). In addition, South Carolina was the first slave state in the South to secede from the Union during the Civil War.

Now, why does this matter? Well, if you look at the division running rampant in this country it definitely seems like a mini Civil War.  Racial tensions are high, and a rift has formed between Democrats and Republicans that has never been seen before.  The people of the United States are divided as well, both politically and religiously.  It’s as if the shakings of the Civil War are already here.   If you look at the path of the eclipse, it will actually be cutting across the United States (almost as if dividing it).   The eclipse even starts in Lincoln, Oregon.  When I think of Lincoln I think of a man who tried to unify the country.  Most people don’t know this but Lincoln was the one who made sure Thanksgiving became a national holiday.  On September 28, 1863 a lady by the name of Sarah Josepha Hale wrote a letter to Lincoln, pleading with him to make a national day of Thanksgiving to God.  Before this, states would celebrate their own day of Thanksgiving, and this was mostly in the northern states.   After receiving Hale’s letter, Lincoln wrote a proclamation, dated October 3, 1863, where he officially declared Thanksgiving a national holiday.  In the proclamation he specifies that as a nation we give thanksgiving and praise TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER!   And he prays for THE HEALING OF THE NATION, which was involved in a Civil War at the time.    It’s interesting to me that Mrs. Hale dated the letter September 28.  The last blood moon of the recent tetrad (series of four lunar eclipses) occurred on September 28, 2015.   I wonder if God is calling out to us as a nation?  We certainly need healing from the divide that is tearing our country apart.  Lincoln is famous for his “a house divided cannot stand” speech, where he firmly implores the nation to mend its wounds and unify.     (side note:  On October 3, 1789, George Washington proclaimed a national day of thanksgiving, but it did not become realized as a national holiday until Lincoln issued the proclamation in 1863.) In addition, the first blood moon of the tetrad occurred on April 15, 2014, lining up with the death of Abraham Lincoln after he was assassinated.  Lincoln died on April 15, 1865.

You know what else is interesting or perhaps eerie? The total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 will touch our land at 10:15 a.m.  Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was shot at 10:15 p.m. in Ford’s theater?  Also think about this- The Statue of Liberty was designated a national monument on October 15 (10-15) in the year 1924.  France is the country who gave us the Statue of Liberty.  Yet France is responsible for writing the roadmap for a Palestinian state, and they have been pushing this agenda heavily in the UN since 2014.  The Obama administration has colluded with France in the latest attack on Israel at the UN.  Coincidence? Perhaps…..  Yet, it makes me ponder what’s in store for our country.  No matter what happens, we’ve got to get on board with God and his plan.  We can’t keep living our lives like he doesn’t matter.  We can’t leave him out of the fabric of our nation.  He is the glue that keeps us from dividing.  When we start to fall apart he is the only superglue who can hold us together.

We don’t make predictions and lose hope because GOD RESPONDS TO PRAYER.  He is moved by the actions and prayers of his people.  Civil War is not imminent, though it appears we are experiencing some shakings.  God can heal our land and the division within it.   God simply asks that we are obedient and pray for his guidance.   God is faithful to WARN us.  What we do with the warning is up to us.  If anything I think God is calling us to PRAY, and for our nation to turn to him.

Just to give you a little idea about the history of past solar eclipses, the last one that was within range of the 48 contiguous states was on February 26, 1979, with its path crossing a few states in the Northwestern part of the country.  People in other states got a view, but it was a partial eclipse to them if they were not in the direct path.  There was also one back on July 11, 1991, but it only crossed through Hawaii.  If you live in Florida, you may remember the eclipse of March 7, 1970.  This one crossed the state of Florida and some places along the Atlantic seaboard.

A total solar eclipse occurred on July 9, 1945 and traveled over the northwest U.S., as well as Canada. This occurred just as World War II was coming to a close.  Victory over Europe Day was on May 7,8 1945, while Victory over Japan day was on August 15, 1945.  This eclipse happened in between those dates.

On July 29, 1878, a total solar eclipse went through the western section of North America, beginning in Alaska and heading on through Louisiana, across the Gulf of Mexico, and ending in Cuba.   This eclipse captured the interest of famous inventor Thomas Edison who set out to do a scientific experiment involving the sun’s corona.

A total solar eclipse crossed the United States on June 8, 1918, entering Washington and exiting Florida. World War 1 would end five months later.

This one I find very interesting. On February 12, 1831 a solar eclipse, (visible across the eastern United States),  was witnessed by famous slave rebellion leader and preacher, Nat Turner.  He took this eclipse as a sign from God that he should plan and lead a revolt against slave masters.   He later followed through with this uprising and was hanged on November 11, 1831, in Jerusalem, Virginia.

There was also an eclipse that took place on June 24, 1778, just two years after we declared our independence in 1776. This was the first recorded eclipse in the United States.  Its path went from Lower California (known today as Mexico) to New England.  Thomas Jefferson tried to view this eclipse from Virginia, but cloud cover blocked his view.

Well, as you can see, a lot of amazing celestial events have happened in the last few years. Am I saying doomsday is coming?  No.  Am I saying to go stock up food and find yourself a cabin in the woods?  No.  A person should never predict anything from celestial events.  How I see it is that God is in charge of the universe.  He knows how everything will play out from beginning to end.  Can he use his amazing universe to wake us up?  Of course he can.  In the Bible it says we are without excuse if we say we don’t know he exists, because the intricacies of the universe show his handiwork.  Truly, I think all these celestial events are A WAKE UP CALL. WE ARE A SLEEPING NATION.  GOD WANTS US TO LOOK UP, WAKE UP AND PRAY. 

Back when Pearl Harbor was attacked on December 7, 1941 Japanese Admiral Isoruku Yamamoto is quoted as saying, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant.”  He was referring to the United States.

We have fallen asleep again and we better wake up. We better get familiar with God’s word, pray and make sure we are on his side.  We need to stand with Israel as well.  History and prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes.  God is trying to get our attention.  He is reminding us we are “the one new man”.  The one new man is the Jew and Gentile, who form the full dwelling place of God.  The Lord is getting his Bride ready.  When he will return is up to the father in heaven.  But until then he expects our obedience.  Perhaps we think we need to hear a clear and loud voice to really know it’s God.  Of course, there is the Holy Spirit, which lives inside us.  That is God dwelling in us.  This is how God speaks to us.  But God can also use the marvelous universe he made to get the attention of even non- Christians.   Look up, for the Lord is present and he is magnificent.  Pray for his protection and healing over our nation.  Pray for our leaders, and pray for God to use them for his glory, and for his plan.  Pray for the protection of our leaders and members of government as well.   Anything is possible with prayer.   Look to the sky and remember it is he who made everything and will make all things new one day.  No more sickness.  No more evil.  NO MORE DIVISION.   There is always hope and unity when you have Jesus, the son of God.  He is the Prince of Peace.






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