The Mystery of 67

The time has finally come!  It’s time for me to explain a number that has been part of my website since its creation.  And I am posting it on June 7, or 6-7. isn’t a random name.  There’s a reason I chose the number 67, and I hope it will literally knock your socks off when you find out why.  (I’ll explain the owls part later- I’ll need another blog post just to explain that!)

The first reason I chose the 67 is because 1967 was a prophetic year for the nation of Israel.  Back in 1948 Israel officially became a nation, but at that point they did not have possession of the entire city of Jerusalem.  They only had possession of west Jerusalem.  But in June 1967, they became involved in the Six Days War with several surrounding Middle Eastern nations.  It was on 6-7-67 (June 7, 1967) that Israel reclaimed the rest of Jerusalem.  For the first time since the Jewish people were scattered from their homes in Israel, and Jerusalem (back in biblical days), they had possession of the entire city.   Of course, the battle is far from over because the Dome of the Rock still sits on the Temple Mount where the original Jewish Temples stood.  Nonetheless, the whole city belongs to Israel and God, but the land itself will not be fully redeemed and set straight until Jesus returns at the Second Coming.

Speaking of 1967 again, there were four blood moons (total lunar eclipses) that occurred in 1967 and 1968.   In 1967, one occurred on Passover and the other on the Feast of Tabernacles.  In 1968, the pattern repeated with another blood moon happening on Passover, and then on Tabernacles again.  Interestingly enough, in 2014 and 2015 the SAME pattern happened once again.  2014- Two blood moons- one on Passover, and one on Tabernacles.  2015- Two blood moons- one on Passover, one on Tabernacles.  Consequently, after and during this blood moon series, we saw the emergence of ISIS, as well as a plethora of  terror attacks across the world and in our nation.  In addition, the United Nations has been pushing Israel to give up the land gained in the 1967 war- including East Jerusalem.  There is a plan among anti-Israel groups to divide Israel and create a Palestinian state.  Since these blood moons we have also seen great division in our own land.

Anti-Semitism has reared its ugly head all over the world.  Just a week ago 70 rockets were fired into Israel and one landed in a Kindergarten school yard.   Recently UNESCO also voted and came to the conclusion that Israel has no historical tie to the land.  I am getting really upset as I write this and I can’t imagine how upset God is.  After all, his holy word ties the nation of Israel to the land and mentions it is where they will be redeemed by their Messiah, Jesus.   The blood moons were definitely a sign that we are to pray for Israel, and pray for God’s plan and will to come to fruition for the people of Israel.

Why is Jerusalem so important anyway?  Firstly, in the Bible it is always referred to as God’s holy city.  It is mentioned over 800 times!  It is engraved on the palms of his hands.  He is jealous for it.  It belongs to him, and he owns the deed.  Jesus was crucified just outside Jerusalem, and one day he will return to Jerusalem to reign as King.  This is where the nation of Israel, and the entire world will be redeemed! Speaking of 67, I looked up the latitude and longitude of Jerusalem-  the latitude is 31.77 degrees, which is rounded to 32.  The longitude is 35.21 degrees, which is rounded to 35.  When you add 32 and 35 you get 67 !!!!  Coincidence, or as my friend says, “God-incidence?”.

If you look at the number 67 you will see a 6 and a 7.  Six is the number of man since man was created on the sixth day.  Seven is God’s number and represents his perfection and completion.  God made the earth/world in 6 days and rested on the 7th.  The number seven is used in the Bible more than 400 times.   The combination of the 6 and 7 (67) reminds us that God will reconcile man through his  perfect son Jesus.  Part one happened at the cross!  Part two will happen sometime in the future- in JERUSALEM.  Final reconciliation will take place when Jesus takes the earth back and redeems all the land, especially Jerusalem, as well as the nation of Israel.  You see, Messiah has two jobs:  the first was to save us through his blood shed on the cross.  But the second is to redeem the nation of Israel so that they finally recognize him and live in freedom through his blood.

This is a letter Washington wrote to the Jewish people that said they should not be persecuted- it is behind glass at Congregation Mikve Israel.

What part does the United States play in all this?  Well, I found some interesting 67 patterns when looking at our nation.  Firstly, did you realize our first President, George Washington, died when he was 67?  By the way, Washington was a great friend to the Jews.  He wrote letters on their behalf and advocated they not be persecuted here in the U.S.  I saw one of his letters when I visited the  third oldest synagogue in the United States in Savannah, GA.

Not only that….. think about this-  Our nation’s Declaration of Independence was written in 1776.  The birth of our nation began in 1776.   Israel unified the city of Jerusalem on 6-7-67- June 7, 1967.  This is when God’s holy capital was reclaimed by his ancient people.  If you take the 76 of the year 1776 (United States founding) and reverse it you get……………67- the year Israel unified God’s holy city Jerusalem.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  Also, did you know that America’s first permanent settlement at Jamestown, Virginia was founded on May 14, 1607?  This is the day their land was chosen and established.  This settlement became

James River
James River near Jamestown settlement

the foundation of what would become the United States of America.  The settlement founders planted a cross on the land as a sign that the nation would be tied to the Almighty God.  Now think about this-  The re-establishment of Israel as a nation happened on May 14 also!  It happened on May 14, 1948.  This holy land came under the possession of God’s people- the Jews, once again.  The founding dates are the same! Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  Our nations are tied together.  For most of our history we have blessed the modern nation of Israel.  We must continue to do so if we want to see our nation prosper.  Here’s something else- If you look at the name Jerusalem you will see usa in the middle of the word-  Jerusalem.

There’s a pattern of 67 in our flag.  We have 13 stripes on the flag-  6 are white, and 7 are red.  67 again!  When Israel became a nation in 1948, the United States was the FIRST nation to recognize them.  Our President at the time was Harry Truman.   Well, on Harry Truman’s 67th birthday, he received our nation’s very first menorah as a gift from Israel’s founder and first Prime Minister- David Ben Gurion.  The Menorah dated back to 1767 and was from Germany.   All these 67s remind me that Israel and the United States are tied to together in a special way.  Here’s one more- Mike Pence, our country’s Vice President, was born on JUNE 7.  That date in numbers is 6-7.   That is the same date Jerusalem was reunified in 1967!  Different year because Pence was born in 1959, but same date!  Also Pence means 100 and 100 in the Bible points to “lost sheep” being found.   Perhaps the lost sheep of Israel are on their way to finding their Messiah!!!  100 also points to the sacrifice Abraham was willing to make by offering his son Isaac.  God provided a ram to be sacrificed at the last minute and Isaac did not end up being killed. (Keep in mind the sound of the trump or shofar comes from a horn-  A RAM’S HORN!)  This story pointed to the future sacrifice Jesus would make on the cross.  Abraham was 100 years old when his promised son Isaac was born.  Not only that, the Bible says Jesus returns at the sound of the last trump.  On the Lord’s feast known as The Feast of Trumpets the Jewish people sound the shofar, or trump.  The 100th trump is called THE LAST TRUMP!!!  In previous blogs I have written about how the Feast of Trumpets (also known as Rosh Hashanah), foreshadows the return of Jesus.  The traditions still being celebrated on this special feast paint an amazing picture of the promises that Jesus will return for us one day at the sound of the trump.  I hope you are getting all this because it is no coincidence.

Even more interesting is that the current Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, was 67 years  when Jerusalem celebrated its 50th anniversary, or Jubilee on 6-7-2017.  That means it had been 50 years since Israel had reclaimed East Jerusalem in the Six Days War on 6-7-67.  Benjamin means: Son of my right hand.  Netanyahu means: God has given.  Though we do not know the final plan of the Lord for Netanyahu, he is being used for God’s purposes for Israel and Jerusalem.

Here is one of my favorite ties to 67.  The story of Jericho.  In this story we see the Israelites going into the Promised Land to claim their VERY FIRST piece of land given to them by God.  To claim this land they have to follow God’s very specific, unusual instructions.   Here comes the 67!!!!  On the first 6 days, they must circle the entire city once.  There’s the 6.  On the 7th day, they have to circle the entire city seven times- there’s the 7.  Now, after they do the six circles (one a day for six days), and the seven circles on the 7th day, the massive walls of Jericho fall down!  The Israelites go into the city, destroy the inhabitants and hereby take hold of the first piece of their land inheritance.  So, we see the 6 and 7 are tied to the LAND.  Eventually, according to the Bible, they go on to claim the rest of their land, including Jerusalem.    What’s interesting about the story of Jericho is that an Israelite named Salmon ended up marrying a Gentile named Rahab.  Even though Rahab was a prostitute and citizen of Jericho, she hid the Israelite spies when they came to scope out the land.  In return they agreed to spare her, and her family.  Once Jericho is destroyed only Rahab and her family are spared.  Later, Rahab and Salmon marry and this leads to something amazing.  Rahab and Salmon have a child named Boaz.  Boaz becomes the father of Obed, and Obed the father of Jesse.  Jesse becomes the father of King David.  The family line of Jesus Christ comes through the line of King David.  So, you see, the 6 and 7 are very important indeed!  When Jesus returns he will spare his Bride the torment of the tribulation, just as Rahab was spared.  Later, he will come back to redeem the land of Israel.   Man (6) is redeemed through Jesus (7- God’s perfect sacrifice).

Here’s more to ponder about 67.  There are 66 books of the Bible, beginning with Genesis and ending with Revelation.  These books of the Bible tell the story of the beginning of the earth, all the way to its end.  What if there were one more book of the Bible?  What would it be?  (of course there isn’t another one….)  But, if there were…………… it would be 67.  I call this the NEXT BOOK of history and this one will be made completely new through Jesus- no more curse on the land or earth.  It is the new heavens and earth.   It’s like the 67 is yet to come……

Isaiah is one of the most important prophetic books in the Bible, and was written by perhaps the most famous prophet – Isaiah.  There are 66 chapters of Isaiah.  This book for tells the birth of Jesus, his life and ministry,  the specific details about the manner of his death, as well as how he would become the salvation of Israel and the world.  Isaiah 53 foretold how Jesus would become the suffering servant, and is considered the most Messianic prophecy in the Old Testament.  Isaiah prophesied these things hundreds of years before they would ever happen.   But what if there were another chapter of Isaiah?  What would it be?  The 67th chapter!  What would it describe?  Mankind’s new chapter with Jesus as King forever and ever.   The prophecies would have all been fulfilled and it’s time for the NEW CHAPTER WITH JESUS.

This next 67 revelation will really get the wheels turning, and for good reason because it is related to the September 11, 2001 terror attacks– better known as 9-11.  Most people know this is the day the Twin Towers in New York City were destroyed by a terrorist attack.  But, this next part may not be as familiar to you.

Ground Zero Cross
Here is the Ground Zero Cross- found in the rubble of WTC Building 6. It fell from the 67th floor.

Two days after the terror attacks, something amazing was found at the site of the attack.  It was found in World Trade Center Building 6.  What was it you ask?  It was a cross.  Made of two giant steel beams that had broken off the World Trade Center Tower, this cross fell, landing in the rubble of  a gutted and damaged WTC Building 6.  Interestingly enough, it landed upright.   Do you want to know what floor the cross fell from?  Take a guess…………..the 67th floor!  How do they know?  All beams in the towers were numbered by floor so they were easy to identify.

So let’s see, keep in mind there are 7 buildings total in the original World Trade Center Complex.  The Ground Zero cross was found in Building 6Do you see the 6 and 7?   7 total buildings, but found in Building 6.  And…. The cross fell from the 67th floor.

Some people think the attacks were a terrorist attack, while others think it was planned by the government.  I don’t get into conspiracy theories much, but I can say either way it was a tragedy.  Were we spared at all in this attack?  Yes, we were.  More than 3000 people died so how can I say that?  Here’s why.  There was a WALL that remained after the attacks occurred.  It was the slurry wall.

slurry wall
This is the slurry wall that held during the 9-11 attacks. I took this picture when I visited the 9-11 Museum a few years ago.

This wall was used to help build the towers in the early stages of development.  The nearby Hudson River created a massive amount of groundwater to deal with during construction.  This slurry wall helped hold the groundwater back as construction continued on the building.   Keep in mind that the foundation for the towers was 70 feet deep!  This wall remained part of this foundation throughout the lifespan of the buildings.  When the attacks occurred, the slurry wall did something spectacular.  It held back the flood waters of the Hudson River !  That’s right!  Can you imagine the devastation if the wall had not held?  The water being held back would have rushed into the PATH/subway system and thousands more lives would have been lost!  So, yes, we were spared to a degree.   The wall reminds me of Jericho!  If not for that wall staying up, instead of going down, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

Survivor staircase
There is a staircase running parallel to the original Survivor’s Staircase. The Survivor’s Staircase is visibly worn and shows signs of trauma.

There was also a staircase left somewhat intact after the 9-11 attacks.  It is called the Survivor’s Staircase.  Somehow during the collapse of the towers this staircase “held on”.  Hundreds of people were able to use this staircase as an escape route.  Some called it “the path to freedom”.   That staircase was perhaps another sign of mercy in this situation.

You now know the Ground Zero cross was found in the rubble of WTC Building 6, but here’s something else to think about.  The brand NEW WORLD TRADE CENTER TOWER, also known as ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER, was built on the very site where WTC 6 stood!  The U.S. built a tower in this spot.  Now, here’s my question.  Has our nation turned back to God, or is that tower just a symbol of our defiance?  Is it a symbol of our reliance on him, or ourselves?  We built a tower in the spot where the cross was found.  WE MUST RELY ON THE ROCK- OUR FOUNDATION, and rely on his plan for Jerusalem.   This rock is Jesus!  He is the only cornerstone we can count on.

One world trade center
One World Trade Center was built at the site where the Ground Zero Cross was found


Maybe the 67’s are a coincidence?  But maybe not.  Personally, I feel like all these 67’s spell out a clear message.  JERUSALEM.  You’re thinking… “yeah, but how do the 9-11 attacks tie in with Jerusalem?”   Well, here’s my take based on lots of prayer and reflection.  I’ve told you how important Jerusalem is to God.  It is the city of his heart.  It’s the apple of his eye much like NYC is the apple of America’s eye – except magnify the importance of Jerusalem by a million.  As history continues to march on we are seeing biblical prophecy slap us in the face.  Unfortunately, much of the world and the United States are sleeping!  On June 7, 2017, it was 50 years since Jerusalem was reunified.  As of May 2018,  it has been 70 years since Israel became a nation again.  Also the United States moved their embassy to Jerusalem.  This is huge!!!  Things are moving at a rapid pace in the Middle East, especially with regards to the land of Israel and its eternal capital Jerusalem.  But a  Palestinian state is in the works.  Riots are being led by violent terrorists while the United Nations does nothing and condemns Israel!!!   No one seems to realize this is God’s land and it belongs to him and his ancient people- the Jews.  He has a plan, and it involves the return of his son to Jerusalem!  It involves the reconciliation of mankind and the nation of Israel. But, who is actually paying attention?  Who is actually praying for the peace of Jerusalem like we are called to do in the Bible?  Who is actually watching and realizing that we are supposed to be part of God’s plan, not the world’s plan?

UN Wall
Wall with Isaiah 2 written on it in United Nations Plaza

Outside the United Nations building in the United Nations Plaza (in New York), we find this inscription on a wall.    “They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.  Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they learn war anymore.”  This is taken from Isaiah 2 in the Bible.  But let’s get something straight.  First of all, the United Nations is not a Christian organization.  It is certainly not appointed by God.  It was created by MAN.  They claim to be an organization which upholds and defends peace.  What?  If so, then why do they allow terrorists to have control, and levy no consequences against them?   Also, they should understand this simple fact:  Isaiah 2, which speaks of beating swords into plowshares, is  talking about the KINGDOM OF JESUS!  It is speaking of his return to Earth, and his reign during the Millennial Kingdom.    And here is the kicker- after Isaiah 2 talks about beating swords into plowshares, it goes on to say that HUMAN PRIDE WILL BE HUMBLED.  It says THE ARROGANCE OF MAN WILL BE BROUGHT LOW!  Hello, is anyone listening?  Man cannot solve the issue of Jerusalem and God’s land.  That is Jesus’ job and believe me he will do it.  It is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when.  Man will not bring peace to Jerusalem, or to the world.  That is the job of the Prince of Peace- Jesus.

Pike's PeakRecently I went to visit Pike’s Peak in Colorado.  This peak is surely one of the “wonders of America”.  At an elevation of 14,115 feet, it is a sight and an altitude that will take your breath away.  Looking at the mountainous landscape, I could see the fingerprints of our Lord.  I could imagine his hands chiseling the magnificent rock formations, peaks and valleys.  Later on that evening I decided to look up the history of the mountain.  I found out the song, America the Beautiful, was written after the author, Katharine Lee Bates, had visited Pike’s Peak.  The words of the poem that would become the song, came to the author as she stared at God’s handiwork- Pike’s Peak.   After the words were written, there had to be music to accompany it.  This is where composer Samuel Ward came in.  He composed a tune to use with the words, which was originally titled , “O Mother Dear Jerusalem.”   This song captures the beauty and essence of Jerusalem with all its splendor.   Ward simply took this song’s music and applied it to Bates’ song.  It became America the Beautiful.  It is interesting to me that one of our nation’s most recognizable anthems, next to the Star Spangled Banner, comes from a song about Jerusalem!

America the Beautiful needs to wake up!  9-11 was a wake up call that most have not heeded.  The Ground Zero cross was a reminder.  The 67 ties to both Israel and the U.S.  Why?  Because we both need Jesus as our redeemer.  Both our nations were prophetically formed by God, and both serve big purposes in God’s end time plan.  As time moves on, and signs abound, more than ever we need to be on alert for the return of our Lord and Savior.  No one knows when that will be, but you are silly to think there won’t be signs to prepare you.  They are here and in front of your face.  The time has come to pray for the redemption of Israel’s land, and its people.  The time has come for the people of America to wake up and fully follow Jesus, and awaken from their spiritual slumber.  America and Israel have always been allies, but as times get tougher, it will be harder and harder to remember our once dear friend.  Yes, we know when the Antichrist eventually comes, he will make a false peace treaty with Israel.   Israel will accept the terms.  The Antichrist will betray and persecute Israel in horrific ways, according to the Bible.  But, a remnant will be spared.  In the 9-11 terror attacks, they called all the surviving structures remnants.  They were the things that remained.  God is saving a remnant of Israel, according to his word.   He is also saving all those who love his son, Jesus.  We are hopeful that Jesus will pull his Bride out before the Tribulation.

I actually began writing this blog on December 7, 2017.   As of that date, it’s been 76 years!  Reverse that and you get 67 !!! I didn’t even plan that!  What are the chances?  I actually wrote most of this blog on December 7, 2017 (Pearl Harbor’s anniversary, but didn’t post it until now-).   A day before Pearl Harbor’s anniversary President Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital.  He announced plans to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.  No other country has done this.  When Pearl Harbor occurred, Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto is quoted as saying, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”   When Trump announced the U.S. recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, I’m sure it woke up some giants.  Truly, the giants were already there, but now they are certainly filled with evil resolve.  But, they don’t have what we have-  Remember when David went up against Goliath, who was a giant?  All David had was a sling and a stone-  A ROCK.  Well, believers in JESUS have a rock too, and the ROCK IS HIM!  The Bible calls Jesus the firm rock on which we stand.  He is called the cornerstone.  In Daniel it says Christ will be the ROCK that crushes all kingdoms.  The Kingdom of God is likened to a ROCK.  Evil can plot all day long, but there’s a stone coming, and it’s going to fly out of the sling!!!  What’s interesting to me is that the Bible says in Zechariah 12:3 that, “when the nations of the earth are gathered against her, I will make Jerusalem an IMMOVABLE ROCK for all the nations.  All who try to move it will injure themselves.”

There has already been a lot of backlash for moving our embassy to Jerusalem.  There has been an increase in riots and violent attacks as well.  But, we can’t give in to bullying. We are to stand with the plan of God, and prepare for the return of his son, Jesus.  We are to stand with the Jewish people, and pray for them to recognize their Savior.  Hitler tried to wipe them out, and many people stood by and did nothing.  But, as for myself, as anti Semitism rises around the world and in the nation,  I cannot stand by and see them persecuted.  As Casper ten Boom is quoted as saying, “It would be an honor to give my life for God’s chosen people.”   If you have read The Hiding Place, by Corrie Ten Boom, you will understand the lengths Corrie and her family went to to protect the Jewish people.  They ended up in a concentration camp.  Interestingly enough, Corrie’s prisoner number was 66730.  Do you see the 67?  She was an avid supporter and friend of the Jewish people and her entire family prayed for the peace of Jerusalem on a regular basis.  In fact they were in the middle of their Jerusalem prayers when the Nazis barged in and arrested them.  Like Corrie Ten Boom and her family, it is imperative that we pray for the redemption of the Jewish people, their land and for the peace of Jerusalem.

67 is a prime number.  In fact, it is the 19th prime number.  Why is that important?  Well, prime numbers are only divisible by one and themselves.  God’s most significant numbers are 3 and 7- both are prime numbers.  Both numbers point to Jesus!  67 is prime, and so is 19.  When I take the 19 and reverse it, I get 91.  I can already see a glimpse of 911 in that, but I also see Psalm 91.  This psalm is a psalm of protection.  We should pray this over ourselves, our families, our nation, the Jewish people and Israel.


Even God’s lamp stand, or menorah, is a picture of 6 and 7.  The original golden lamp stand had 7 branches.  It’s design is that it contains 6 branches on the sides- 3 on one side, and 3 on the other.  The seventh branch is the middle branch that ties them all together.   You can see the pattern of 6 and 7 in the lamp stand that symbolizes the light of the world


The meaning of the Hebrew word ZAYIN is weapon or sword.   The numerical value of ZAYIN is 67.  Keep in mind that in the Hebrew language all letters have number values.  I find it fascinating that ZAYIN equals 67  because of the 1967 War.  In this war Israel had to fight for Jerusalem, and to this day she continues to fight in order to keep it.  But ultimately it is Jesus that will win the battle for Israel.  Jesus represents the sword of the spirit as he is the living word.  The living word- God’s word- is the sword that slays the enemy.  In fact, in Revelation 19:15 it says his mouth is a sharp sword that will strike down the nations.  When Jerusalem is surrounded, and it looks like all hope is lost, Jesus will enter in and ZAYIN!!!!! (That’s my word for BAM!) it will be done.  The land Israel fought for in 1967 will finally be redeemed by Messiah.

No matter what happens we have Jesus as our shelter and refuge.  We can call upon him in times of trouble.  He is our 911.  By the way, guess what year the 911 dialing system was initiated?  1967-  there’s that 67 again!!!


Other 67 facts:    Jerusalem will be trampled for 42 months by the Antichrist.  6 times 7 (6X7) equals 42.

Bald eagles went on the endangered species list in 1967.  Christians are often referred to as Eagles in the Bible.  The good thing is that bald eagles have made an astounding comeback!!!!

PHOTO featured at the top of this blog was taken by me during Rosh Hashanah in 2014.  I was in New York City doing research for my first book, What are the Chances?  The Uncanny Connections Between Titanic, 9-11, Israel and the United States.  The photo features ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER-  the tower built on the spot where the Ground Zero Cross was found.

Verses and sources for Reference:         Jericho                  Abraham and Isaac                -lineage of Jesus               Jamestown


Blog story copyright:  Angela Rodriguez






2 thoughts on “The Mystery of 67

  1. Angela,
    I appreciate your passion to enlighten Christians about our Jewish heritage and how as Americans we need to stand with Israel. I have learned quite a bit from your writings! It is very fascinating! Keep up the good work!!!


  2. I understand everything you have written here . I appreciate your zeal for these prophetic occurrences and the convergence of these things. Seems like so much is coming together to the return of the King JESUS.
    Your reference to the Spiritually Slumbering United States is so in point and in my humble opinion points to the issue The Issue st the heart of everything
    Wake up and acknowledge the creator Worship God Return to God with glad and sincere hearts .
    For me as like King David I will sing of Gods loyal live so will praise Him at the temple gates .


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