In the last year, the focus of my writing has shifted. While I still write about issues affecting Israel and the United States, the Holy Spirit has led me to place particular emphasis on the Covid-19 pandemic and how it has affected bible prophecy and the trajectory of our world. Never in our history has the entire world been placed under the boot of world leaders, who want to force every living person on the planet to take an injection. Pretty much EVERY NATION IN THE WORLD has some sort of system in place to coerce and control their citizens into compliance. What’s so alarming is that if you dig deep into what these world leaders are saying and doing, it’s easy to see their end goal is to give everyone on the planet a digital ID and then tie it to the banking system. It is also connected to the goal of transhumanism–which means connecting the human body to digital platforms and genetically altering what God has already designed. The Lord has reminded me over and over that I must blow the trumpet and warn the people. So, I write whatever he lays on my heart, even if I have to repeat myself.

Some people think the issue of vaccine mandates and global IDs is not important and it will eventually go away. They are wrong. Even if there is a lull in the mandates, this agenda is not going away. The “One World” leaders may change their tactics, but they will not stop pushing their plans forward.  As Christians, if we do not see this agenda for what it is, we are catapulting ourselves blindly into a system of complete control. In addition, we run the risk of damaging our bodies with “vaccines” (genetic therapies) that can have devastating long-term consequences. 

With that being said, let’s dig into what the Holy Spirit laid on my heart recently. The message: It’s time to STEP ONTO THE HIGH WIRE.

One of my favorite shows that I watch weekly is called the Highwire, which features stories about what’s really going on during the Covid PLAN-demic. The host, Del Bigtree, covers many topics that are censored on the regular news. The topics are all the things that should be discussed in the open such as medical choice, Covid treatments (other than “vaccines”), immunology, vaccine injuries, vaccine passports and medical/religious freedom. This show has been pulled from YouTube because it’s deemed as “misinformation.” Well, in this day and age I have learned that most of what’s deemed misinformation is actually the truth.

Many people are beginning to realize that in order to get truthful information out there, YOU HAVE TO WALK THE HIGHWIRE.

Walking the Highwire applies to our walk with Jesus as well. When you truly follow the Lord, you cannot just stroll along on level ground. Nope–you have to get up HIGH. After all, he’s the High and Mighty One, isn’t he? In addition, when we walk with Jesus, we are essentially walking a thin wire when it comes to the world. It would be easy to walk on the same solid ground that the world is on. Sadly, those who follow the world think it’s a solid, steady path, but it’s really sinking sand. The illusion of the “safe” worldly trail leads people into a deadly web of lies that ends up in a bottomless pit.

Since the Covid pandemic hit, it became clear to me that I could not go along with what the mainstream media and worldly leaders were saying. Their plan was simple: lock everyone up–mask them–and then inject every person on the planet. The scheme worked very well. Most people did not question the draconian measures. In fact, some people even shamed others who did not follow the strict guidelines. I have first-hand experience with this because I was yelled at and berated by a woman because I didn’t have on a mask in the store. She yelled, “Murderer” at me over and over. Something similar happened to my friend but she was called a “traitor” instead of a murderer.   

The most effective weapon used during this pandemic has been lies, lies and more lies. From day one, the media built a narrative of fear. They frightened people into thinking you could catch Covid from anyone and everyone, even if they weren’t sick. They scared people into thinking Covid virus particles could live on any surface, even for weeks. They kept saying you could get Covid more than once and natural immunity wouldn’t keep you “safe.” They grossly inflated the number of deaths from Covid, and lied about alternative treatments such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. In addition, they refused to report the thousands upon thousands of vaccine injuries. They lied by saying the only way out of the pandemic was a “vaccine.” (which is really a gene therapy that doesn’t prevent transmission and does not prevent you from getting Covid).

Using deception is a tactic employed by the Nazis during the World War 2 era. It was Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels who said, “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes accepted as truth.”

The truth is the most important thing we have and if we let that erode, we won’t have anything to stand on.  BUT WHEN WE STAND ON THE TRUTH, WE WILL BE WALKING THE HIGH WIRE. Well, if you want to learn how to walk the high wire, it’s best to learn from those who actually do it! Let’s take a look at the life of one of the world’s most famous high-wire walkers- Nik Wallenda.

Nik Wallenda on the High Wire
photo credit: kevint3141 Wiki

Nik Wallenda knows a lot about high-wire walking. Maybe you’ve heard of his famous family–also known as the Flying Wallendas. Their daring acts feature walking on a high-wire across buildings, stadiums, waterfalls and gorges–all without a safety net. Whether they are forming human pyramids, or riding bikes across the thin wire, they never let fear stop the show from going on.

The Flying Wallendas

Nik Wallenda is a seventh generation high-wire walker and is best known for being the first person to walk directly over Niagara Falls on a steel cable. Imagine what it must have felt like–walking over 600,000 gallons of turbulent water as it flows over Horseshoe Falls. The phrase “don’t look down” must have been quite fitting as he felt the wind and mist of the most powerful waterfall in North America.

But Nik knew he was born to do this. While he was still inside his mother’s womb, he was out on the highwire because his mother performed while pregnant with him. As early as age two, he was walking the wire and began performing professionally by age 13.

Nik’s life wasn’t all fun, games and circus acts. Tragedy struck many times in this dangerous business. Family members were paralyzed and a few fell to their deaths. In an accident in 2017, his sister escaped with her life, but broke every bone in her face. Nik’s great-grandfather died when he fell during a high-wire walk in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1978. But even with the danger, Nik was not deterred. He knew he was made to walk the high-wire.

Even though his heart to walk the wire was strong, hardships would slow him down. His parents experienced financial troubles that threatened to shut the shows down for good. Nonetheless, the family’s faith was strong. Before each performance they prayed together. Nik’s father would say, “Dear Father, protect us, and may our talents be used for your glory.” Getting to the venues involved long road trips, but praise and worship music got them through the long hours of driving.

When Nik got older, he let go of the dream for a while, even getting himself a normal job working at a restaurant. He enrolled in Bible College and pursued plans to become a pediatrician. But as time continued, Nik realized he couldn’t ignore the call of the high-wire, and he couldn’t give up on the family’s legacy.

Nik says, “I didn’t know why God had given us this gift, but I knew in my heart that the only way to honor it was to use it. Even if it was difficult, even if it was dangerous. Danger was real, but fear was a choice. I would choose faith instead — after all, that was a part of my family legacy too. Everything we did was for the glory of God.”

Nik Wallenda, Photo Alex Goykhman Wiki

On June 23, 2013, Nik crossed over the Little Colorado River Gorge, near the Grand Canyon. Starting his journey in an area known as Hellhole Bend, he walked on a 2-inch-thick steel cable, that stretched 1,500 feet above the gorge. Battling high winds for a quarter of a mile, he carefully inched his way to the finish line during the 22 minute 54 second adventure. Watching the video, you can hear him praying and giving glory to God. “Praise you God…help me to relax Lord…Golly, wind. Go away, in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Lord. Thank you for calming that cable, God.”

Nik did not wear a harness during this death-defying walk because he believes it creates a false sense of security and diminishes the craft his family spent generations perfecting. He didn’t use a safety net either.

Six months before the Covid pandemic struck the world, Nik and his sister walked the high-wire across New York’s Times Square. The 1,300-foot crossing from 1 Times Square to 2 Times Square made history as they became the first to complete this monumental feat. Little did they know, that soon, the very area they walked across, would become ground zero for a virus that would create havoc in the world.

There is so much to glean from the life of this faithful high-wire walker and the lessons can be applied to our lives right here and now.

It goes without saying that Nik Wallenda’s faith is the cornerstone to his success. In a world where you are walking across chasms and gorges, it must take every ounce of courage to put one foot in front of the other. That courage can only come from Jesus. Whether it’s walking on a high-wire twenty feet above the ground, or speaking out against an evil agenda, one must take hold of the inner strength Jesus provides. If we doubt this, it’s easy to lose our footing and then plummet to the ground.

It reminds me of the story of Jesus walking on water. When the disciples saw him doing this, they were afraid and cried out in fear. Then Jesus told them to “take courage.” Peter got out of the boat and walked toward Jesus. But, when the wind came, he was afraid and began to sink into the water. Of course, Jesus reached out and saved Peter, asking him, “why did you doubt?”

In this day of unscrupulous, deceptive news-reporting, it’s easy to doubt. The media and the leaders of our nation/world are doing everything in their power to create wind and waves. If we listen to them, we are guaranteed to be filled with fear. As a result, we sink into the water, or worse yet, we fall off the high-wire. In some cases, people are falling to their deaths after getting the Covid shots, which have already killed over 17,000 people in the U.S. alone.  In Europe the numbers are already at 30,000.

What some people don’t seem to grasp is that the “safety net” being touted by the media, Anthony Fauci, the CDC, NIH and the FDA is not safe at all. As Nik Wallenda stated about having harnesses and nets for his high-wire walks, “it’s a false sense of security.”  These shots do not prevent transmission and they do not keep you from getting Covid.  Some of the world’s most vaccinated countries are over-run with Covid right now. In fact, it’s becoming very apparent that mass vaccination is causing the outbreaks. Take the nation of Gibraltar–it is the most vaccinated nation in the world, but its cases are surging and they are canceling Christmas! And get this–the nation has a 140% vaccination rate (the extra 40% is due to boosters). Every single person in Gibraltar is vaccinated! But guess what? The cases are surging!!!!

And then there is the most vaccinated place in Ireland. In Waterford, Ireland, 99.5% of the population is DOUBLE-JABBED. BUT AGAIN, CASES ARE SURGING and they have more cases than any place in Ireland!!!! And then we have Israel who leads the world in implementing booster shots, yet continues to have surges in Covid cases. In addition, Covid infection rates in the UK are higher in the vaxxed than the unvaxxed. 

The truth is that these shots do not work.

In the United States we are seeing the same trend. Vermont leads the nation in vaccination rates, yet they are leading in Covid cases. The same thing is happening in Colorado. Yet do you think the media tells the truth about why this is happening? No, they keep shouting the same lies and telling everyone to get boosters. Meanwhile, there are over 894,000 injuries related to Covid-19 shots (in the United States). Cases of myocarditis (heart inflammation) are soaring, which causes irreversible heart damage.

The one thing people missed during this whole pandemic is that they shouldn’t be putting their faith in these man-made systems. They should be keeping their eyes on Jesus and walking the high-wire. Going along with all the masking, lock-downs and injections has brought our nation to the ground–literally. Now we are at the mercy of these draconian measures which keep us pinned down instead of up in the air where we should be. We are meant to soar like birds, not squirm like worms. When an eagle or hawk captures a snake, it snatches it from the ground and takes it up into the air. Why? Because a snake cannot fight in the air! A snake has to be on the ground where it can twist, turn and squirm its way around. Once the snake is out of its territory, it is useless and cannot fight. This is the way we need to see this Covid battle. We have to stay up on that high-wire with Jesus, where the snakes have no power. Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have and it keeps us on higher ground when we use it in our battles.  Fear, on the other hand, keeps us on the ground where we are vulnerable.

Photo by Mohan-Moolepetlu Wiki

Yes, the high-wire can be scary. It’s hard to keep your footing on a thin wire and go against the grain. It’s difficult to keep your balance as you go against the mainstream narrative. The wind will surely blow– you may be mocked–you might be shunned–you could be fired. But as Nik Wallenda said, “Even if it was difficult, even if it was dangerous. Danger was real, but fear was a choice. I would choose faith instead.”  The Father of Lies (Satan and his minions) have one sure fire way to get you off the high-wire, and it’s the same tactic Adolf Hitler bragged about and used. Consider these quotes from one of the world’s most diabolical men in history.

“The broad masses of a population are more amenable to the appeal of rhetoric than to any other force.”

“The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan.” 

“The victor will never be asked if he told the truth.”

What’s the tactic Hitler is bragging about? Deceiving the public with propaganda and lies. And notice he emphasizes that propaganda must be repeatedHaven’t you noticed how all the news outlets and advertisements tell everyone the same thing over and over: “this is for your safety…stand six feet apart…wear your mask…protect others by getting your Covid vaccine…”

And sadly, how does someone like Hitler get the public to believe lies? FEAR is the key.

Hitler also said, “The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it.” 

And that quote drives home an important point–fear causes people to follow and imitate evil regimes. Just look at what happened in the Holocaust and it’s easy to see that fear can drive people to unthinkable actions. That’s not to say everyone will do evil/bad things when they are fearful. But fear can lead to a lack of discernment, or the inability to act in faith during times of crisis. During World War 2 many people were just too afraid to help the Jews. They were paralyzed by fear and it kept them in bondage to the Nazi regime. Imagine what would have happened if early on people resisted the lies? What if they had stood in solidarity with the Jews when the Nazis put yellow stars on them? Casper ten Boom (father of Corrie ten Boom) was not a Jew, but when he saw yellow stars being put on them, he decided to wear a yellow star too. This was his way of protesting the Nazis, and standing against the unfair treatment of the Jews. As Christians, we must never let fear become our guide. We cannot follow the Holy Spirit and fear at the same time. The Holy Spirit will keep us secure on the high-wire, but fear will force us to slither on the ground.

Fast forward to NOW–2021. Like Nik Wallenda, it seems we are crossing Hellhole Bend in an ever-widening Grand Canyon. But what did Nik do? He prayed as he crossed that high-wire. He said, “God thank you for calming this wire.”  

Wallenda says, “Before I set out, I will join with my family in prayer, just as I do before every walk I take on the wire. We will thank God for a gift we may not understand but which we know we must honor. I train, I focus and I have faith in the path I feel called to follow. I know God is with me every step of the way.”

Prayer is the weapon Nik uses to keep fear on the ground and off the high-wire.

Nik said he was born to walk the high-wire–he was in his mother’s womb when she walked it. As Christians, we too were born to walk the high-wire. It may not be a steel cable, but the danger lurks nonetheless. If you’re speaking out at school board meetings, questioning your employer, educating your doctor, or just talking to a relative about what’s really going on with these vaccines, it can be intimidating. You could be labeled as a “conspiracy theorist” or written off. I know people who have lost friends and gained enemies. But, what’s the truth worth to you? 

And yes, there could be injuries. The Wallendas didn’t get by unscathed. Bones were broken and lives were lost, but in the end, they did what God called them to do. As we speak out and resist mandates, we can lose our jobs and livelihoods. We can become outcasts in our own communities. Again, I ask, what’s the truth worth to you?

Just look at Austria right now. If you’re unvaccinated, you cannot leave your house, unless it’s for essential purposes. Over 65% of the population is vaccinated, yet their cases are rising. We already know vaccinated people can spread Covid, yet it’s the unvaccinated who are targeted. And what about natural immunity for those who’ve already had Covid? In Austria only the recently recovered might be given some freedom, even though the science says natural immunity is LONG LASTING and robust and more durable than vaccine immunity. In fact, vaccine immunity wanes in as little as six weeks! That’s why they are pushing boosters now. In many countries/places like France, Israel, the UK and Germany, they are not considering you fully vaccinated unless you get boosters. Wake up everyone–looks like they want to jab you for the rest of your life! They are even trying to push this idea in the United States!

If you do not see the shadows of the Nazi regime within stories like this, I don’t know what to say! But, this kind of thing is going on all throughout Europe, from Germany and Italy to Greece and Lithuania. Actually, it’s is all over the world! All of this for a “vaccine” that clearly DOES NOT WORK!  This is why we must WALK THE HIGH-WIRE and fight this with all our strength and courage. If people just keep stepping up and getting boosters, they are setting themselves up for a huge fall. If we just go along with the herd, we will go over the cliff and bring ourselves closer to the heels of a Nazi regime. Whether you believe the vaccines work or not, you should realize that the implementation of a “vaccine passport” system will bring totalitarianism with it.

Recently I was praying about the “vaccines” and something happened that confirmed what I already knew about this agenda that seeks to take our rights. My son is a pilot in the Air Force and he flies all over the world. After I prayed, I got a text message from him that contained a picture of the place he was visiting. Guess where he was? NUREMBERG, Germany. He sent me a picture from the Nuremberg courtroom–in case you don’t know already, this is where Nazi war criminals were tried for crimes against humanity such as murdering Jews and performing unauthorized medical experiments on prisoners.  

This is the photo my son sent to me. Interestingly enough, it was sent on November 18, 2021 and the original trials began on November 20, 1945.

My jaw dropped when I saw the picture because I knew that what we are facing right now is similar to what the Jews faced in Nazi Germany. All around the world the unvaccinated are being singled out and ostracized. Not only that, people are being given experimental “vaccines.” It is well-known that the Jews (as well as political dissidents, Jehovah’s Witnesses, gays and other “undesirables”) were experimented on in the camps. At the Nuremberg Trials, the monstrous doctors who perpetrated the atrocities were brought under public scrutiny and judgment for their cruel experiments on children and other prisoners. Yet, here we are, witnessing the approval by the FDA and CDC of covid shots for 5-11 year-olds. Children this age rarely, rarely, rarely die of Covid. They do not need this risky “vaccine.” Even though we continue seeing cases of teens developing irreversible heart inflammation from the Covid shots, these panels of incompetent “experts” continue approving the “vaccines.”

My son visited the Nuremberg courtroom and was supposed to leave that day. But the plane he pilots had mechanical issues. Because of this, he was able to stay another day. With this extra time on his schedule, guess where he went? DACHAU concentration camp! Here is a picture of the famous gate that says Work Sets You Free (just like the one in Auschwitz).

A photo my son took at Dachau Concentration Camp- he went on Nov 19 – as a date that is 11-19- I couldn’t help but notice the 911 in the numbers

This camp was the first regular concentration camp established by the National Socialist (Nazi) government. At first, it mainly housed political dissidents (those who did not go along with the Nazi narrative). Over time, it housed anyone who refused to obey the Nuremberg Laws, as well as Jews, Jehovah’s Witnesses, gypsies and homosexuals. The camp was a place of cruel horror, where people were murdered and experimented on.

When I saw my son’s photos of Dachau, I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. I thought about countries like Australia, who are actually have quarantine camps to house people they consider a medical threat. They call them “facilities,” but it’s easy to see beyond that label. Many countries already have quarantine hotels for a virus that 99% of the population recovers from, especially if early on they are given the proper treatments like Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, quercetin, budesonide and various steroids. Unfortunately, treatments are demonized by the media and even the medical community. Why?–so an experimental “vaccine” can be touted as the only solution.

Years ago, a friend of mine gave me a unique picture. When I saw it, I was taken aback because it was startling, and not the usual kind of picture you would give to someone. It was a picture of the railroad tracks leading into Auschwitz Concentration Camp. Walking across the tracks was a black cat. See the picture below.

The framed picture of Auscwitz my friend gave me many years ago

There was no inkling of a pandemic at the time I received this picture. But the Holy Spirit nudged my heart and I had this overwhelming feeling of sadness. At the time, I wondered if it was related to Israel since the Jews were killed at Auschwitz. I didn’t know for sure, but the sense I got was that an event was coming that would cause great death and pain. It was unsettling. For a time I kept the picture in the living room so I could see it. Then, I put it away for a while. But when the Covid pandemic hit, the Holy Spirit nudged me to get that picture and put it in my room and set it up next to a few crosses I had. So, that’s what I did. I can see the picture before I go to bed each night. It reminds me to pray. Now I see what the Holy Spirit was saying about the picture the day I received it. It saddens me to realize that Israel’s government made an exclusive deal with Pfizer to let its people become the test subjects for the Covid vaccine. How could they not see how this was a harbinger of what happened over 70 years ago in concentration camps like Auschwitz, where human experimentation was done without the prisoners’ consent?

Some would say the comparison is not appropriate. But ask yourself these questions– Weren’t the “vaccines” introduced and given to the public as experimental products? Yes, they were. They were all given to the public under EUA labels-emergency use authorization, which means they are products still in the experimental stages. Was any long-term testing done? No, there was absolutely no long-term testing done with the “vaccines.” Were people informed of possible side-effects, and even the deaths that could happen as a result of taking the vaccines? No, they were not given informed consent. In addition, in Israel and other countries around the world, people were strongly coerced to get the “vaccine” and if they decided not to receive it, they were treated as second class citizens with less privileges. They could not receive a green pass if they were not vaccinated.

Here is a link to the testimonies project which shows the stories of the vaccine injured in Israel. Hopefully, You Tube doesn’t remove the video. That’s another thing–social media silences the stories of those who are harmed. You Tube removed a video of Senator Ron Johnson holding a panel meeting where people injured by Covid vaccines could tell their stories. Other social media platforms banned the video as well.

In the Nazi era, the  evil activities within the concentration camps were hidden from public view and the media certainly did not report the awful truth. Thank goodness people like President Dwight Eisenhower ordered footage of the concentration camps to be meticulously documented after they were liberated, so no one could say the atrocities didn’t happen! The picture I have of Auschwitz is a reminder to me that we are staring tyranny in the face. People are being coerced and forced to take “vaccines”–experimental products–they don’t want to take. If you want to get a vaccine, then it is certainly your choice and no one should condemn you for it. But if you do not want one, why is it being forced on you? Worse yet, if you do not comply, you are punished.

Hitler is quoted as saying, “What good fortune for those in power that people do not think.” He was betting on people listening to the government instead of their own hearts and minds. He was betting on people trusting in the government instead of their Almighty Creator. If we do not think for ourselves, someone else will do the thinking for us. And that is a very dangerous place to be when ungodly leaders and the corrupt media are in control of what we believe.

The truth is a slippery slope right now and I can tell you one thing–you better know who you can trust.  Recently, NIH Director Francis Collins told the news agencies that he wants misinformation spreaders “brought to justice.” Then he had the nerve to say that “conspiracies are winning here. Truth is losing.”  This man–Francis Collins– has held up the lies of the Covid narrative–all the while hiding behind Christianity. If you look at the website he founded, you will soon see that he is an evolutionary scientist. The BioLogos Foundation is a Christian advocacy group that supports the view that God created the world using evolution. Francis Collins led the Human Genome Project and he has no problem with genetic manipulation–of course, this includes genetic therapies like the Covid “vaccines.” This man does not need to talk about truth when he doesn’t even recognize the TRUTH SPELLED OUT IN THE WORD OF GOD.  God created the earth just as he said in the Bible. Evolution was not part of it. Yet if you peruse the topics on his website, it is full of lies and props up the Satanic narrative that the stories of the Bible can be interpreted as allegories, or as figurative information. Francis Collins’ beliefs are a huge red flag! When evolution is supported and accepted, it becomes a gateway to allow humans to change the truth. This will lead to all sorts of deception and evil.

My point is that we had better know what the truth is and then, we must cling to it. Do not be swayed by the narrative that’s being parroted by almost every leader, doctor, celebrity or news agency.  Dig deep and find out the real truth.  Above all, cling to Jesus–He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

High-wire walker Nik Wallenda is still doing stunts. On June 17, 2021 he walked five stories above the campus of D’Youville College on the West Side of Buffalo, New York. Traveling 320 feet across the wire, he eventually caught a glimpse of Niagara Falls over the treetops. Interestingly enough, his walk marked the opening of a new health clinic, the Health Professions Hub at the college. Here, new students will gain clinical experience they can take with them into their medical careers. Wouldn’t it be great if the majority of the medical community was walking the high-wire? Unfortunately, they are not. Most are following the same narrative the media, NIH, CDC and the FDA are dishing out. If we had more high-wire doctors out there, this pandemic would have been like a snake pulled up out of the grass and into the sky where it cannot fight. Nonetheless, I am so thankful for the hundreds of doctors out there right now that are putting their careers on the line–on the wire–so the truth can come out, and lives can be saved.

In this age of confusion and lies, what are we going to believe? Are we going to step onto the high-wire and walk in truth? Or, are we going believe whatever the television says? After all, they are TELLING YOU A VISION aren’t they? The media (as well as Hollywood) is showing you what they want you to see, and they are telling you what they want you to hear. And believe me, they are standing next to the snakes on the ground while they do it. But those who walk with Christ are way up high on that wire, which is close to the clouds. And one day, we look forward to when JESUS RETURNS ON THE CLOUDS. 

Until then, don’t let the wind sway you. Like Nik Wallenda, call out to the one who can CALM THE WIND AND THE WIRE.

 Step onto the high-wire with Jesus.

By the way, as of November 26, a “new variant” has been named. It’s called Omicron. This is a Greek word which means small. The roots of this letter go back to the Phoenician letter ayin, which is also related to the Hebrew letter ayin. In Hebrew, all letters have numerical values and pictographs/meanings assigned to them. The pictograph for ayin is an EYE and it means TO SEE. The extension of this meaning is TO UNDERSTAND AND OBEY.

Jesus said, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light” (Matthew 6:22). Jesus is saying that our eyes are an entrance to our soul. If we have “good eyes” then we will not just see well, but WE WILL PERCEIVE WELL. If we have “bad eyes” then we will have bad perception and be unable to discern what’s around us. If we have “good eyes” we can certainly see the truth (the light), and we will also carry and share the light. If we have “good eyes” we have light, and this means we can see clearly. By contrast, if we have “bad eyes” we will walk in darkness.

As this world becomes darker and the lies get bigger, it’s important that we SEE WITH GOOD EYES. This “new variant” is going to herald a new onslaught of lies from the media and One World leaders. That’s why we must KEEP OUR EYES ON JESUS and stay on the high wire. Do not look to the left or the right–and do not look below where the snakes are slithering– stay on the high-wire with Jesus, so you can understand and perceive the truth.

As I’m posting this, the sun is about to go down, and it will be the first night of Hanukkah. I will light the menorah (lampstand) and pray for blinded eyes to open and SEE THE LIGHT.

Oh, how I pray that the people of this world will see the light. JESUS IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.

Nik Wallenda was a source of inspiration for me regarding his life of faith, but obviously he was not part of writing this blogpost. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and do not belong to him.

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