What can we learn from the sinking of the Lusitania?

The long-forgotten history of the Lusitania has been at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Ireland for over 100 years. Most people have little knowledge of what happened to this infamous luxury liner on May 7, 1915, when 1,198 people lost their lives. Just three years after the Titanic sank, this beautiful, well-equipped passenger ship met the same fate, but the cause was quite different.  This time it wasn’t a massive iceberg on a moonless dark night. Instead, it was a direct attack in the middle of the day, by an enemy hidden under the water.

It’s interesting how studying history can give us a glimpse into what scenarios we are seeing unfold years later. Often, these events play out in symbolic ways, begging us to take notice before it’s too late.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at what happened to the RMS Lusitania on that fateful afternoon in 1915. Perhaps the Holy Spirit will draw your attention to some details.


As the British ship Lusitania set out on its journey on May 1, 1915 it entered the water in times of war. A year earlier, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia after Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were assassinated by a Serbian nationalist on June 28, 1914. Russia, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Romania and Serbia sided against Austria-Hungary, who was allied with Germany, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. World War 1 began, setting off a long line of chain reactions that would change history forever.

The United States did not enter the war initially and vowed to stay neutral during the conflict. But this pledge became harder to follow as the Germans became more brazen with each passing day. German U-boats (submarines) began attacking British merchant ships without warning. The President of the United States at this time was Woodrow Wilson and he condemned this practice. The Germans were not deterred because they viewed the Americans as a nuisance, rather than a threat. Furthermore, since America didn’t take any military action, their scolding was seen as nothing more than hollow words.

As a warning, the Imperial German Embassy in Washington D.C. placed ads in American newspapers which reminded readers that Great Britain and Germany were at war. Because of this, passenger ships affiliated with Great Britain, or any of her allies, could be targeted for attack. This was meant to discourage Americans from traveling in British passenger ships, which could be targeted by German submarines (U-boats). Keep in mind that New York City was a popular port where passengers from the United States and other countries sailed to various locations in Europe. The Lusitania was a British ship, but many Americans gladly sailed the high seas on this 787-foot ocean liner that had already completed over one hundred round trips safely in the past eight years.

Even though it was wartime, luxury passenger ships continued sailing the seas. The prevailing thought was that the speed of the luxury liners was far superior to that of enemy submarines. In years past the Lusitania had won awards for the fastest Atlantic crossing. Additionally, it held the title as the largest moving vessel on the planet until it was surpassed by ships like the Titanic. The sheer size of these boats gave their crew and passengers a false sense of security. It would take more than a mere torpedo (or an iceberg) to sink such a large, well-built ship (or so they thought). In the rare event that the vessel was hit by enemy fire,  ship owners and government officials believed there would be enough time to get all the passengers into lifeboats.

When Lusitania left New York City, it was headed for Liverpool, England. While there was chatter aboard the ship about German U-boats, most people were not worried about an attack. The ship’s captain was warned about U-boats in the area, which had already sank several ships, but he believed the ship’s speed would be enough to outrun any submarine. The captain was advised to zig-zag so the ship would be harder to hit, but he didn’t think this was necessary. By all accounts, the Captain did not heed the warnings and even stated it was the “greatest joke” that the Lusitania could be hit by a torpedo. 

After six days at sea, the ship neared the coast of Ireland on the last leg of its journey. Lurking under the water was the German SM U-20. The operators of this U-boat (submarine) knew something about the Lusitania the passengers were unaware of at the time. This detail made the Lusitania a prime target for the Germans. What did they know you ask? The Lusitania was carrying more than passengers and fancy food. It was transporting 173 tons of rifle ammunition and shells that could be used by the British in the war. Therefore, the Germans felt fully justified in launching a torpedo at the unsuspecting luxury liner, even if it was filled with innocent civilians.

As the torpedo made its way to the ship, seaman Leslie Morton spotted it from Lusitania’s bow. “Torpedoes coming on the starboard side!” he shouted. Soon, another seaman shouted, “Torpedo! Starboard side, sir!”

But it was too late for a warning. The torpedo struck the ship at 2:10 p.m. on May 7, during daylight hours. This set off a series of explosions that led to the ship’s demise. The sinking was so fast and violent that the lifeboats weren’t much help in saving passengers. Many of them overturned while being lowered into the water. Also, the rapid, violent listing of the ship caused boats to move uncontrollably, spilling passengers into the ocean. Some boats washed off the deck, or were lowered before the plugs could be engaged. Others were loaded and lowered, only to be overwhelmed by panicked passengers. Out of 48 lifeboats, only 6 were successfully filled with passengers. A total of 767 passengers were saved, while 1,198 perished. Of those passengers, 128 of the dead were Americans.

The sinking sent shockwaves through the world, especially in the United States. Waves of anger and hate exploded among citizens in the allied nations. Propaganda posters that encouraged revenge began popping up all around Great Britain and the U.S.

In America it became clear that remaining neutral in the war would not last forever and by April 6, 1917, America officially became fully involved.

So, now that you’ve heard the story, do you have any inner warnings about the world we are living in today? For me, there were five main facts that caught my attention:

  1. The Lusitania did not see what was coming. It was an attack from underneath the water.
  2. The warnings given to the Captain and crew were ignored. Innocent passengers were placed in harm’s way unnecessarily.
  3. The ship went down so quickly that there was no time to react. 18 minutes and it was done! This is even faster than the sinking of the Titanic, which stayed afloat for 2 hours and 40 minutes.
  4. The enemy (Germany) felt fully justified in their attack.
  5. The sinking is cited as one of the major reasons the United States entered the war (the reason: unrestricted submarine warfare).

If we put today’s world or our country in the context of the Lusitania’s sinking, one can draw these eerie parallels:

Point 1: The Lusitania did not see what was coming. It was an attack from underneath the water

Today’s parallel: The world did not see the Covid PLAN-DEMIC coming. It was certainly an attack from under the water. Even though global players planned it, their schemes were not detected until the damage was done. Economies were torpedoed, as well as lives. 

In addition, as we are watching the Ukraine invasion play out, one must wonder how long this whole scenario has been mapped out under the water. Interestingly enough, Vladimir Putin has bragged about how many nuclear submarines and weapons he has at the ready. On the flip side, we have Ukraine’s leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, trying to draw us into a war that could have disastrous consequences for our nation.

What is the end goal? I have my theories, but I can assure you it will all play into the global supply chain problems, as well as the torpedo-ing of the world economy. A global power exchange is happening.

Another thing to consider is the possibility of a cyber-attack. For years, we have received warnings about possible cyber-attacks that could be caused by a number of countries–particularly Russia. The World Economic Forum (headed by global leader Klaus Schwab) hosted a cyber-pandemic simulation in July 2021 called Cyber Polygon. This event role-played global cyber-attacks and how to deal with them. But guess what? According to an article posted in Technocracy.news,

Russian companies formed the largest contingent from any single nation. The World Economic Forum partners with the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (of Russia).”

I suggest reading this article to understand the seriousness of the torpedo- I mean situation.

In 2017, Klaus Schwab (of the World Economic Forum) stated that Russia was a global leader on international regulation:

“In the new economic environment and with due regard for the latest technological breakthroughs, we are faced with the need for new cooperation formats…. I am absolutely positive that Russia, as one of the leaders in responsible global regulation, must play a central role in determining new forms of co-existence in the era of the fourth industrial revolution.”  

It’s interesting because it’s been stated that Putin is not a supporter of the coming One World (global) Government, but other sources say the exact opposite. Either way, there’s one thing he’s definitely interested in – he wants to be the richest, most powerful world leader on the planet, with Russia sitting at the top of the food chain. He is also a “religious” man. When I say this, I don’t mean he’s a Christian. What I do know, however, is that he sees himself as divinely chosen to lead Russia and the world. He is supported by the Russian Orthodox Church and touts himself as a moral man who sees the West as morally bankrupt. This belief propels him to pursue his goals at whatever cost. So, whether he’s in cahoots with the World Economic Forum, or he’s against it, I can assure you that he has his own plans for world domination. Regarding Ukraine, Putin has been quoted as saying,

“They (the Ukranians) are to be reunited as one of the heirs of the ancient Prince of Rus (Rosh).”

This means he believes the Ukraine must become part of Russia’s empire.

Ezekiel 38 and 39 in the Bible give us a glimpse into what Russia will eventually do. And Russia is referred to as “Rosh.” Will Putin be the leader that orders this future invasion into Israel, written about in Ezekiel 38 and 39? It’s possible he will begin invading one country at a time until he eventually sets his sights on Israel. Only time will tell, but I would keep my eyes open for this gigantic torpedo!

Another thing to consider is that when Putin threatens our country with nuclear weapons, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a physical manifestation. It’s possible he’s referring to a cyber weapon which could include an attack on our grid. This reminds me of a torpedo that hits our entire digital/computer infrastructure.

An article in Technocracy.news puts it this way:

The globalists are unlikely to spend the past several decades building up one of the most complex technocratic control grids in history to track and dominate the public only to then annihilate it all in the blink of an eye with nukes. A post-nuke environment would be impossible for them to control.  What is more likely, in my view, is a massive cyber-attack that targets the functionality of the internet itself, and it would have to happen relatively soon.

The amount of economic and business operations tied to the web is staggering. Even if the internet was to go down for a mere two weeks, the repercussions to our markets and to our supply chain would be devastating. By extension, the benefits to the globalists would be immense. They could implement filters and firewalls on any part of the web they don’t like (including the alternative media) and claim that this is to protect the internet from possible sources of viral spread. They could whittle the web down to only a handful of approved corporate and government sites all in the name of protecting the integrity of the net.”


And what about the Ukraine? Firstly, it’s horrible that the Ukranian people are having their lives turned upside down by this war. But their leader, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is not a hero who only wants to save his people. In fact, if you do a little digging you’ll find out he’s connected to the World Economic Forum and the globalist agenda. I suggest listening to this podcast so you can understand all the details. Zelenskyy is a pawn of the globalist agenda. The “One Worlders” would love for the United States to get involved in the war because it’s all part of the Great Reset agenda. The war will have huge effects on the supply chain and that’s what they want. They’ve got their sights on controlling the world’s food because when you control the food supply, you can control the world.

In the midst of all this, a nefarious plan to roll out a national vaccine passport has surfaced in the last few weeks. While everyone was busy watching the events in the Ukraine, these articles were posted. Take a look at these links.  Just as mandates are ending, a torpedo is being launched from below. In addition, this video from KTDI (Known Traveler Digital Identity) shows a digital ID being launched by one of the partners of the World Economic Forum known as Accenture. Other partners include: the Canadian government, Air Canada and the government of the Netherlands. No surprise with Canada since it’s been taken over by the globalist dictator Justin Trudeau! Understand that this global ID is something that’s not going to disappear just because Covid has lost some of its fear-mongering power. This digital ID (torpedo in the water) is very dangerous as it can allow the government to have control over every aspect of our lives.

What we must understand is that the vaccine wasn’t created for Covid! COVID WAS CREATED FOR THE VACCINE. The goal was never about your health. It was always about rolling out an ID system to track everyone on the planet. Additionally, it is about tying a global ID to the monetary system, which controls what you buy or sell. Everyone was looking above the water at what they thought was a benevolent government trying to help them. Unfortunately, it was a sneaky submarine carrying explosive cargo that wrecked the economy and our freedom.  Not only this, it’s possible that if a cyber attack does happen, it would be an easy way to usher in a digital system because the excuse would be that our data is no longer secure. Instead of using a vaccine as the excuse, the “safety narrative” would switch to protecting our information and bank accounts.

Point 2:  The warnings given to the Captain and crew were ignored. Innocent passengers were placed in harm’s way unnecessarily.

Parallels to today:

This is a biggie! The warnings about the true nature and goals of the Covid plan-demic have been trumpeted to the highest levels! At this point, the information is out there and most people have some sort of access to it.

Doctors and scientists have risked their careers–

The VAERS system in the United States shows thousands of deaths and millions of injuries–

Friends and families have shared countless vaccine injury stories–

The detrimental nature of the mandates is finally being publicized- 


The Canadian and American trucker convoys are the result of the “captains” ignoring their concerns. They have been placed in harm’s way because their rights are deemed unimportant and ignorable. Therefore, they have put their own lives in danger just so they can maintain their bodily and constitutional freedom. The Canadian trucker protest showed Justin Trudeau’s true colors, but more than anything it revealed the true intent of governments that are in alignment with the global agenda. The American trucker convoy that has now reached D.C. has been peaceful, but some have said it’s no longer necessary because many mandates have been lifted. In addition, Covid is endemic at this point, with the omicron variant being very mild. Despite all this, Joe Biden has extended the state of emergency that began on March 13, 2020. One wonders why this is necessary when Covid no longer presents a “health emergency.” But if you understand that Biden and those who support his agenda are not interested in your health, you will realize the greater goal is to keep control over the masses. Personally, I am thankful to all the truckers for standing up for freedom and I believe their presence reminds us to keep fighting these evil agendas. Thank you truckers!!!!

In the Ukraine, innocent civilians are targeted as lawless leaders seek to do their own will, regardless of who it will hurt. There are many theories about why Russia is invading, but whatever those motives are, the One World Government power players will use it to their advantage. It is probable that food supplies will become even more strained, especially commodities such as oil and wheat. The innocents who will be affected here are hard-working Americans like you and I, who will struggle to buy these items at a reasonable price. The inflation we are experiencing will likely get worse and is just a shadow of what will be seen in the Tribulation period. Revelation 6:5-6 give us a glimpse of this future issue:

“I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, ‘Two pounds of wheat for a day’s wages, and six pounds of barley for a day’s wages  and do not damage the oil and the wine!’” 

These verses show just how expensive food and supplies will become- a few loaves of bread will equal a day’s worth of wages. The super-rich will not be affected by this, while the middle and low income classes will suffer.  Oil and wine were expensive items in biblical times so this is a reference to the fact that those with a lot of money will not be affected in the same way as the lower and middle-classes.  

Point 3The ship went down so quickly that there was no time to react. 18 minutes and it was done!

Parralells to Today:

As I mentioned before, the sinking of Lusitania was even faster than the Titanic! Two hours and forty minutes for Titanic compared to Lusitania’s 18 minutes!

Our world is being hit with one torpedo after another and they all have the same goal in mind– to sink the economy.  The Covid crisis was a gigantic torpedo that has made the globalists richer, and the rest of us poorer. As mandates were enacted, even more damage was inflicted as people lost their jobs and companies lost workers. It took just one torpedo to take down the Lusitania, but it caused a chain reaction that led to the sinking of the entire ship. Even the life boats were of little use because the listing of the ship was so violent.  This is what’s happening now as one event after another is hitting our nation. As we leave the pandemic behind, we are now entering into a war on our basic necessities. When Covid first began, it was toilet paper. Now, it could affect anything from bread to toothpaste.

The Covid pandemic is one thing–but a cyber attack (cyber pandemic) would take down the supply chain much quicker than a physical virus. Within a week we would have major breakdowns of everything we rely on from our bank accounts to gas and basic necessities.

“The globalists need another Pearl Harbor – A 9/11 attack or something even bigger. They need something that will enrage the American population, specifically conservatives. They need a crisis of epic proportions to lure us into an emotional response and the abandonment of logic. They also need a scapegoat disaster that they can use to lay the blame for the impending economic crisis.”

Brandon Smith of ALT-MARKET.us

Even if a cyber pandemic does not happen , the war in Ukraine is threatening gas supplies. It’s possible we could be riding our bikes to work or to the grocery store soon! (though I wonder what the shelves at the grocery stores will look like!)

ALL THIS HAS HAPPENED VERY QUICKLY AND WILL CONTINUE TO SPEED UP IN INTENSITY. Do we have time for lifeboats? Well, there’s always time to hold on to Jesus, but that time is right now! Don’t wait!  As far as a lifeboat from the government, don’t count on that! Their fake lifeboats will be not be trustworthy and it would be unwise to take the bait. Their “lifeboat” for Covid was the shots! We all know how that turned out– a disaster bigger than Titanic.

Point 4: The enemy (Germany) felt fully justified in their attack.

Parallels to Today:

We must understand one key idea about everything that’s going on. The One World Government players such as the World Economic Forum and global leaders (like Justin Trudeau, Emmanuelle Macron, Jacinda Ardern, Angela Merkel, Boris Johnson, Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, etc.) feel like they have every right to control the economy and the people of the free world. Leaders like Klaus Schwab see certain people as “useless eaters” who have no business breathing the free air. Bill Gates and his friends believe they are fully justified in bringing about what they believe is a utopia that will not include most of the world’s population. Their goal is a transhumanist dream where everyone is connected to the Internet and they live their lives without God. Genetic alteration is seen as a way to move beyond what is human. This is just one reason why they push these mRNA shots onto the population.

On the subject of Putin- yes, he feels totally justified in his attack. Like I said before, he feels like he’s divinely placed in his position. He even sees Kiev, Ukraine as the birthplace of Russian orthodox religion and he wants it to become part of Russia once again. Putin’s spiritual father, the Archimandrite Tikhon has said, “Anyone who loves Russia and wishes her well can only pray for Vladimir whom the Providence of God sent to deliver Russia.”

The truth is that the globalists have no problem “poking the bear” so they can have their war as part of the Great Reset. Who is the bear? It’s Putin of course!

Point 5: The sinking of the Lusitania is cited as one of the major reasons the United States entered the war (unrestricted submarine warfare).

Today’s parallel:

This last one can have many implications but what I see is that the sinking of the economy, or the sinking of a free society, is what will allow people to understand the real war we are fighting.  Perhaps people will start to realize that this is a spiritual battle and we are fighting the forces of darkness the Bible has warned us about. The coming New World Order (global government) is on the rise and it’s a matter of time before it takes full control. From this point forward we must put on the full armor of God and engage in spiritual warfare. We will need great discernment in order to see what’s really going on. We must sift through the propaganda and find the truth, even as we are surrounded by lies (torpedoes). Though the Covid pandemic has been awful, it has also awakened people to what’s really important. Today is the day of salvation. Today is the day to accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior. We cannot put our trust in gigantic, man-made boats that can be torpedoed in 18 minutes flat!

There are a few more things I want to share with you that I find to be quite significant. I have always been fascinated with dates because I see the Lord’s hand in the timing of all things. Oftentimes, the holy spirit will speak to me through historical events and dates, so this is why I’m sharing the following.

The Shemitah year: September 7, 2021- September 25, 2022

As I was reading about the Lusitania, I noticed that it left for its maiden voyage (this means its first sailing with passengers) on SEPTEMBER 7, 1907. (on a side note, I am not listing the accident/sinking date here- that is May 7, 1915– the Lusitania had made over 100 trips by the time it sank. I am referring to the very first time the ship sailed with passengers when I list September 7.)

The reason the date struck a chord with me was because the shemitah year began on September 7, 2021. If you are not familiar with the shemitah year, you might want to read this article. (It’s an older post, but the information will still help you understand the basics and detailed aspects of the shemitah year).

Shemitah years, also known as Sabbath years, fall in seven-year cycles, as outlined in the Bible. It was known as the year of release because every seven years, you were to forgive any debts owed to you. If someone owed you money, they were no longer required to pay it back in the shemitah year. These shemitah years fall according to the biblical calendar and begin on the Feast of Trumpets (also known as Tishrei 1). For instance, on September 7, 2021 the Feast of Trumpets began and the shemitah year began as well. This particular shemitah year will last until just before sundown on September 25, 2022. When the light of the sun is gone, the shemitah year is complete. Then, as the evening begins, a new year is ushered in and it will be six more years before the shemitah year begins again. Regarding dates- understand that on the biblical calendar a new day/date begins when the sun goes down. So, technically if it is September 6 just before sundown, then it will become September 7 as soon as the sun disappears. So, the shemitah year technically began on September 7 when the sun went down and a “new day” began. You will likely see it listed with both dates– September 6 and 7. (Actually, these dates are really written as Elul 29 and Tishri 1 on the biblical calendar, but that’s too much to explain right now!)

Deuteronomy 15: 1-2 gives the details of releasing debts in the shemitah (7th year)

“At the end of seven years you will make a release. And this is the manner of the release: to release the hand of every creditor from what he lent his friend; he shall not exact from his friend or his brother, because the time of the release for the Lord has arrived. (Deuteronomy 15:1–2)

In addition, in the shemitah year, you were to take a break from farming, so the land could have a rest (also known as the land’s sabbath). By not working the land, you were making a grand statement which was: “My field and what grows on it belongs to God.” If this principle was followed, God would bless the field-owner with a very fruitful crop after the shemitah ended and in the years following it.

“For six years you shall sow your field, and for six years you shall prune your vineyard, and gather in its produce. But in the seventh year, the land shall have a complete rest, a Sabbath to the Lord; you shall not sow your field, you shall not prune your vineyard, nor shall you reap the after growth of your harvest . . . And [the produce of] the Sabbath of the land shall be yours to eat for you, for your male and female servants, and for your hired worker and resident who live with you . . . (Leviticus 25:3–6)

Additionally, if you owned a slave, you were required to set them free in the shemitah year as seen in Deuteronomy 15:12-15

If any of your people—Hebrew men or women—sell themselves to you and serve you six years, in the seventh year you must let them go free. And when you release them, do not send them away empty-handed. Supply them liberally from your flock, your threshing floor and your winepress. Give to them as the Lord your God has blessed you. Remember that you were slaves in Egypt and the Lord your God redeemed you. That is why I give you this command today.”

So, as you can see, the shemitah is associated with:

1a release/rest from labor, debt and burdens

2- a release from slavery!

For Christians, this reminds us that Jesus is our rest. He takes on our burdens and labor. Most importantly, he is our release from slavery! Without his blood to cover us, we are still under the yoke of bondage. One day, he will release us from this sinful world either when we die, or at the Rapture. What a release that will be! We will literally be pulled up into the sky and released into Jesus’ arms! It reminds me of a bird that’s been cooped up in a cage and now it’s able to fly!!!

Some biblical scholars believe the Rapture could happen in a shemitah year or at the very end of a shemitah year because of the seven-year cycles mentioned in the bible. Even the Tribulation follows a pattern of seven. Keep in mind that a shemitah year is the 7th year of a seven-year cycle (where there are six years and then the 7th year is the shemitah year.) I never set dates, but I like to always keep my eyes open and be a watch woman on the wall.  I am not saying the Rapture will happen in a shemitah year because no one knows the day or the hour. It’s just something interesting to think about.

The Financial Effect of the Shemitah

Many of our nation’s financial ups and downs (collapses) have happened in shemitah years. There is often a rise or fall in leaders, as well as kingdoms. For background, 2001 (the year 9-11 happened) was a shemitah year. The 2008 economic collapse occurred in a shemitah year as well. 2015 was a shemitah year and that’s when we saw the rise of a new and very different leader named Donald Trump. In fact, he announced his presidency on June 16, 2015.  He would go on to win the 2016 election. From this point on, American history would never be the same. But another monumental event happened in this year that would cause a ripple effect in our culture, and signal future judgment for our nation. In June of 2015, the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. 

Let’s go back further in time- 1973 was the year abortion became legal and guess what?  This was a shemitah year!  Additionally, this same year there was a huge oil crisis.  Going back even further, 1945 is when World War 2 ended and this was also a shemitah year. In 1945 we saw the demise of Germany, but the rise of America.

So, as you can see, shemitah years can signal the rise or fall of economies, or the rise and fall of leadership. Much of this is based on the nation’s obedience to God. In ancient Israel, they were blessed if they followed God in previous years. But, over time, if they turned to idols and ignored God’s commands, the shemitah became a tool of judgment, rather than a blessing. God gave the nation plenty of time to change their ways. By the time Israel went into captivity in Babylon, they were completely steeped in apostasy and idolatry.

The Shemitah Year Begins: 2021

When the shemitah year arrived September 7, 2021 at the Feast of Trumpets (also known as Rosh Hashanah) a giant trumpet was blown across the land! This is when vaccine mandates took a heavy push forward with Joe Biden making his tyrannical speech on September 9th. In this speech (just two days after the shemitah year began), he said he had “lost patience with the unvaccinated” and that all businesses with more than 100 employees would be required to have their employees vaccinated. In addition, the vaccine mandate for the military was implemented  on September 14, 2021, giving soldiers three months to comply or face discharge.  Next, booster shots in the United States rolled out on September 20.  From this point on, they continued at a furious rate, despite the fact that the “vaccines” didn’t prevent transmission or even death. As the year continued, we saw protests around the world, as well as two historical trucker convoys in Canada and the U.S.

Let’s also not forget the disastrous events in Afghanistan that happened in late August 2021, right before the shemitah year arrived. This signaled the world that America was no longer a super power. Furthermore, as we see Russia invade Ukraine like a bear moving in on territory, it becomes painfully obvious that America is not a force to be reckoned with. It’s reminiscent of what happened during WW1–Germany didn’t fear the threats of the United States. Thus, the Germans continued participating in unrestricted submarine warfare. Also, unfortunately we have traitors in our country who could care less if our nation gets torpedoed!

Personally, I believe the shemitah year signaled we were moving toward an unprecedented removal of our freedoms, as well as an economic shake-down. Just so you know, we have not finished the shemitah year yet. It will not end until sundown on September 25, 2022. In biblical times, the shemitah year culminated on the last day of the shemitah, also known as Elul 29 on the biblical calendar. It is on this last day that all debt to creditors is officially wiped away. It’s also called the day of nullification–debts were officially null and void. In today’s world this effect in the financial realm can produce corporate failures, bank failures, foreclosures and bankruptcies.

The interesting thing about the shemitah, however, is that it reminds us that everything we have belongs to God. A financial collapse can separate us from our money and possessions. It can also humble us as we realize materialism is hollow and doesn’t give us rest. Only Jesus can give us true peace and rest from our labor. When he is our only possession, we let go of what we’ve lost and instead cling to him.

Since the shemitah year began on September 7, 2021, I feel like we have been launched into dangerous waters like the Lusitania. Torpedoes have been fired at an alarming rate since then and we are dodging them along the way. Some have already hit, while others are being planned as I type this. Day by day, we are seeing the pressure increase, as well as the danger. Even as we are coming out of this pandemic, it’s easy to see the globalists have other plans that will infringe on our freedoms. There’s talk of future pandemics, “climate emergencies,” and new digital currencies.  Among all this chatter, it becomes clearer to me that Jesus is our only security and hope.

A Wedding is Coming

My son’s wedding took place right after the shemitah year began on September 20, 2021. As I watched him marry his beautiful bride, I realized Jesus’ return was closer than ever. Soon, Jesus will come to fetch his bride and take her away for the marriage ceremony in heaven. This is called the rapture of the church. As I said before, some biblical scholars believe the rapture could happen as a shemitah year is ending, and a new seven-year cycle is beginning. No one can say for sure, but it’s thought-provoking. No matter what, we should always be ready for our groom. Every day I get up and ask myself, “Will today be the day? Will I be raptured today?” One day I won’t have to ask that question anymore. Either I’ll be raptured, or maybe I will pass away before the Rapture– I don’t know, but either way I want to be ready!

Years ago, I was praying about the best way to protect ourselves, as well as our leaders during tumultuous times. I asked Jesus to remind me of any powerful prayers that would be great for spiritual warfare, or as reminders of his protection. The next day I was surprised to find a bag of books on my front doorstep. Initially, I didn’t know where they came from, but I eagerly opened the bag. I randomly pulled out one book that was called: Life Lessons from the Hiding Place and it was about Corrie ten Boom. She is known for hiding Jewish people from the Nazis during World War 2. She ended up in a concentration camp, but she survived by keeping herself under the wings of Jesus and putting full faith in him. When I opened the book, a little yellow piece of paper fell out that was stuck inside. On this paper someone had written out the words of Psalm 91 by hand. I realized God had answered my prayer very quickly! Then, I noticed a date at the top! Are you ready? It was September 7. Soon after seeing that date, I found out the shemitah year would be arriving on September 7, 2021. Even though the note’s date was September 7, 2008 and the shemitah would arrive on September 7, 2021, it was the “September 7″ that caught my attention. Also, I found the note inside the book in 2017- nine years after it was originally written/dated. At the time, I felt like the Holy Spirit was saying that when the shemitah year arrived in 2021, it would be crucial to stay under Jesus’ wings, like Psalm 91 describes. “He will cover you with his feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge,” Psalm 91:4.

The Psalm 91 note I found in the book

Perhaps the dates are all coincidence. But, either way, the sinking of the Lusitania reminds me that we are truly at war. Most attacks come from underneath the water. As far as Titanic is concerned, even the iceberg came from below the water because 80% of an iceberg’s mass is under the surface.

As the times get darker, we must stay closer to the light. That light is Jesus Christ! In order to dodge the hidden torpedoes of this world, we have to keep our holy radars in order. We certainly cannot trust everything we see and hear on the news. But, we can trust the Word of God and the Word himself–Jesus.  I don’t know about you, but I’m stepping aboard the RMS Jesus and I’m not looking back. I bought my ticket a long time ago and the date on it doesn’t expire.  Years ago I went to a Titanic exhibit and received a boarding pass upon entering the venue. Every now and then, I look at the ticket to remind myself that when the world goes down like the Titanic, I’m going UP with Jesus. Yes, the world is a mess. But Jesus has the lifeboat waiting. It’s time to jump aboard before it’s too late.

My latest book, Psalm 91, Under the Wings of Jesus, was released last year in June. Here is the link if you are interested.




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