New Executive Order is the Gateway to Transhumanism

President Biden just signed an order the day after 9-11 that will fly over the heads of many people who don’t realize what it REALLY IS.


It’s the gateway to TRANSHUMANISM

In lieu of my regular blogpost, I’m giving you the links to some articles I’ve written for Intercessors for America on TRANSHUMANISM. I have blogged about this in some of my posts for 67owls and 100trumpets, but these articles (linked below) will give you a background for what transhumanism is.

Whether people want to believe it or not, the Covid PLAN-demic opened the door to transhumanism. The movement was already underway, but the mRNA shots that were rolled out at warp speed were a sure-fire way to bring the entire world under the boot of the transhumanists who want the genetic code of humanity to be permanently altered. Their plans are large-scale and will not stop with mRNA shots. Brain and microchip implants, as well as cyborg technology are just the tip of the transhumanist iceberg. Globalists like Klaus Schwab call this the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where our bodies will be merged with artificial intelligence.  

The truth is that these globalists, scientists and atheists are behaving like Victor Frankenstein–they are trying to create and transform life using Frankenstein codes that could alter the DNA God gave us. What happened to Victor Frankenstein in Mary Shelley’s classic tale? He regretted his decision so much that he became gravely ill and wished for death. His creation was so hideous, he literally lost his mind. This ambitious doctor crossed the line and he paid the price, as well as his loved ones who lost their lives because of his mistake.

The Covid PLAN-demic was the lightning needed to give life to this monster. Biden’s Executive Order is pushing that plan full speed ahead.

I highly suggest reading this article written by WND which explains the Executive Order. Here is one chilling line from the Executive Order:

“We need to develop genetic engineering technologies and techniques to be able to write circuitry for cells and predictably program biology in the same way in which we write software and program computers including through computing tools and artificial intelligence …”

Everyone needs to understand exactly what TRANSHUMANISM IS.

I wrote a 3-part article series on transhumanism which you can find below:




Here’s another article I wrote about how transhumanism seeks to destroy the body God gave us

Here’s an article about Hacking Humans

This article is about the gene editing technology known as CRISPR-CAS 9

Here is a special report on Transhumanism that can be downloaded from Intercessors for America

Here are some other links where you can learn about transhumanism:

Transhumanism and Eugenics

Transhumanism by Robert Malone

Transhumanism and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Dangers of Transhumanism– interview with expert Joe Allen is a great place to keep up on all the latest news on transhumanism.

7 thoughts on “New Executive Order is the Gateway to Transhumanism

  1. Thank you for your Psalm 91 Under the Wings of Jesus. It’s wonderful! I will be using your book to do a life group with our Church Women. On page vii you have a logo it icon of wings and 91. Would it be possible to obtain permission to use this for a T-shirt.. or possibly you have one and I just don’t know about it. Wanted to make one for the ladies group.
    Thank you.


    1. Hi Kathryn! I’m so excited that you are using Psalm 91 for your life group! I think you should be able to use the logo without a problem. I will ask the person who made the logo for me for permission and I can get back to you in a day or two. Then, I could email the png of the logo. I hope you learn as much about Psalm 91 as I did when I was doing research for the book and I pray you will have some “Psalm 91 experiences” in your group.


  2. Obviously the whole movement is Satanic just like Schwab and Biden who I’m certain are demonically possessed. The evidence of this is overwhelming yet the majority of the human race watches their building demise like the proverbial deer in the headlights; lukewarm is a deadly thing!

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      1. I’m more than happy to offer what I can here as I’m very pleased to find your writing to be something grounded in God’s truth and deserving of my respect and time to be quite frank! I’ve found over the last few years how wasteful the internet or digital realm or medium can actually be taking far too many hours of precious time and tossing it into cyberspace with little to no actual net improvement or essential value at the end of the day just a frittering away of life! I recently had this image of little old ladies or men sitting at one arm bandits in the big casino just chasing the big win akin to chasing shadows but they have this compulsion or addiction to dropping more of their needed resources into the machine and pulling that lever again and again like automatons; the digital realm is that kind of place for the most part. If used only as a tool with sensible restriction it has some basic value; but as my dad always taught people are meant to be out in the real world working and accomplishing meaningful useful tasks like making a living or earning one’s keep!
        And as far as the dark side of all this digital technology the bad guys are even out in the open stating their intentions and plans for mankind and it’s all evil! I hate to be too cliché but the proverbial cat is out of the bag and running hog-wild causing an accelerated mayhem and pending demise!

        Sorry to carry on here but I just wanted to share his additional commentary I just made on another site that correlates concisely here as well!

        Glad to offer what I can to help. To be frank though a majority of people are convinced the digital arena is awesome; I do not think that at all. Contrary to that opinion I’ve observed and learned that this so called information highway has created a log jam or flood of extraneous data in people’s faces continually. Akin to what they used to say about television several decades ago calling it the “boob-tube,” which is exponential in this digital realm and it conditions, manipulates, distorts reality, mesmerizes and even confuses many or let’s say clutters minds with the unessential! As the old adage goes “too much of a good thing,” generally “isn’t good” as it ends up doing harm! And look around to see plainly it does apply here; which to me is like the double edged sword aspect of mankind’s technological advancements, and there is always a trade-off eventually, especially when we put away perhaps the “tried, tested and proven or established ways of many past generations of those often “solid traditional truths!” Only to replace them with something “totally different” perhaps even “radically” so, a new something that has many bells and whistles that tantalize or seduce, and like another old adage states how, “all that glitters is not gold,” so is fake! I think mankind has leaped into a more complicated “Pandora’s Box” leaving behind the “basic simplicity” of just “living and being a simple humble human being,” that “God intended,” and now has ventured into places better left alone! My point is things will only get worse as time marches on, but, there will be a real breaking point; that “straw that breaks the camel’s back,” and it won’t end pretty!

        God bless!

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  3. Many thanks again. Of course they have been at this for years with transplants and pacemakers and metal joints etc., ignoring the facts that in most cases out bodies will repair themselves.

    Some people are like the Borg from Star Trek.

    Of course our bodies are biological robots to a large degree with most functions automated with DNA software. Messing with the DNA is what Satan did back in the Garden of Eden, and so he continues to do so.

    If you ever read the classic lensmen series by EE ‘Doc’ Smith you will find a fascinating story with which you can find parallels with today.


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