So what exactly is a revelation?  Many people think of the book of Revelation from the Bible when they hear this word.  In this case it can be associated with end times theology, or an apocalyptic word. 

     But really the word revelation doesn’t mean “end of the world” or apocalypse.  What is really means is  an “un uncovering”, or a “revealing.”  Essentially it means bringing light to a situation.  It means to show, or bring to light to what was once hidden, or what was once dark.  So really, there’s nothing scary about the word revelation.  If anything, it’s a very good thing.  It means the truth is revealed. 

So why am I bringing up this word now?  What’s the big purpose here?  Simply put, I want you to understand that revelation is what God does for anyone who asks.  It’s in his nature to reveal things to his children.  Sometimes the revelation is given to help us see the world through his eyes.  Other times it’s for us to see the hidden meaning behind what’s around us.  Whatever the purpose, when revelation comes, it is very meaningful and eye-opening.

     Before I began writing What Are The Chances, I was flooded with lots of revelations.  They were flooding me on a daily basis.  It started out subtly, and as time continued they grew stronger.  Each day I received a revelation I would write it down.  Before I knew it I had a notebook of revelations.  When I looked at what I’d written down, I realized God was trying to tell me something very important.

     So how do you even know when you are receiving a revelation from God?  That’s a tricky question.  I’ll answer it by describing some situations.

      Some days I’d be out and about and the holy spirit would place a word or idea in my head.  I might be at the store, at church or just sitting in my living room.  As soon as the idea or word popped in my head I would ask God if this was from him.  Next, depending on what the word or idea was, I would go and research it.  The strange thing is when I followed through by doing this I would always find something unusual, amazing, or something that linked to a lesson God was already trying to teach me.  God doesn’t speak to everyone like this.  But that’s how he does it with me.  The point is, when I feel like the Holy Spirit is leading me, I act on it.  I follow up by reading my Bible, or researching the idea.

     Now here comes the tricky part.  It’s important to use discernment.  Keep in mind we are made of flesh and bone and we have a sinful nature.  Many ideas in our brains are not from the Holy Spirit.  Many times it can be our flesh, or other influences around us.  This is why we should always ask God if it is from him.  If you ask this I can almost guarantee God will confirm it in some way if it’s from him.  He will also warn you if it is not from him.  Second, ALWAYS CONSULT HIS WORD.  The Bible is your go-to manual when it comes to discernment.  For instance, if a voice in your head is saying to hurt your friend, you should discern it couldn’t be God because his word says to love your neighbor, not hurt your neighbor!  God is not going to contradict his word.

     Pray, pray and pray!  God will give you wisdom to understand anything you ask.   I do a lot of asking and praying when I receive what I perceive to be a revelation, or a revealing.  God is faithful to confirm ideas and truths when I ask, pray and listen.

     The Holy Spirit is God’s way of communicating with us, to reveal what he wants us to do.  He uncovers the world for us through the use of this great gift!  If you want to receive more revelation in your life I suggest you start a revelation journal.  When you wake up in the morning tell God you expect a revelation today.  Write the date in your journal as you say this.  In this way you are confirming that you will listen to the Holy Spirit and be ready to write down what is revealed to you.  I challenge you to do this each day.  At first the revelations may be small, but if you stick with it, you will be surprised by what you start to see.   I love Jeremiah 33:3 which says,

    “Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.”

     If you call out to God, he will answer.  He will show you great unsearchable things.  How do I know?  Because that’s what he did for me.  I expect it daily.  There’s no question.  If you ask, he will do it. 

I can’t wait to share my revelations with you very soon.  I can’t wait for you to receive them too!!!!



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