Where Am I Going?

Do you ever look back on your life and wonder, “Where have I been going all this time?”  Do you ever look back at the years you spent trying to figure out what your purpose is, only to realize you have no idea if you are in the right place?

I used to do that a lot.  I’d sit around wondering what God’s big purpose was for my life.  I’d wake up each day trying to figure out if I was doing what he called me to do.

Then one day it hit me.  Was I even listening to God?  Was I thinking about him on a day to day basis?  Was I reading his word daily?  Was I talking to him?  When I say “talking” to him I mean, was I talking to him like I really trusted him?  Was I asking for his advice?  Was I speaking with him as my counselor and friend?  The answer was, NO!

So, as if a giant light bulb were flashing before me, I realized this idea of actually “talking to God” may be worth trying.  I decided I would start talking to God as if he were right beside me ALL THE TIME.  If I was driving to work in the morning and something was bothering me, I’d tell God about it.  When I was going for my afternoon run, I’d ask God lots and lots of questions and ask for his wisdom.  I’d have conversations with God everywhere- in the store, in the kitchen and even while watching T.V.    Did I hear God’s voice shout out the answer?  No.  Did an angel show up and provide me with guidance in a miraculous fashion?  No.  But, something else happened.

I realized the day I started treating God like he were my counselor, friend, and of course the King of the Universe, he began speaking to me in amazing ways.  Sometimes it would be through a subtle sign, such as through a Bible verse, timed just right for my situation.  Other times, it would be through complete strangers, or even friends.  Their words of advice or encouragement would time almost perfectly with my situation or problem.

The more I began showing God I cared about him and his word, he began revealing himself.  After many months of speaking to God and allowing him to be part of my daily conversation, I saw something amazing happen.  I started to see my purpose.  He started shedding light on everything around me.  After all, God is light and it is in his nature to shed light on anything and everything.

As God began shedding light, I realized he had a job for me.  This job led me to write a book called, What are the Chances?  The Uncanny Connections Between Titanic, 9-11, Israel and the United States.  I know, it’s a strange title.  When I look at the title as an outsider I wonder how these things could be tied together.  Strangely, they are.  The only reason I know is because God shed light on these things.  But without listening and speaking to God I would still be “in the dark”.

The purpose of my blog, 67 Owls.com, will be to shed light on some of the things God showed me in the course of writing my book.  While you can read the book, I certainly couldn’t put every detail in it.  If I did you would be reading thousands of pages of information!  Too much for anyone to handle.

That being said, a lot of what God showed me is about the nation of Israel, and its relationship to the United States.  God showed me our countries are tied together prophetically.  Our countries were formed and blessed by God, to be set apart as an example of God’s grace, mercy and sovereignty.

My book, What Are The Chances, addresses how our two nations are historically tied, as well as the significance of the 2014/2015 blood moon lunar tetrad that occurred recently.  The book itself began simply enough.  It started out as a compilation of amazing facts and over time developed into a supernatural story of God’s sovereignty over our nations.

I invite you to be part of 67owls.com.  The name comes from the year 1967.  This is the year Israel claimed East Jerusalem in the Six Days War.  It is the year when God’s Holy Capital was once again unified.  The “owls” part of the name comes from the fact that owls remind me of a warning.  Owls are raptors.  This means they seize their prey in an instant.  Their wings are silent.  The prey never hears the owl coming.  Once captured, the prey is gone forever, with no chance of escape.  Though beautiful, owls are vicious hunters with keen eyesight.  They are one of nature’s most adept nighttime hunters.  67 owls simply means to be on alert for Israel.  Be on alert for God’s plan for Jerusalem.  Be ready for what God has planned.  Don’t be caught off guard.

In the next few weeks get ready for lots of eye-opening posts.  Get ready to learn something new- something supernatural.  I invite you to be a watchman on the wall.  Like an owl, who watches with keen vision, we need to be ready at all times and be aware of our surroundings.  We need to be in tune with God every hour, every second.


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