Washington and New York

When we think of America one of the first names that often pops into our head is George Washington.  His name lives on as the cherished father of our nation.  A man of great integrity, humility and wisdom.

We can look into Washington’s past and find out he was indeed a special man.  He was a strong military leader who helped lead our country through the American Revolution.  He had a strong moral compass which helped guide him through our nation’s darkest days.

Landmarks, cities, towns, capitals and states bear his name to this day.  The capital of our nation, Washington D.C., continues to bear his name.  The government now in place in Washington, D.C. has changed over time, bearing little resemblance to the government once led by the original Washington.

Of course, Washington D.C. was not our nation’s first capital.  It was actually New York City.  It was on April 30, 1789 that George Washington took his oath of office.  Washington traveled to New York, crossing the Hudson River in a barge.  The ceremony took place in front of Federal Hall on Wall Street.  On this very ground, so close to Ground Zero, where the 9-11 terror attacks took place, he dedicated our nation to God.  After his inauguration, Washington worshipped at St. Paul’s Chapel, located in the heart of New York City.  There is a pew in St. Paul’s Chapel dedicated to Washington.  It is the pew he sat in while attending church services for the two years New York was our nation’s capital.  A picture of the Great Seal of the United States hangs near his pew to this day.  This seal is depicted on our money.

St. Paul’s Chapel was spared during the 9-11 attacks, and many say it was divine intervention.  This humble chapel was blanketed by thousands of pounds of debris from the 9-11 attacks, yet it survived with little damage.  If you visit this chapel you will immediately feel a supernatural presence.  When I visited, I could feel the presence of God enveloping the building.

After 9-11, the nation grieved, yet it slowly began to rebuild.  Though the Twin Towers were destroyed, a new tower rose in its place.  Oddly enough, One World Trade Center (also known as Freedom Tower) became the tallest building in New York City once again on April 30, 2012.   Does that date seem familiar?  That’s because Washington took his oath of office on April 30, 1789.   Coincidence?  Perhaps- but maybe there’s a message here.  Since Washington’s address to the nation in 1789, where he dedicated our nation to God, many disturbing events have plagued our country.  Most notably, it is evident our country continues to distance itself from God through its laws and policies.  The God, who was once spoken of publically by our nation’s leaders, has not become “politically correct.”  Mention of his name is frowned upon to appease those who want him removed from our culture.

We are attacked, but we build higher, taller towers.  A solar eclipse occurred on September 13, 2015.  Interestingly enough, New York City became our nation’s capital on September 13, 1788.  Yes, the dates matching up may be coincidence.  But let’s look at something else.  On September 13, 2001, a cross was found in the debris of Six World Trade Center.  The 9-11 terror attacks had occurred just two days prior.  As workers began clearing debris, they found a 17 foot cross, formed by the beams which fell from Floor 67.  Six World Trade Center was destroyed, yet a new, taller tower was built on this very ground.  One World Trade Center was built in this very spot!  America’s newer, taller tower was built in the place where that cross was found.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  As I see it, God is calling out from the rubble of Ground Zero.  George Washington, and our nation, called out to him in 1789.  He is still answering.  But are we listening?  No, I think we are trying to build our towers taller, forgetting our blessings were forged by God.

A photographer found a page of the Bible in the debris of the World Trade Center.  It was a cold, lonely, unforgiving day.  Yet this man found a page- an important, prophetic one.   At first he couldn’t tell what part of the Bible it was from.  So, he took a closer look.  He enlarged the page to get a closer view.  And there it was- It was Genesis 11.  What is Genesis 11 about?  The Tower of Babel.  So, I ask you- is it coincidence, or is God still calling out to us from the rubble?  God, the rock and foundation of the Earth, is calling out to the city of our foundation.  New York City, still prized as the apple of America’s eye, still holds symbolic meaning not only to us, but to the creator of our nation.

Want another amazing fact about September 13?  Think about this- on September 13, 1814, the bombardment of Fort McHenry began.  Why is this significant?  Because this is the very battle witnessed by Francis Scott Key, the author of our national anthem.  As he witnessed this battle/bombardment, he was inspired to write our nation’s song.  This national anthem would become synonymous with America.

As I was driving home last week something disturbing happened.  I was caught in a storm with high winds and rain.  I somehow drove through it and made my way home.  As I turned into my neighborhood I saw something that made me shiver.  My neighbor’s flagpole had snapped.  The beautiful American flag, along with the pole, lay on the ground being drenched by rain.  My stomach dropped.  It was eerie because around this time last year I had written about this very flag in my book What Are the Chances.  In the book I write about this very flag being struck by lightning during a storm.  The flag falls to the ground, damaged beyond repair.  I couldn’t help but wonder as I looked at the flag, if it were a sign of some sort- a sign about our nation.

On this very day a huge snowstorm is heading for Washington D.C.  It may very well affect the entire Northeast, including New York.  The news is saying the storm will be historic.  In my book I write about last year’s winter storms which pummeled places like Boston, Massachusetts.  Those storms broke all previous records.  But, what records will this snowstorm break?  We all know a storm is coming.  But do we understand what kind of storm?  Yes, a natural one is coming.  But what about the spiritual one?  I, myself, am in prayer for our nation right now.  Like George Washington, I want our nation to stand with God.  If we don’t, these storms are the least of our worries.  In the end, towers won’t save us.  Only God can.  Only God………………….

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