We are Marked with the Name of God: Our DNA belongs to Him

“Why do the nations rage and the peoples plot in vain?
The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together,
against the Lord and against his Anointed, saying,
‘Let us burst their bonds apart
    and cast away their cords from us.’
He who sits in the heavens laughs;
    the Lord holds them in derision.
Then he will speak to them in his wrath,
    and terrify them in his fury, saying,
‘As for me, I have set my King
    on Zion, my holy hill.’”

These verses from Psalm 2 give believers in Jesus great hope because the message is this: 

  • Listen up all you doers of evil– from the globalists who support anti-God agendas…to the pharmaceutical pushers who seek to dismantle and damage our genetics with your mRNA technology and nanoparticles, YOUR DAY IS COMING
  • Also, to all the Earth worshippers who use climate change as a way to control humanity, whether it be through the lie of Net Zero, or ESG governance, YOUR DAY IS COMING. 
  • And let us not forget those who claim humanity must be hacked, controlled and tracked by artificial intelligence, YOUR DAY IS COMING! 

God knows the minds of rulers, leaders and “visionaries” who seek to change this world through their own power and might. But GOD IS IN CONTROL and ultimately, these evil plans will fail.

In the meantime, here we are on this earth, just trying to live godly lives. It isn’t easy, and every day brings new challenges. But out of all these challenges, there is one area where we must take up our sword and fight vigilantly without reservation. It concerns one of the most precious gifts, given to us by our Creator, Jesus Christ. 

What is that gift?

OUR HUMAN GENETICS –the blueprint of life designed by God. 

Our genetic code is perhaps the most complex system found anywhere on this earth. It trumps even the most sophisticated computer operating system. God designed our bodies with cells that contain DNA codes which are billions of letters long. These codes contain the instructions for every function in your body.

Ancestry.com says, “Essentially, it is the biological instruction manual found in each of your cells.”

Nothing, and I mean nothing, operates within your body without DNA (as well as mRNA). The code of your DNA determines your sex, eye color, height, and even aspects of your personality that make you unique. Proteins are made by DNA, and every job of your body, from creating new cells to regulating tissues and organs, is executed by proteins. 

The codes of our human DNA are so long and complex that even if a team of researchers worked non-stop from sun up to sun down for fifty years, they still could not unravel and analyze them all. Of course, now we have super computers and artificial intelligence that can map genome sequences in days, but this is only because of the efficiency and calculating abilities of these machines.  

Interestingly enough, the complex genetic code is made up of just four nucleotides (bases), which are:

  • A–adenine
  • T–thymine
  • C–cytosine
  • G–guanine

These bases (nucleotides) form the chemical pairs: A–T and C–G.  This is known as the DNA double helix. 

Ancestry.com explains:

“Nitrogenous bases pair together in the following way: A-T and C-G. Bases interact through weak bonds, called hydrogen bonds, that can be easily broken and reformed. This is important during DNA replication, where the two DNA strands must be separated before being copied and important for a cell’s ability to read the instructions found within the DNA.

The bonds between nitrogenous bases are essential to DNA’s. There is so much DNA in each tiny cell that it must be condensed further to fit inside. The DNA is tightly coiled into structures called chromosomes. Humans typically have 46 chromosomes – 23 from each parent.”

Fascinating Fact: Even though humans vary from one person to another, they share around 99.5% of the same DNA. That means it’s just 0.5% of DNA that’s different. 

When looking at all these details, it’s apparent that a Master Designer planned and created the human genome, as well as the genomes of all living things on earth. There is no way this kind of design just popped out of nowhere as evolutionists would claim. That would be like saying a tornado suddenly plowed through a junkyard and when it was done, a Boeing 777 airplane materialized from all the flying junk! (Thank you, Pastor Billy Crone for this analogy.)

Think about computer programs–they cannot be created from nothing. In fact, it takes computer programmers hours and hours where they must input many lines of code to create just a simple program, game or platform. Computer programs are purposeful, and created by a designer.

The human genetic code is much more complex than a computer code. Obviously, this points to a designer who has a purpose. There is no way these codes popped out of nowhere and appeared from a primordial soup by chance as transhumanists like Yuval Noah Harari insist.

Of course, Satan knows that God has designed humans with a purpose and with a specific genetic code. God created humans in the image of himself. 

Genesis 1:26-27 says:Then God said, 'Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.' So, God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”

God’s creations, from birds to plants to humans, were perfectly formed by God. But a problem came slithering along. In Genesis 3, the serpent (Satan) enters the picture and deceives the woman (Eve). He urges her to disobey God and eat from the tree of good and evil. Though God had already warned her that she would die if she touched or ate the fruit, she was still fooled– unfortunately she ate, as well as her husband (Adam). This brought the curse of death upon all of creation.

God punishes Satan for this betrayal and says this to him:

And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”

In this verse God refers to “her seed.” This is the seed of human beings, but it’s also the future seed where the line of Jesus would descend from. But notice something else– God refers to Satan’s seed as well because he says he will put enmity between “thy seed” (Satan’s seed) and the seed of the woman (this is the seed that would create human offspring.)

Since that day in the garden, Satan has been obsessed with corrupting and/or destroying the seed God created through Adam and Eve. Firstly, he knew Jesus would come from the seed of a human. Of course, Jesus was born to a human woman, but she was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, which allowed her to give birth to the Son of God–Jesus Christ. Satan could not stop this, though he tried hard to do it. One of his attempts was through the fallen angels who had sex with the women of earth. This incident is found in Genesis 6 and describes the offspring (seed) of fallen angels (demons) and human women, which were called the Nephilim. Satan tried to destroy/corrupt God’s seed–human DNA. In response, God sent the flood. He saved Noah and his family not just because they followed God, but because their genetic make-up–their seed, had not been corrupted.

After the flood, Noah and his family populated the earth, but Satan didn’t give up on his plan. Scripture shows there were giants (Nephilim) in the Promised Land. This is why God commanded that all human inhabitants of the cities that Joshua and the Israelites conquered be killed. The human DNA of those populations had been corrupted.

Fast forward to today.

Satan’s plan continues. He wants to corrupt and destroy the human genetic code, as well as the code of plants, animals and all life on earth.

When it comes to our genetic code, the bonds are extremely important. The double helix of DNA is held together by both covalent and hydrogen bonds. 

Looking at Psalm 2 again it says:

“The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together,
against the Lord and against his Anointed, saying, ‘Let us burst their bonds apart
    and cast away their cords from us.’”

What bonds are being referred to in Psalm 2? One pastor I listened to recently made an interesting observation. He compared the bonds in the verse (“let us burst their bonds apart”) to the bonds in human DNA and discussed how the globalists and genetic engineers of our day want to corrupt, break or change the bonds within our complex genetic code. He brought up the fact that we now have CRISPR-Cas 9 technology that can edit, or “slice and dice” DNA. This technology has been touted as a miracle tool that can save human beings from genetic diseases. These diseases can be cut out of the DNA code. New mRNA vaccines are being developed using this technology and there are many more projects on the horizon. The word cords in the verse (“let us cast away their cords from us”) is reminiscent of the cords that hold DNA together–in fact, DNA is a double helix bound together like a rope or cord. The word for cord being used in the verse is aboth in Hebrew, which means “something intwined,” a band, a rope, a bough or a chain.

Whether this is what Psalm 2 was actually referring to, I don’t know, but nonetheless, it is certainly symbolic of what is going on right now when it comes to man’s attempt to hijack and corrupt human DNA as God designed.

Actually, you could do lots of research into this and find out there are many scientists who are tinkering with human and animal DNA. If you have a few hours to kill, go down a rabbit hole and research a transhumanist named Craig Venter. This man aims to sequence the genome of everything on earth and he wants to create synthetic human life. He says this is all to save lives but truthfully, this atheist wants to live forever and find the fountain of youth. Actually, he has already mapped the genomes of lots of organisms with his sophisticated gene sequencing machines. In 2001, he sequenced the human genome. But he also created the first synthetic lifeform in 2010 by building the genome of a bacterium from scratch and incorporating it into a cell. 

And of course, let’s not forget Bill Gates, who wants to make every living organism a product of genetic engineering from mosquitoes to breast milk. Unfortunately, he is also the largest owner of private farmland in the United States. This makes sense because this GMO-loving atheist wants to change the genome of plants, animals and even the microbes in the soil. From fake meat to ultra-processed protein substitutes, this self-proclaimed king of agriculture, Vaccine Czar, and Climate Cop is really interested in one thing: population control.

Though this is a topic I will cover more in depth later, I also want to let you know that a new plan to “revolutionize” our food system is in the works. Sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation, the new program will be cleverly marketed with the title “food as medicine.” Don’t be fooled because this could include vaccines being placed in your food. Additionally, the food system will be inundated with GMO foods that will be used as “medicine.” Also, the grocery stores will be flooded with cultured meat, from chicken to beef (Check out this link from Upside Foods- and yes, Bill Gates invested in this company). Hmm, makes you wonder about the recent egg shortages?????  Oh yeah, did I mention that Bill Gates also invested in a company that produces artificial eggs!!!!  This program of fake, bioengineered food will be marketed to the poor first and sold as being “equitable.” Keep in mind that it was the Rockefellars who shut down “food as medicine” over a hundred years ago when they monopolized the healthcare industry with pharmaceuticals. Back then, they said “food as medicine” was inferior. Now, all of a sudden, they are saying it’s the “cure.” Beware, beware, beware! Don’t fall for it! 

Just like the mRNA and DNA vector “vaccines” that were touted as miracle cures, these genetically modified foods will not invigorate your health. Will tomatoes give us heart attacks like the Covid “vaccines.” I wouldn’t be surprised if these products create waves of cancer, autoimmune conditions and sickness in the population as they are not the fruits and veggies designed by God and will not contain the same genetic code.  

Another idea to consider is that this “food as medicine” program will be tied to the new digital currency that is being piloted right now. CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) can be programmed to do whatever the government wants. For instance, if they want you to eat certain foods, those are the ones you will be able to buy. This could include “climate friendly” foods or certain brands deemed “healthy.” This could be implemented in poorer populations first with people who are collecting government assistance (food stamps). They could be forced to buy certain foods with their benefits. Eventually this could become the norm with anyone going to a healthcare provider. Here is an interview transcript with investigative journalist Whitney Webb who will go into detail about this….).

The truth is that the genomes of living things are under attack. From tomatoes to human beings, the enemy wants to damage and corrupt the genetic code.

There’s one area we should really zero in on because it has the potential to wreak havoc in the human body–this area is mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and Moderna) and also includes DNA vector vaccines (like the J&J shots).

Former Chief Medical Officer of Moderna, Tal Zaks, offers some astounding and alarming information about the potential for mRNA vaccines. He gave an eye-opening Ted Talk, touting the many uses of mRNA technology. In the video titled, “The disease-eradicating potential of gene editing,” he says:

“There’s this thing called messenger RNA or mRNA for short that transmits the critical information from the DNA, our genes, to the protein, which is really the stuff we’re all made out of. This is the critical information that determines what a cell will actually do, and so we think of it like an operating system, and it’s not just in every cell of our body, it’s actually in every cell of every organism alive.([Animal life, plant life, all life, human life, the cells, the DNA).

It’s the same thing, and so if you could actually change that which we call the software of life, you could introduce a line of code or change a line of code, and it turns out that has profound implications for everything.

…we would give the instructions on how to make the protein, how the body can make its own vaccine, that’s an mRNA vaccine, and here’s what it looks like from the cell. So, the traditional approach has protein floating around your cells, and mRNA vaccine approach has the cells themselves, in your own body making the vaccine. 

…it took us decades and billions of dollars to sequence the human genome, and we’ve done that. We achieved that in 2003, and now we’re less than 15 years later and it takes us a week. …now we can go and figure out the exact genetic mutation in a patient, and we can use that information to make a vaccine.” 


Now, let’s think about how these mRNA vaccines have affected the people of the earth… 

  • Have the vaccines kept people from getting Covid? NO– (actually, most of the people I know who are vaccinated have gotten Covid more than three times)
  • Have they kept people from dying of Covid?  NOin fact, around the world, more vaccinated people die from Covid than unvaccinated! 
  • Have they kept people from spreading Covid? NO-  the truth is that you can spread Covid after  getting vaccinated.
  • Have they killed babies and damaged fertility? YES- lots of info here

If we go back to the story of the flood and Noah, we find something interesting. In Genesis 6:9 It says, “Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations.”

The word perfect in this verse is the Hebrew word TAMIM. 

Strong’s Concordance says

Tamim means: entire, full, intact, unblemished, whole, or without defect.  Intact means not damaged or impaired in any way, complete.

Examples of this word are shown in passages from Exodus 12:5 – “Your lamb shall be without blemish (tamim) – a male, a year old.” 

Also, Exodus 29:1: “Take a young bull and two rams without defect. (tamim)

If we apply this to Noah, it could be said that Noah was whole and unblemished in his genetics. His genetics were intact and without defect because they were the genes given to him by God.  Yes, Noah was also a man who followed God and walked with him, but he also had not participated in the genetic free for all that was happening in the world through the fallen angels. These fallen angels (demons) were having sex with the women of earth and their offspring (seed) were genetic hybrids known as the Nephilim (giants).

Noah followed God and his genetic code was found to be intact. Thus, he was saved. 

If you look up, “Do mRNA vaccines change the genetic code,” don’t expect to find anything except what Google and mainstream media want you to find. But the truth is that reverse transcriptase can occur with these injections and that means it’s possible. Does it happen with every shot given? I don’t know and no one knows for sure! That’s what’s so wrong about these injections. The testing has been corrupted and sketchy at best. Pfizer tried to keep data hidden for 75 years! Luckily, the data is being slowly released and those who have ears to hear are finally listening to the truth–not everyone is hearing, but more are waking up day by day. 

The bottom line is that no one really knows how the shots will affect each and every person who gets them. In the end, these “vaccines” are what the Bible calls pharmakeia, which is another word for sorcery. The pharma companies and globalists are going to keep pushing vaccines, even if they injure and kill people. Why? Because whether you want to believe it or not, this is about reducing the population of the earth and damaging the genetic code. The shots can cause sudden death and injuries, but there’s also another side effect that is devastating.

Truthfully, not only is our DNA being attacked, but also our fertility, or ability to procreate.

Keep in mind that a human’s ability to have and/or care for children is a gift from God. In Genesis 1:28 it says, “And God said to them, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.’” This is repeated throughout Genesis and is reiterated in Leviticus, the Psalms, and Romans to name a few. Nowhere in the Bible does it say to control the population of the earth. In fact, the Bible says that all life comes from God, so any life created (born) in this world is from Him. 

While there are many doctors talking about how the Covid shots are harming fertility and causing babies to die, there is one obstetrician who has really laid it all on the line and gone out of his way to inform the world. His name is Dr. James Thorp and he has made it his mission to warn everyone. Recently, he was on Liberty Counsel’s Faith and Freedom podcast and he shared some startling and disturbing information.  (Listen to all of his podcasts here,  here, here and here.

Firstly, Dr. Thorp has 43 years of experience and sees over 8,000 high risk patients per year. He has noted a significant increase in fetal death since the shots rolled out. Miscarriages have increased as well.  Additionally, women’s menstrual cycles are being negatively affected–examples include abnormal bleeding and clotting. Even young girls are being affected and post-menopausal women. (This means women who no longer have their period are suddenly having one again!)

Recently, Dr. Thorpe authored a medical article that brings all this information out into the open. In it he reveals that BABIES ARE HAVING HEART ATTACKS IN THE WOMB! He also says that there’s been an increase in fetal chromosomal abnormalities, as well as fetal malformations. This is happening to the babies of women who have received the Covid shot. Dr. Thorp has been collecting data from whistleblowers around the world and he says,

“The Covid shots are the most egregious violation of ethics in the history of humanity.”

Dr. Thorp, as well as a postpartum nurse, also appeared on the High Wire show and went into even more detail about these horrific crimes against pregnant mothers! I just want to say that I am so thankful for the High Wire because they have warned about this from the very beginning. Aaron Siri, a lawyer who works with the High Wire (through the ICAN Network) brought a lawsuit against the FDA, demanding that the Pfizer data/documents be released to the public. As I said before, this phamakeia (sorcery) company wanted to hide all of this for 75 years! But they have been forced to release it and now we are seeing that they knew all along that these shots harmed pregnant women, babies and fertility.

The recent undercover videos of Jordan Tristan Walker, Pfizer’s Worldwide Director of Research and Development and mRNA Scientific Planning, showed just how deep this evil agenda of the pharma sorcerers goes. The three videos were taken by a Project Veritas reporter and they reveal the truth that many of us have known all along. After the videos were released, Pfizer did not deny Walker works for them. All they did was deny the idea that they are doing gain of function research. This is a smokescreen  or “word salad” because Walker admits they are exploring directed evolution–which is the same thing using different words!

Here is a quote from one of the videos:               

“One of the things we [Pfizer] are exploring is like, why don’t we just mutate it [COVID] ourselves so we could create — preemptively develop new vaccines, right? So, we have to do that. If we’re gonna do that though, there’s a risk of like, as you could imagine — no one wants to be having a pharma company mutating f**king viruses,” Walker said.

The quote shows that Pfizer is exploring the idea of mutating viruses just so they can develop vaccines for them. 

In the third video, (linked here) Jordan Tristan Walker (Pfizer’s R&D Director) admits what Dr. Thorp has been saying all along. Just read the transcript of the video below: (Thank you Dr. Robert Malone for posting this on your Substack). Also, pay attention to the transcript because he will mention GENE EDITING.


Dr. Jordan Walker:

There is something irregular about their menstrual cycles, so people will have to investigate that down the line.

Project Veritas Reporter:


Dr. Jordan Walker:

Because that is a little concerning. The vaccine shouldn’t be interfering with that, so we don’t really know what’s going on.

Project Veritas Reporter:

It shouldn’t?

Dr. Jordan Walker:

It shouldn’t, no.

Project Veritas Reporter:

But is it?

Dr. Jordan Walker:

There’s something happening, but we don’t always figure it out.

Project Veritas Reporter:

Well, I mean, you’re a urologist, so you must understand what’s going on with it, right?

Dr. Jordan Walker:

Well, that’s why I don’t understand that. It’s weird. I hope we don’t find out that somehow this mRNA lingers in the body because it has to be affecting something hormonal to impact menstrual cycles. Yeah, or like the entire next generation is like super f–ed up. Could you imagine the scandal? Oh, my god. I would take Pfizer off my resume.

Project Veritas Reporter:

So, tell me more. What’s developing with the whole virus mutation process?

Dr. Jordan Walker:

Well, they’re still conducting the experiments on it, but it seems like from what I’ve heard they’re optimizing it but they’re going slow because everyone’s very cautious. Obviously, you don’t want to accelerate it too much, but I think they’re also just trying to do it as an exploratory thing because you obviously don’t want to advertise that you’re trying to figure out future mutations.

Project Veritas Reporter:

Why would the research study be delayed for COVID stuff?

Dr. Jordan Walker:

Well, not for COVID specifically. So now we’re basically focusing on mRNA beyond COVID. A lot of our forward-looking research says you’ve got to make sure they’re on track and things like that.

Project Veritas Reporter:

What is RNA going to be used for in the future?

Dr. Jordan Walker:

Lots of stuff, but I can’t tell you because you can’t release it.

Project Veritas Reporter:

Wait, why not? Oh, come on. I feel like it’s just going to be like, what, for flu?

Dr. Jordan Walker:

It will be for other things too. There’s a whole list of things we’re developing it for, not just for viruses. We’re applying it for oncology. Well, I’m less certain about the oncology prospects, but we’re doing it for gene editing.

Project Veritas Reporter:


Dr. Jordan Walker:

We prefer to move beyond, at least internally, our focus will be to move beyond COVID. Now they have a dedicated COVID mRNA team that just keeps their eye on that, and so the company has folks on, “Okay, now where are we going to use this technology in the future?” Because that’s what’s going on now. No one gives a shit about COVID.

Project Veritas Reporter:

Is Pfizer going to be held liable for any of these vaccine injuries that have happened?

Dr. Jordan Walker:

I don’t think so because usually when you give drugs to people, if there’s a known side effect, it’s encoded on the FDA label. But it could be a scandal. There are a lot of people on Vioxx and heart attacks.

Project Veritas Reporter:

Really. Vioxx?

Dr. Jordan Walker:

That wasn’t for us. That was another pharma company. Well, they still have to do the monitoring for it over time so there haven’t been any problems so far, but we’ll see in the next couple of years if anything comes up. I’m hoping it won’t obviously.

Project Veritas Reporter:

Hope nobody’s growing three legs or something like that, right?

Dr. Jordan Walker:

Yeah, or like the entire next generation is like super f****d up. Could you imagine the scandal? Oh my God. I’d take Pfizer off my resume. There’s something irregular about their menstrual cycles so we will have to investigate that down the line because that is a little concerning because if you think about the science, it shouldn’t be interacting with… It’s called the hypothalamus, pituitary, gonadal axis, the hormones that regulate their menstrual cycles and things like that. The vaccine shouldn’t be interfering with that so we don’t really know.

Project Veritas Reporter:

It shouldn’t?

Dr. Jordan Walker:

It shouldn’t, no.

Project Veritas Reporter:

But is it?

Dr. Jordan Walker:

There’s something happening, but we don’t always figure it out.

Project Veritas Reporter:

Well, you’re a urologist so you must understand what’s going on with it, right?

Dr. Jordan Walker:

Well, that’s why don’t understand that. It’s weird.

Project Veritas Reporter:

I’ve heard that, menstrual cycles…

Dr. Jordan Walker:

I don’t know what’s going on there actually. I hope we don’t discover something really bad down the line. I hope we don’t find out that somehow this mRNA lingers in the body because it has to be impacting something hormonal to impact menstrual cycles. So somehow the vaccine must be interacting with that axis, the HPG axis, to cause mutations in menstrual cycles. If you think about how this axis-

Project Veritas Reporter:

The HPG axis?

Dr. Jordan Walker:

Yeah, it goes hypothalamus, pituitary, and then gonads [inaudible 00:04:32].

Project Veritas Reporter:

So the HPG axis is why the fertility problems are happening?

Dr. Jordan Walker:

Yeah because they control the cycle so if anything is impacting that, it must be impacting these hormones somehow, but then we need to figure out how are they affecting hormones because the signaling starts in the brain. The vaccine doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier. I will say if it does come down the line there’s something wrong with the vaccine, then obviously people will criticize the big push because there was a lot of social pressure, government pressure, job pressure to get the vaccine. I had to get the vaccine otherwise I would have gotten fired. If something were to happen downstream and it was really bad, the scale of that scandal would be enormous.


And there you have it…

Dr. Robert Malone knows a lot about mRNA technology as he was one of the first to experiment with it–though not for Covid vaccines. He says there are important takeaways from the video which are:  

ALL 12 takeaways below are copied directly from Robert Malone’s Substack….

1.  Pfizer is well aware of the alterations in menstruation associated with administration of their mRNA-based product. Apparently, Pfizer (and the FDA) do not find this particularly concerning, as Dr. Walker comments that this will have to be investigated sometime in the future (‘so people will have to investigate that down the line’).

2.   Per Dr. Walker, a leading internal hypothesis for the cause of this (the pathophysiologic basis) is that the mRNA/Pseudouridine/lipid nanoparticle is damaging some aspect of the “hypothalamus, pituitary, gonadal axis”. (“somehow the vaccine must be interacting with that axis, the HPG axis, to cause mutations in menstrual cycles”)

3.  Pfizer apparently does not “really know what’s going on” with this toxic effect of the product which has been injected into literally billions of human beings – men, women, and children. And apparently, they believe that they may never know.

4.  In stating “I hope we don’t find out that somehow this mRNA lingers in the body”, Dr. Walker, Pfizer Global Director of Research and Development- Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning, is acknowledging that he is unaware of the Cell publication of Röltgen et al, published Mar 17, 2022, in which it was demonstrated that the pseudouridine-containing mRNA product persists in lymph nodes for at least 60 days after injection.

5. Dr. Walker’s response to the prospect that Pfizer may have “f*****d” up the entire next generation was that he would have to remove reference to his employment at Pfizer from his resume !!??!!

6.   Pfizer is actively developing the mRNA delivery technology for the purpose of developing gene editing-based medicines.

7. Dr. Walker again confirms that Pfizer is engaged in ongoing gain of function research with SARS-CoV-2.

8. No-one at Pfizer “gives a shit” about COVID, and the firm has moved on to new horizons in product development for the mRNA technology.

9. Dr. Walker believes that Pfizer will not be able to be held accountable for malfeasance or fraud involving the mRNA products “because usually when you give drugs to people, if there’s a known side effect, it’s encoded on the FDA label.” (which displays his remarkably high level of ignorance of relevant regulatory and legal statutes and policies).

10. Dr. Walker recognizes that it takes years to determine long term safety of a vaccine product (“we’ll see in the next couple of years if anything comes up”).

11. Dr. Walker asserts that “The vaccine doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier. “. I am not aware of data clearly demonstrating that neither vaccine nor encoded spike protein cross the Blood Brain Barrier. In fact, all of the data I am aware of indicate otherwise.

12.  Dr. Walker and by extension Pfizer senior management are aware that public health policies which have coerced, compelled and mandated vaccination will have major scandalous political implications if the mRNA “vaccine” is shown to cause significant reproductive or other harms. “I will say if it does come down the line there’s something wrong with the vaccine, then obviously people will criticize the big push because there was a lot of social pressure, government pressure, job pressure to get the vaccine. I had to get the vaccine otherwise I would have gotten fired. If something were to happen downstream and it was really bad, the scale of that scandal would be enormous.”

Thank you Dr. Malone for that analysis….

So, as you can see, these sorcerers (pharmaceutical companies) know what they are doing and their plans involve THE HUMAN GENOME. 

My suggestion to everyone reading this blog is that you STAY AWAY FROM mRNA or DNA vector technology. Actually, I suggest you stay away from any new vaccines that could be introduced in the future as well. 

Even many of the old ones are toxic. I know people think flu shots are “good,” but they are not–neither are shingles shots and Hep A/ Hep B, and many others.

I don’t have time to explain all the reasons why in this blog, but do understand that many of these vaccines contain aborted fetal cell lines (here is a chart) and toxic aluminum, as well as a plethora of damaging ingredients. Explore for yourself. I suggest reading the info in this link. It explains how aborted fetal cell lines are obtained). Many people think vaccines only contain the pathogen and saline. That is far from the truth. In fact, the lists are lengthy and meant to be that way. The more ingredients you have, the harder it is to pinpoint which one causes problems in the human body! And no, they do not conduct studies on all the ingredients in the vaccines!

Here’s just some of the ingredients below:  

Hep B and Hep A vaccines:

yeast protein. aluminum hydroxide, sodium chloride, phosphate buffers [disodium phosphate dihydrate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate]

yeast protein, yeast DNA, deoxycholate, CpG 1018

aluminum hydroxide, amino acid supplement, phosphate-buffered saline solution, polysorbate 20, MRC-5 cellular proteins (aborted fetal cells), formalin, neomycin sulfate

Swine flu and other flu vaccines (there are many kinds)

Thimerosal (mercury), sodium chloride, monobasic sodium phosphate, dibasic sodium phosphate, monobasic potassium phosphate, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, sodium taurodeoxycholate, ovalbumin, neomycin sulfate, polymyxin B, beta-propiolactone

monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed porcine gelatin, arginine, sucrose, gentamicin sulfate

phosphate-buffered saline solution, thimerosal (mercury), egg proteins, formaldehyde, sodium deoxycholate

 Shingles vaccines

Frozen: sucrose, hydrolyzed porcine gelatin, sodium chloride, monosodium L-glutamate, sodium phosphate dibasic, potassium phosphate monobasic, potassium chloride, MRC-5 cells [ aborted fetal cells/DNA, protein], neomycin, bovine calf serum, sucrose, hydrolyzed porcine gelatin, sodium chloride, monosodium L-glutamate

Refrigerator Stable: sucrose, hydrolyzed porcine gelatin, urea, sodium chloride, monosodium L-glutamate, sodium phosphate dibasic, potassium phosphate monobasic, potassium chloride, MRC-5 cells [ aborted fetal cells/DNA, protein], neomycin, bovine calf serum

sucrose, sodium chloride, DOPC, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, cholesterol, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate, disodium phosphate anhydrous, dipotassium phosphate, polysorbate 80, host cell proteins, host cell DNA

I can’t pronounce half of those ingredients! And I didn’t even list the growth mediums, which are also part of the vaccine process and can end up in the vaccines.

By the way, I didn’t list all the childhood vaccines which are full of toxic ingredients as well. Do your own research on this. At this point, the childhood vaccine schedule has at least 17 vaccines– it’s crazy to think that all those extra ingredients in each one don’t have some negative effects on a child’s body- take a look at all the vaccines on the childhood schedule! I can tell you one thing– I did not get that many when I was a kid. They keep adding more and more– when they do, this means more ingredients you can’t pronounce are being injected into children. Aluminum, by the way, is a nanoparticle and can cross the blood-brain barrier. Aluminum is in many of the vaccines for both children and adults.

There has been no testing done to find out how injected aluminum affects children or adults. They have (minimally) tested ingested aluminum which goes through the digestive system and has a way to exit the body.  But that is totally different than aluminum injected via the bloodstream that circulates freely in the body and can pass through the blood brain barrier. 

Of course, many of these older vaccines do not use the new mRNA technology, but the pharma sorcerers are now plowing full speed ahead with their latest venture. They went from using genetic cell lines of aborted babies to creating lab made codes in record time and forcing our body to produce them in our cells.

The attack on our body, DNA and fertility go hand in hand because Satan’s goal is to corrupt and destroy the human seed that God designed. 

He also doesn’t want us to have healthy children because they are a gift from God. Globalists will say they are trying to improve humans and even prevent future suffering by editing our genes and curing all our diseases. Unfortunately, many of these leaders do not believe in God and their goal is to keep themselves healthy–not the majority of the population. They want a utopia without God! They do not respect the body as God designed it and wish to transcend being human. 

Of course, Satan cannot destroy what God has already made! Also, we know Jesus wins! The enemy will be stopped!

In the meantime, Satan will certainly try to wreak havoc on our genetics and body by using mankind as his vehicle. Also, we know that Revelation 13 says a mark will be instituted by the Anti-Christ– otherwise known as Satan’s right–hand man. Will this mark contain some sort of genetic juice that could alter the human genome? I don’t know, but whatever it is, this Satanic stamp, or injection imprint dooms anyone who takes it. 

It says in Revelation 16:2:

“So the first angel went and poured out his bowl on the earth, and harmful and painful sores came upon the people who bore the mark of the beast and worshiped its image.”

Are the sores mentioned above an adverse reaction to a genetic medical mark? 

Those who take the mark will also agree to worship the beast, so it’s a two-part system they buy into. Once they get this mark, however, there is no going back. Some pastors have speculated that the future mark changes the human genome to something that is no longer human. Since Jesus came to earth and died for humankind, then those who take the mark are no longer in this category of human as they have now accepted the genome (seed) of Satan. Thus, they are now his children. Perhaps this new DNA that comes with the mark is reminiscent of the fallen angels whose DNA intermingled with humans on earth. The DNA was corrupted. Of course, those who get the future mark are also aligning themselves spiritually with Satan when they agree to worship his image.

Obviously, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I am just throwing the scenario out there. Even if the future mark isn’t tied to a genetic transformation, it is still a bad idea to alter our genes.  No, I do not think the Covid vaccine is the mark. There is no worship of the Antichrist/Beast with these vaccines. Nonetheless, the Covid vaccine/mask mandates are a small foretaste of what could be seen in the future. Conditioning was being done on the public to see what freedoms they would give up.

Interestingly enough, there are scientists who say God’s name is actually in our genetic code. There are spirals within the human genetic code that contain bridges. These bridges keep our cells alive by preventing the spirals from detaching. When looking at the bridges there is a pattern that forms:  

10 acids and then a bridge– 5 acids and then a bridge,–6 acids and then a bridge–5 acids and then a bridge

This pattern repeats itself. 

And what is so interesting about this pattern?

The name for God is spelled with four specific Hebrew letters which are: Y, H, V, H (yod, hey, vav, hey). 

Each letter in Hebrew is assigned a number. This is not like the English alphabet because there are 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, but there are number values going all the way up to 400. These number values are purposeful and even tied to spiritual meanings.

By the way, a lot of people take these four letters and add vowels to make the word YAHWEH but understand that there are no vowel sounds (a,e) like this in Hebrew. This was done so English speakers could make a word out of the letters and pronounce it. Some people use the word Jehovah instead. But in the Old Testament, the Jewish people could not even pronounce the four letters Y, H, V, H because they were not able to be pronounced. (see this video) This is why they made up words to refer to God like Hashem, or the Lord. In English Bibles, these letters of God’s name are usually written as the Lord.   

Looking at the pattern of DNA: 10, 5, 6, and 5 we see this same pattern in God’s name:

Y has the number value of 10

H has the number value of 5

V (also written as W) has the number value of 6

H has the number value of 5

So, this pattern is seen repeating throughout human DNA. Even if this pattern weren’t there, it is evident that God’s signature is in our genetics. The complexity and detail in human DNA is astounding! 

Like an artist who signs a painting, God has signed our genetics with his name!

 Yes, since the fall of man we have seen problems with our DNA such as genetic diseases and cancer, etc. But we know that one day Jesus is going to come back to earth and remove this curse. Until then, we can’t just take matters into our own hands. Of course, we can have medical treatments, but they should never interfere with or change the DNA God gave us. They should not include the use of aborted babies or embryos either. Additionally, we should not be trying to create life with our own hands, or destroying life that is already here. Any new life God creates is precious and we should take care of our ability to bear fruit (have children).

Colossians 2:8-10 says:

 “Don’t let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this world, rather than from Christ. For in Christ lives all the fullness of God in a human body.So you also are complete through your union with Christ, who is the head over every ruler and authority.”

This verse reminds us that we cannot let man’s plans (thinking) take us captive. The world powers push their philosophies and ideas such as: climate change, genetic engineering, endless pharmaceuticals and god-less agendas. But as followers of Christ, we should know better. We are made complete – WE ARE MADE INTACT– when it comes to our spirit, mind and body. 

Yes, our genetics need to remain intact.  

Yes, our genes are marked by our Creator, Jesus Christ. 

One day, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord and he is the Creator of all things– specifically, he created the genetics of all life on earth. 


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