IBM and the Holocaust: Lessons for Today

Today I’m going to write about something most people know nothing about. 

Don’t feel bad. This isn’t something your teacher would have discussed in school. 


Because in that classroom you might have been typing on a computer, or using software owned by a company with a diabolical tie to one of the worst events in world history–the murder of over six million Jews–also known as the Holocaust.  

If you are under age 40, you may not remember typing on those large, clunky IBM computers in your local school, business or home. To understand the history, here’s some info from the IBM timeline circa 1981/1982:

“IBM announces the IBM Personal Computer— with a starting price of $1,565 — the lowest-priced IBM computer to date. An immediate success, the IBM PC quickly becomes the industry standard, and was one of the reasons Time Magazine chose the “personal computer” as its 1982 Man of the Year. The PC also launches a whole industry of ‘IBM-compatible’ clones, software and accessory equipment.”

In 1981 I was eight years old and the IBM personal computer was both mysterious and fascinating to me. Though slow and laborious compared to today’s models, this new technological miracle was the apple of every eye. As a youngster, I was thinking about the most important thing in the entire world– computer games. Little did I know that this new digital wonder I was typing on had such a dark history. Even more so, in those days I couldn’t have imagined that by the time I was 49 years old, the computer games I was dreaming about would morph into the nightmare called total digital surveillance.

To fully understand what I’m going to share, you need to know the history

–not the watered-down, “Oh no, you better leave that part out” kind of history……….. 

I want you to know the cold, hard facts. Yes, it’s going to be uncomfortable to digest. It will make you angry, sad and perhaps you’ll end up in a state of disbelief. But no matter how uncomfortable you are after reading this, one thing is certain.

You will have to decide what to do with this information.

How will you apply it to the here and now?

How will you use it in the future?

Let’s start at the beginning and see where it leads.

IBM was founded in 1911, but at that time it was called the Computing-Tabulating Recording Company. A merger of three manufacturing businesses eventually came together, creating what would become a “global force in technology, management and culture.” While the hull of the Titanic as being finished in Belfast, Ireland, this powerful American corporation was getting ready to literally change history. Unfortunately, for the worst.

By 1924, the Computing-Tabulating Recording Company had changed its name to IBMInternational Business Machines. It had also become the leading manufacturer of punch-card tabulating systems. 

Yes, I know that “punch card tabulating systems” doesn’t sound too impressive. But for the time, it was a major breakthrough in organizing, tracking and populating data. By all means, it was the best way to track, trace and identify people at the time. 

Sound familiar? Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last three years, you are fully aware that the entire world has been tracked, traced and identified–but more on that later.

IBM’s new technology was originally designed for one thing: to count, identify and quantify people. Additionally, it could process, retrieve, analyze and even answer specific questions pertaining to the data. 

This technology was invented by Herman Hollerith. Like the idea to build the Titanic, which was conceived over dinner one spring night in 1907, the tabulating machine was birthed when young Herman Hollerith heard a comment made at dinner by John Billings, the Director of Vital Statistics. 

He said:

“There ought to be a machine for doing the purely mechanical work of tabulating population and similar statistics.” 

This got Hollerith’s head spinning. Could there be such a machine?

About a year later, the idea came to Hollerith as he saw a train conductor punching tickets with a special pattern in order to record various physical characteristics such as hair color, height, size of nose, clothing, etc. This created a “punched photograph” so other conductors could catch anyone who tried to re-use the ticket of that particular passenger.

From Edwin Black’s book IBM and the Holocaust:

“Hollerith’s idea was a card with standardized holes, each representing a different trait: gender, nationality, occupation and so forth. The card would then be fed into a ‘reader.’ By virtue of easily adjustable spring mechanisms and brief electrical brush contacts sensing for the holes, the cards could be ‘read’ as they raced through a mechanical feeder. The processed cards could then be sorted into stacks based on a specific series of punched holes.

Millions of cards could be sorted and resorted. Any desired trait could be isolated–general or specific–by simply sorting or resorting for data-specific holes. The machines could render the portrait of an entire population–or pick out any group within that population. Indeed, one man could be identified from among millions if enough holes could be punched into a card and sorted enough times. Every punch card would become an informational storehouse limited only by the number of holes. It was nothing less than a 19th century bar code for human beings.”  (p. 25).

Pictured below is a Hollerith tabulating machine with sorting box. Image courtesy of ArnoldReinhold, posted to Wikipedia Commons, Computer History Museum.

In its early days, Hollerith’s machine was used to revolutionize the data from the U.S. Census, allowing the government to meticulously “profile its own population.” Soon, other nations around the world took notice. Czar Nicolas II of Russia used Hollerith’s technology for his country’s census. For years, Hollerith built up his business and gained many partners in the business world. His punch card tabulating machines were one of a kind and seen as a valuable tool to identify and track people in any country. 

A Hollerith punched card (Public Domain)

Eventually, Hollerith sold his company and took on a consulting role, allowing a man by the name of Thomas J Watson to take the helm of a ship. This is where it would begin sailing down a very dark road. 

Thomas J Watson revolutionized the way the company was run. He created a culture where complete devotion and loyalty were expected. He delivered pep talks with uplifting passion and even had a song that his employees would sing to him. Employees frequently repeated mantras such as, “Pack up Your Troubles, Mr. Watson is Here.”  Meetings were held like church revivals, with everyone chanting and applauding their hero. Watson had one particular saying he repeated over and over, searing it into every employee’s brain. It was one word – THINK.  (Hold on to this word as it will become important later).

In exchange for his employees’ undying loyalty and obedience, Watson promised to be a father figure–an extended family for each person. By this time, the company (still called Computing-Tabulating Recording Company) was creating not only punch-card systems, but also a variety of vital business machines for companies all over the world. Watson wanted to change the company name to something that better represented what the company did– that’s when he renamed it International Business Machines, or IBM.  

Picture circa 1936 IBM Type 285 tabulators being used at the Social Security Administration, public domain

From the book IBM and the Holocaust

“Watson fused himself into every facet of IBM’s operations, injecting his style into every decision and mesmerizing the psyche of every employee. ‘IBM Spirit’–this was the term Watson ascribed to the all-encompassing, almost tribal devotion to the company that he demanded. ‘We always refer to our people as the IBM family,’ Watson emphasized to his employees, ‘and we mean the wives and children as well as the men.’ He continually spoke in terms of ‘oneness’ with IBM.”  P 41

Interestingly enough, this idea of ONENESS bears some similarity to the ONENESS (also known as Volksgemeinschaft in Germany) that Hitler demanded from the citizens of Germany, as the seeds of the Holocaust were being planted in Europe. Additionally, Hitler was referred to as “the Father” and Germany was the Fatherland. He demanded that “his people” see him as their father, provider and protector.

In the early 1930’s, Hitler would rise to power and Thomas J. Watson would become part of his idea for ONENESS. Secretly, Watson would forge a relationship with Nazi Germany where money would be made at the expense of millions of lives. He would allow his one-of-a-kind tabulating machines to become part of a murderous plan.

As author Edwin Black writes of the relationship between Watson and Hitler in IBM and the Holocaust– it would be “one that would set the stage for a technologic and economic alliance with the Third Reich.” p 42.  

Actually, IBM had a German subsidiary known as Dehomag–headquartered in Berlin. When Hitler became the leader of Germany, there was suddenly a great interest in IBM’s punch card systems. By 1933 Hitler had made an open promise to Germany that he would create a Master Race and get rid of European Jewry. Waves of persecution began, with Jews being dragged from their homes and even brutalized in the streets. As early as March 1933, concentration camps were set up for political enemies. People chanted “Kill the Jews” without mercy. Nazi torture houses were set up to terrorize Jews and anyone who was labeled as a political threat.  

As the people of America caught wind of what was happening in Germany, there were protests and calls to boycott German goods. In the midst of the Great Depression when money and supplies were low, people were still willing to sacrifice and say no to any business that sympathized with Adolf Hitler.

This didn’t seem to bother Thomas J. Watson. Certainly, he was fully aware of what was happening in Germany as it was being covered in major newspapers and active boycotts were everywhere–even in his own city streets of New York. American newspapers ran stories of the persecutions and atrocities that were already happening in Germany. But Mr. Watson didn’t care. He still saw Hitler as a “valuable trading ally” for IBM.  And he knew his tabulating machines would allow Hitler to execute his Final Solution. Did he advertise this? Certainly not, and he did everything in his power to hide the connection.

“All their high expectations depended on the continuing innovation of IBM punch cards and tabulator technology. Only Dehomag (the German subsidiary of IBM) could design and execute systems to identify, sort, and quantify the population to separate Jews from Aryans.” p 47.  IBM and the Holocaust

IBM colluded with Hitler and his Nazi statisticians so they could find every Jew, political dissonant, handicapped individual, or socially unacceptable person. In fact, weeks after Hitler took power, IBM New York invested more than 7 million Reichmarks (over a million dollars) to expand Dehomag’s (IBM’s German subsidiary) ability to make, lease and maintain tabulating machines.

Watson was more than happy that IBM machines would be used to help Dehomag and Hitler accomplish their goals. He even sent a note of congratulations in recognition of all they were accomplishing. In 1937, Hitler’s appreciation became evident because Hitler gave Watson a medal for extraordinary service to the Third Reich. 

In a letter to Reich Economics Minister Hjalmar Schacht, Watson said that Hitler’s “threatening posture” toward the rest of the world was an example of “dynamic policy.” Watson even concluded his letter with, “an expression of my highest esteem for himself (Hitler), his country and his people.”

Interestingly enough (or should I say disgustingly enough) in 1937 Watson praised Italian dictator and murdering fascist Benito Mussolini saying, “I want to pay tribute…to the great leader Benito Mussolini….I have followed the details of his work very carefully since he assumed leadership (in 1922). Evidence of his leadership can be seen on all sides…Mussolini is a pioneer. Italy is going to benefit greatly.” An autographed picture of Mussolini “graced the grand piano in Watson’s living room.”

It’s easy to see that the collusion with tyranny is undeniable. The collusion of “Big Tech” (at that time) was also undeniable.  Are you starting to see some parallels?

An article in the Huffington Post written by Edwin Black (author of IBM and the Holocaust) had this to say:

“From the first moments of the Hitler regime in 1933, IBM used its exclusive punch card technology and its global monopoly on information technology to organize, systematize, and accelerate Hitler’s anti-Jewish program, step by step facilitating the tightening noose. The punch cards, machinery, training, servicing, and special project work, such as population census and identification, was managed directly by IBM headquarters in New York, and later through its subsidiaries in Germany, known as Deutsche Hollerith-Maschinen Gesellschaft (DEHOMAG), Poland, Holland, France, Switzerland, and other European countries…

Particularly powerful are the newly-released copies of the IBM concentration camp codes. IBM maintained a customer site, known as the Hollerith Department, in virtually every concentration camp to sort or process punch cards and track prisoners. The codes show IBM’s numerical designation for various camps. Auschwitz was 001, Buchenwald was 002; Dachau was 003, and so on. Various prisoner types were reduced to IBM numbers, with 3 signifying homosexual, 9 for anti-social, and 12 for Gypsy. The IBM number 8 designated a Jew. Inmate death was also reduced to an IBM digit: 3 represented death by natural causes, 4 by execution, 5 by suicide, and code 6 designated “special treatment” in gas chambers. IBM engineers had to create Hollerith codes to differentiate between a Jew who had been worked to death and one who had been gassed, then print the cards, configure the machines, train the staff, and continuously maintain the fragile systems every two weeks on site in the concentration camps.”

 An article titled the Nazi Party: IBM and Death’s Calculator says:

“Dehomag and other IBM subsidiaries custom-designed the applications. Its technicians sent mock-ups of punch cards back and forth to Reich offices until the data columns were acceptable, much as any software designer would today. Punch cards could only be designed, printed, and purchased from one source: IBM. The machines were not sold, they were leased, and regularly maintained and upgraded by only one source: IBM. IBM subsidiaries trained the Nazi officers and their surrogates throughout Europe, set up branch offices and local dealerships throughout Nazi Europe staffed by a revolving door of IBM employees, and scoured paper mills to produce as many as 1.5 billion punch cards a year in Germany alone. Moreover, the fragile machines were serviced on site about once per month, even when that site was in or near a concentration camp. IBM Germany’s headquarters in Berlin maintained duplicates of many code books, much as any IBM service bureau today would maintain data backups for computers.” 

IBM allowed their technology to be used for genocide. There’s no other way to see it. 

Their technology- which was given to the Nazis– helped identify, track, trace and kill millions of people. You must understand that at that time, there was no other technology like IBM’s. They did not have to share this valuable technology with an openly fascist, racist and murderous regime.  It reminds me of today’s tech companies who keep developing platforms/apps/digital ID systems that can be used to take away all our freedoms. Do all the people working for these tech companies believe this? Likely not. Most probably think it’s a convenient tool that will make identification simpler. But whether they realize it or not, the whole idea is being backed up by the globalists who want complete control over our lives. The spirit of Hitler (and Satan) are pushing this identification scheme forward, hoping people won’t see it for what it really is.

IBM’s platform made identification efficient and organized. First the technology was used to identify the Jews and other “undesirable” persons (homosexuals, gypsies, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics, handicapped, anti-social, political dissonants). Then it graduated to being used for efficiency in concentration camps. A hole punched here–a hole punched there–this pattern meant life, or death. IBM was fully aware of this because the records prove it. In fact, when researching the book IBM and the Holocaust, Edwin Black enlisted a team of researchers, archivists, Holocaust survivors, historians and Nuremberg Trial investigators to dig up first hand records, letters, government documents, newspaper articles and company archives to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that IBM helped in every phase of the Final Solution. And there are thousands upon thousands of documents from around the world. It was just a matter of finding them.

In his book IBM and the Holocaust Edwin Black says:

“How much did IBM know? Some of it, IBM knew on a daily basis throughout the 12-year Reich. The worst of it, IBM preferred not to know — “don’t ask, don’t tell” was the order of the day. Yet IBM NY officials, and frequently Watson’s personal representatives, Harrison Chauncey and Werner Lier, were almost constantly in Berlin or Geneva, monitoring activities, ensuring that the parent company in New York was not cut out of any of the profits or business opportunities Nazism presented. When U.S. law made such direct contact illegal, IBM’s Swiss office became the nexus, providing the New York office continuous information and credible deniability.”

Wow- that sounds so typical of today’s Covid era. The government and its colluders have tried to hide the truth about the Wuhan lab leak. They tried to hide the truth about Anthony Fauci, Francis Collins, and scores of NIH, CDC and FDA employees. They sought to hide their lucrative relationship with the pharmaceutical industry. But the evidence is overwhelming. We know that they worked together like hand and glove. The Nazis would be proud of these people! 

I’ll bet you’re wondering, “How did IBM get away with doing this? Weren’t they prosecuted for their role during the Holocaust?” The answer is a sad, but all too familiar one that is still true today.  IBM cleverly hid its relationship, hoping to sweep it under the rug after World War II. Denial, lies, corruption–this kept the truth from fully coming to light. Over the years, however, more and more proof surfaced. It wasn’t fully revealed until archives were scoured, and tens of thousands of documents were pieced together. Translators were brought in to do the pain-staking research of going through documents written in many languages. But finally, the truth came out. The author of IBM and the Holocaust has said that IBM never denied the information in his book that was released in 2001. Of course, they criticize the evidence presented by Mr. Black and minimize its profound importance.

Interestingly enough, even though the info was released, not many people know about IBM and what they did. And of course, like today, the media isn’t too interested in stories that might make people see parallels to the current trends in society.

This brings us to today: 2023

Where is IBM now?  How is this same company, and others like it, using a new style of  “punch card” technology to identify, track and trace the population? 

Since the Holocaust, IBM went on to create electric typewriters, electromechanical calculators, and of course personal computers. As one of the world’s oldest and largest technology companies, IBM has also been responsible for innovations such as ATMs, floppy disks, hard disk drives, magnetic strip cards (like those used in credit cards) and UPC bar codes.

These days, however, IBM wraps its tentacles around much bigger projects such as quantum, computing, artificial intelligence, data infrastructure, cloud computing and even healthcare. It has also formed extensive relationships with globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum and the United Nations. Additionally, IBM has partnered with Big Pharma companies like Moderna and Pfizer.  Hmm somehow that’s not surprising.

IBM is one of the largest employers in the world, and this tech company is on the move. As part of the World Economic Forum’s Davos agenda, they are stakeholders in digital transformation, as well as climate change initiatives. But more concerning, is their commitment to using their technology for creating DIGITAL IDs. 

Actually, when the Covid PLAN-demic began IBM jumped right on the bandwagon of tracking and tracing because that’s what they’re good at! A December 2020 article in Fierce Biotech says: 

“The two tech giants are partnering up to help businesses and public spaces smoothly reopen as newly authorized COVID-19 vaccines become more available by integrating IBM’s Digital Health Pass with Salesforce’s web-based employee management platform.”

“At the start of the pandemic, many organizations deployed simple COVID-19 screenings, such as self-reported health surveys, to support re-entry to workplaces and other institutions,” said Paul Roma, general manager of IBM Watson Health. Now, as testing becomes more widespread and vaccine distribution gets underway, we are expanding the availability of IBM Digital Health Pass with Salesforce to help organizations verify an individual’s vaccine status and any other relevant health credentials,” Roma said. 

IBM Watson Health created a digital health pass.

So, the name of the man who colluded with Hitler is part of the name of this new digital tracking system. That’s not a good sign.

Don’t just take it from me….here is a quote from IBM’s website about their Reich Pass –oops I mean Health Pass ID system.

Being able to trackand selectively share—individual COVID-19 status is one small step in helping to control the spread of the virus. There has been significant news media coverage of digital health passports (apps that display health information) and how can they can help society get back to physical locations… Many individuals may need to present their health status to return to sports arenas, university campuses, airports and other venues. Therefore, organizations are looking for ways to create verifiable health credentials, in a privacy-preserving manner.”

Hmm, seems I remember the Nazis asking people to “show their papers (ID)” and those papers were their pass for traveling. If you were a Jewish person, or an “undesirable” you would be considered a “danger to society” and your papers would have flagged you–kind of like if your Health Passport shows you are a Covid threat and then you can’t go to that special event.

Perhaps you’re thinking, the Covid vaccine passports (health IDs) are not a threat anymore because the mandates have stopped. Actually, these passports are waiting in the wings, ready to be used when the time comes. The big push right now is to create a digital ID that will be connected to all your health records, and eventually your bank account.

Is IBM a part of this? Yes, they are…but so are LOTS of technology companies like Microsoft, Google and T-Mobile to name a few. 

The issue is that people don’t see these companies as a problem because we aren’t living in Nazi, Germany. Unfortunately, the shadows are here. Just like the Third Reich, who used the latest tech to power their agenda, these companies are colluding with globalist leaders who, like the Nazis, want to track, trace and depopulate. As I said before, does everyone who works for these companies know that these IDs could be used for evil? No, but there are certainly those who are very aware. Also, the leaders of these companies have close relationships with globalist organizations and have a liberal, non-biblical world-view. This causes a severe blindness to the evil right in front of their eyes.

Recently, the World Health Organization published an entire guide on digital passports in August of 2021. As globalist organizations like the World Economic Forum and our own government plan the next pandemic or health crisis, these platforms are ready to go.

Tech expert and medical freedom fighter Naomi Wolf warns:

Vaccine passport sounds like a fine thing if you don’t understand what these platforms can do. I’m the CEO of a tech company, I understand what this platform does. It is not about the vaccine or the virus, it is about your data. What people need to understand is that any other functionality can be loaded onto that platform with no problem at all.

The truth is that these ID systems can start out as one thing and then morph into something much worse. If you want to learn more about this, visit 

As IBM was designing their Digital Health Pass, they used the latest technology known as blockchain. Other ID platforms, as well as digital money (CBDCs) use it as well. 

“Built on IBM Blockchain technology, Digital Health Pass is designed to enable organizations to verify health credentials for employees, customers and visitors entering their site based on criteria specified by the organization. It can allow an individual to manage their information through an encrypted digital wallet on their smartphone and maintain control of what they share, with whom and for what purpose. It’s one solution in our Watson Works suite of workplace solutions.”

IBM boasts that organizations can use the pass to verify health credentials for employees, customers and travelers based on criteria specified by the organization,  which could include test results, vaccination records and temperature checks.

IBM defines blockchain this way:

Blockchain is a shared, immutable (unchangeable) ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network. An asset can be tangible (a house, car, cash, land) or intangible (intellectual property, patents, copyrights, branding). Virtually anything of value can be tracked and traded on a blockchain network…Blockchain is ideal for delivering that information because it provides immediate, shared and completely transparent information stored on an immutable (unchangeable) ledger that can be accessed only by permissioned network members. A blockchain network can track orders, payments, accounts, production and much more…you can see all details of a transaction end to end…as well as new efficiencies and opportunities.”

Many people might say, “This is great. All my transactions and health info are secure and transparent.”

Actually, your transactions and health info are transparent all right–to the government! Essentially, they are being tracked and controlled.

Like the IBM punch card system that identified characteristics and info about each person in order to classify and even persecute them, these digital ID systems have the capacity to do MUCH MORE than track your purchases. When they are connected with your bank account, health status and even social standing they can become a way to cut you off from participating in life– this is what happened to the Jewish people, who by the way, were marked as “diseased” (see link for more info) and unfit to participate in society. You will become part of the ultimate control grid.  

Banking expert Catherine Austin Fitts describes it as a digital concentration camp. The Nazis used barbed wire and armed guards, but these digital IDs will cut and shoot you just the same. No tech company is going to tell you what their IDs can really do. In fact, the Jews weren’t aware that one day their personal information would be used in such a horrific manner. But it was. And millions lost their freedom and died.

At the recent B20 Summit in November 2022, the Health Minister of Indonesia, Budi Gunadi Sadikin, called on the G2O member nations (yes, the United States belongs to this) to institute a “global health certificate” in order to restrict your right to “move around.” He stated,  “Let’s have a digital health certificate acknowledged by the WHO–if you have been vaccinated or tested properly–then you can move around.” 

Interestingly enough, guess who this guy used to work for????     


I’ll type it again…IBM… let that sink in.  Seeing any parallels? 

Mr. Sadikin worked with the Information Systems Staff as an information technology officer of IBM Asia-Pacific Headquarters (Tokyo) and worked as a Manager of Systems Integration & Professional Services for IBM as well. This man also has extensive experience in banking and finance. Just look at his resume linked here. Not surprisingly, he also spoke at the May 2022 World Economic Forum meeting about Unlocking the Power of Digital Health.

The leaders from 20 countries at the G20 summit signed the Bali Leaders’ Declaration, which states that they agree to adopt vaccine passports to facilitate all international travel. G20 membership accounts for more than 66% of the world’s population and includes Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, and the European Union. Liberty Counsel notes, “the G20 Bali Leaders’ Declaration, signed by leaders from all the countries, included a section (s.23, p 8) on “facilitating seamless international travel.” It acknowledged the importance of shared technical standards and verification methods which includes vaccine passports. It also includes the commitment of the leaders to ‘support continued international dialogue and collaboration on the establishment of trusted global digital health networks that should capitalize and build on the success of the existing standard and digital COVID-19 certificates.’”

In the end, it’s going to take the collaboration of tech companies, Big Pharma and the governments of the world to usher in the Antichrist Mark of the Beast System described in Revelation 13. It is not in its final stages yet, but the scaffolding is being built. 

Just so you know, IBM has a quantum computing system that works much faster than your average supercomputer. Their global hybrid cloud is “helping clients in more than 175 countries capitalize on insights from their data, streamline business processes, reduce costs and gain the competitive edge in their industries.” Additionally, they brag, “Nearly 3,800 government and corporate entities in critical infrastructure areas such as financial services, telecommunications and healthcare rely on IBM’s hybrid cloud platform and Red Hat OpenShift to affect their digital transformations quickly, efficiently, and securely.”  

As far as their relationship with Big Pharma, in 2021 IBM partnered with Moderna to “to explore technologies, including artificial intelligence, blockchain and hybrid cloud, that could help support smarter COVID-19 vaccine management. Central to the effort will be a pilot of open, standardized, technology-enabled vaccine distribution approaches aimed to improve supply chain visibility and foster near real-time tracking of vaccine administration.”

The current CEO of IBM, Arvind Krishna, says:

“As the world continues to grapple with the effects of the global pandemic and the economic strain it has caused, technology must be part of the solution. Digital technologies such as hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence and eventually, quantum computing, can rewire our economy, unleash more productivity and spur business and societal growth. But to get there, there is one challenge we must overcome: We must take big and bold steps to increase access to digital skills training for workers — regardless of their background — so they can take advantage of this new era.”

He goes on to say…

“As in the past, the advent of powerful new technologies requires a new social contract to ensure more equal access to opportunity.”

Just so you know, anytime you see the words NEW SOCIAL CONTRACT, that’s a dead giveaway that rights are going to be taken away. Usually, a new social contract means giving up something you used to have and getting used to the “new normal,” which is anything but equal. Also, these words are code for COLLECTIVISM and SOCIALISM. Of course, those were the Nazis’ favorite words. They brainwashed their people with their new social order: They said, “We are all in this together, even if it means identifying and killing those who don’t fit into the social order.”

Of course, as I stated before, IBM is not alone. It has partnered with Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook to collaborate on the challenges of artificial intelligence and its influence on people. But the truth is that ALL of these companies have been tracking, tracing, monitoring and “punch-carding” you for years. The Covid pandemic bolstered their presence, and their platforms were used to mark your characteristics– these include things like:

What’s your political party?

Do you support climate change?

Are you vaccinated?

Do you believe in “conspiracy theories?”

Are you a racist?

Do you support abortion?

Do you love your own country?

Do you support men dressing like women?

Are you homophobic?

I can assure you that as soon as you posted something on social media that went against the current narrative, you got a big hole punched in your card.

Sadly, these tech companies, from IBM to Microsoft, went out of their way to identify you. The government will use these same technologies to further their agenda as well. By the time the Antichrist comes on the scene, the platform will be fully functioning and ready to use at his disposal. Then, he will add to this by asking everyone to worship him. He may add some other functionalities as well.

In the meantime, get ready for some backlash when you dare to defy the narrative.

Just look at what happened to unvaccinated teachers in New York City who defied the Covid vaccine mandate! They got a big old scarlet letter in their file–actually, they were flagged with problem codes in their personnel files and then their fingerprints were sent to the national databases of the FBI, as well as the Department of Justice.

And LOOK AT THIS info from Dr Mercola: I pasted an excerpt from his article below:

“The U.S. government has secretly been tracking those who didn’t get the COVID jab, or are only partially jabbed, through a previously unknown surveillance program designed by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), a division of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The program was implemented April 1, 2022, and adopted by most medical clinics and hospitals across the U.S. until January 2023.

 Under this program, doctors at clinics and hospitals have been instructed to ask patients about their vaccination status, which is then added to their electronic medical records as a diagnostic code, known as ICD-10 code, so that they can be tracked inside and outside of the medical system.

These new ICD-10 codes are part of the government’s plan to implement medical tyranny using vaccine passports and digital IDs.

They’re also tracking noncompliance with all other recommended vaccines using new ICD-10 codes, and have implemented codes to describe WHY you didn’t get a recommended vaccine. They’ve also added a billable ICD code for ‘vaccine safety counseling.’

The new International Classification of Diseases (ICD) codes were introduced during the September 14-15, 2021, ICD-10 Coordination and Maintenance Committee meeting. The ICD committee includes representatives from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the NCHS.”

Can you see how the U.S. government and the CDC has been using its own punch card system? Can you see how tech companies like IBM and others have been part of their system to track, trace and eventually place you into a digital prison?

I am a true believer in learning from the past. Holocaust survivor Vera Sherav has warned that if we do not recognize the patterns in our history, then we make it irrelevant. Watch her interviews here and here.

If you look up Thomas Watson on IBM’s website you won’t see them boasting that he is the man who helped Hitler identify the Jews efficiently. Instead, you’ll read about his innovations and his famous motto, which was THINK.  

And now I ask you to THINK !  

What does this all mean to you in the age of of technology and Covid?

I’ll tell you one thing–the more we allow tech companies and the government to track our every move, the closer we will move to digital enslavement and our own versions of concentration camps.

It’s possible that sometime this year, we will see a digital currency roll out, and even a digital ID platform.  Leaders and global gurus around the world are setting up what’s needed for this right now. Big business and Big Pharma are on board. 

What are you going to do? 

I’d like to quote Gandalf from Lord of the Rings for a moment.

He is standing on a rickety bridge, facing a fiery, demonic, hideous creature called the Balrog. As the monster moved closer, Gandalf declares, “You shall not pass! Go back to the shadows!”


Like Galdalf, we must stop evil before it crosses that bridge.

We must say, “Digital IDs, go back to the shadows! Health surveillance and tracking, YOU SHALL NOT PASS!”

I ask you to resist as long as you possibly can. HOLD THE BRIDGE.

At some point Jesus is going to come to fetch his Bride. I can’t wait for that day. But until then, do not let IBM and other tech companies, the government, or the so-called global “authorities” create a punch card on you.



My friend shared this amazing song by Beckah Shae–It’s called AWAKEN

If you want to see what’s on the technology radar, check out this link.

Here is another website called that has lots of important info

Also, I’ve always found this scene from Lord of the Rings to be inspiring…..

For further research on how globalists have planned these pandemics, look through the 2017 SPARS pandemic event that was held three years before the Covid outbreak. The similarities are uncanny…

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